Jim Shannon

Shadow DUP Spokesperson (Human Rights)

(since July 2017)

Shadow DUP Spokesperson (Health)

(since May 2015)
Jim Shannon Portrait

Democratic Unionist Party

Member for Strangford

jim.shannon.mp@parliament.uk / jimshannonmp
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Ecclesiastical Committee (Joint Committee) (since March 2020)

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15 Sep 2020
Jim Shannon signed this EDM as a sponsor on Wednesday 16th September 2020

Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

Tabled by: Alexander Stafford (Conservative - Rother Valley)
That this House welcomes and applauds that nothing stops a Macmillan Coffee Morning, not even coronavirus; acknowledges that cancer hasn’t stopped during the pandemic where one in two people will be diagnosed in their lifetimes; recognises that Macmillan Cancer Support is currently campaigning to restore cancer care and treatment to …
25 signatures
(Most recent: 21 Sep 2020)
Signatures by party:
Scottish National Party: 7
Labour: 6
Liberal Democrat: 3
Plaid Cymru: 3
Conservative: 2
Democratic Unionist Party: 1
Independent: 1
Alliance: 1
Green Party: 1
15 Sep 2020
Jim Shannon signed this EDM as a sponsor on Wednesday 16th September 2020

Hunterston B nuclear power station

Tabled by: Patricia Gibson (Scottish National Party - North Ayrshire and Arran)
That this House notes the announcement by EDF Energy that Hunterston B nuclear power station is set to begin decommissioning no later than January 2022, having been in operation since 1976; understands the site currently employs around 520 staff as well as 250 contractors, and contributes an estimated £54 million …
5 signatures
(Most recent: 20 Sep 2020)
Signatures by party:
Scottish National Party: 4
Democratic Unionist Party: 1
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Prostate Cancer: Human Papillomavirus Postnatal Depression Obesity Medical Treatments: Costs Rare Diseases: Coronavirus Rare Diseases Babies: Personal Records Kidney Diseases Alzheimer's Disease: Tea Pre-eclampsia: Diagnosis Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery: Anaesthetics Obesity: Coronavirus Obesity: Coronavirus Obesity: Coronavirus Palliative Care: Coronavirus Urology: Medical Equipment Incontinence: Medical Equipment Coronavirus: Vaccination Cancer: Mental Health Services Liver Diseases: Diagnosis Liver Diseases: Diagnosis Liver Diseases: Diagnosis Encephalitis Encephalitis: Health Services Encephalitis Dental Services: Training Pharmacy Perinatal Mortality Cancer: Young People Pharmacy: Injuries General Practitioners: Training Diabetes: Medical Equipment Social Services: Parents Pre-eclampsia: Health Services Cholesterol: Prescriptions Alcoholic Drinks: Young People Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse Opiates Antibiotics Hormone Replacement Therapy: Sales Allergies: Medical Equipment Inflammatory Bowel Disease Maternity Services: Expenditure Diabetes: Health Education Diabetes: Skin Diseases Epidermolysis Bullosa Parkinson's Disease: Drugs Lyme Disease Stargardt's Disease Asbestos: Diseases Montelukast: Side Effects Bowel Cancer: Screening Glaucoma: Medical Treatments Motor Neurone Disease: Sports Parkinson's Disease: Surgery Sepsis: Diagnosis Hospitals: Infectious Diseases Medical Treatments Breast Cancer: Screening General Practitioners: Recruitment Influenza: Vaccination Diabetes: Health Education Pregnancy: Nutrition Alzheimer's Disease: Diagnosis Magnetic Resonance Imagers Anaemia: Northern Ireland Medicine: Research Public Health: Disadvantaged Public Health: Disadvantaged Public Health: Expenditure Clinical Priorities Advisory Group Medical Treatments Accelerated Access Collaborative Hospitals: Infectious Diseases Accelerated Access Collaborative Mental Health Services: Mothers Nurses: Training NHS: Staff Self-harm: Mental Health Services Arthritis: Medical Treatments Heart Diseases: Young People Hospitals: Listeria Monocytogenes Accelerated Access Collaborative Accelerated Access Collaborative Accelerated Access Collaborative Accelerated Access Collaborative Accelerated Access Collaborative Health Services: Armed Forces Dental Services and Plastic Surgery: Medical Treatments Abroad Mental Health Services: Northern Ireland Headaches: Drugs Streptococcus Genito-urinary Medicine Breast Cancer: Diagnosis Cancer: Vitamin D Prostate Cancer: Diagnosis Dental Health Epilepsy: Drugs Hydrops Fetalis Hypertension: Pregnancy Antibiotics: Children Cystic Fibrosis: Health Services Gallstones: Medical Treatments Heart Diseases: Surgery Heart Diseases: Surgery Montelukast: Children Dementia: Diagnosis Ovarian Cancer: Contraceptives Malnutrition Suicide: Young People Allergies Cervical Cancer: Screening Vegetables: Children Anosmia Infectious Diseases Analgesics: Misuse Opiates: Misuse Cancer Back Pain: Medical Treatments Ophthalmic Services Hospitals: Infectious Diseases Medicine: Education Pancreatic Cancer Haemophilia: Medical Treatments Haemophilia: Medical Treatments Blood Diseases: Medical Treatments Haemophilia: Medical Treatments Haemophilia: Medical Treatments Diabetes: Health Education Diabetes: Health Education Breast Cancer Influenza Food Poisoning: Admissions Diabetes: Orthopaedics Vaccination: Children Heart Diseases Dental Health: Health Education Asthma Raynaud's Phenomenon NHS: Bullying NHS: Negligence Asthma: Prescriptions Health Education: Nutrition Health Services: Equality Cervical Cancer: Screening NHS: Drugs Cancer: Health Professions Clinical Priorities Advisory Group Cancer: Medical Treatments Cancer: Medical Treatments Cancer: Medical Treatments NHS: Cost Effectiveness Travel: Vaccination NHS: Negligence Asthma: Prescriptions Asthma: Prescriptions Asthma: Prescriptions Asthma: Prescriptions NHS: Negligence Learning Disability and Autism: Preventive Medicine Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Dental Services: Regulation Fertility: Research Liver Diseases: Transplant Surgery Kidneys Exercise Heart Diseases: Transplant Surgery Public Health: Finance NHS: Staff Self-harm: Females Multiple Births: Infant Mortality Antidepressants: Children Pain Cancer: Surgery Israel: Drugs Arthritis Alzheimer's Disease Diabetes Hospitals: Admissions Measles Multiple Sclerosis Macular Degeneration Diabetes Joint Replacements Influenza: Vaccination Alcoholic Drinks: Children Diabetes Diabetes Obesity: Children Glaucoma Cystic Fibrosis Scoliosis Anaemia Incontinence Energy Drinks: Young People Surgical Mesh Implants Incontinence: Females Bees and Nuts: Allergies Care Homes: Autism Pain Smoking Smoking Smoking Electronic Cigarettes Electronic Cigarettes Electronic Cigarettes Liothyronine: Prices Dementia Cervical Cancer: Screening Lung Cancer Influenza: Vaccination Epilepsy Prescriptions: Fees and Charges Gender Recognition: Children Antidepressants Prescription Drugs: Mental Illness Dermatitis Lung Diseases Insomnia Insomnia Osteoporosis Incontinence Cancer: Screening Lung Diseases Autism: Psychiatric Hospitals Obesity Diabetes: Children Endometriosis Erenumab Hypertension: Drugs Prostate Cancer: Surgery Fertility: Medical Treatments Surgery: Robotics Sepsis Epidermolysis Bullosa Bladder Cancer Depressive Illnesses Drugs: Counterfeit Manufacturing Measles: Vaccination Antibiotics Vitamins Housing: Health Housing: Health Housing: Health Cystic Hygroma Drugs: Rehabilitation Haemophilia: Medical Treatments Haemophilia: Medical Treatments Health Haemophilia: Medical Treatments Haemophilia: Medical Treatments Breast Cancer: Screening Inflammatory Bowel Disease Fibromyalgia Tramadol Oral Tobacco Oral Tobacco Electronic Cigarettes Electronic Cigarettes Electronic Cigarettes Electronic Cigarettes Electronic Cigarettes Electronic Cigarettes Electronic Cigarettes Electronic Cigarettes Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 Tobacco Electronic Cigarettes Electronic Cigarettes Electronic Cigarettes Electronic Cigarettes Electronic Cigarettes Electronic Cigarettes Smoking Postnatal Care Visual Impairment Prescriptions: ICT BAN2401 NHS: Negligence NHS: Negligence Cancer: Children Human Papillomavirus: Vaccination General Practitioners: ICT Haemophilia: Medical Treatments Haemophilia: Medical Treatments Haemophilia: Medical Treatments Haemophilia: Medical Treatments Haemophilia: Medical Treatments Maternal Mortality Brain: Tumours Brain: Tumours Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse Brain: Tumours Spondyloarthritis Breast Feeding and Diabetes Blood: Donors Depressive Illnessess Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: Ecstasy Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse Breast Cancer: Genetics NHS: Drugs Smoking Asthma General Practitioners: Foreign Nationals Measles Sepsis: Medical Treatments Strokes: Children Epilepsy Ophthalmic Services Breast Cancer Prostate Cancer: Screening Dental Services Internet: Harassment NHS: ICT Hospitals: Electronic Cigarettes Influenza: Vaccination Diabetes: Sleep Hepatitis 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Services: Minimum Wage Osteoporosis: Fractures Homeopathy Organs: Transplant Surgery Asperger's Syndrome Prostate Cancer Cot Deaths: Air Pollution Cardiovascular System Headaches: Vaccination HIV Infection: Vaccination Analgesics Wheelchairs Prescriptions: Fees and Charges Benzodiazepines Sexually Transmitted Infections Sexually Transmitted Infections Colorectal Cancer Human Papillomavirus: Vaccination Glaucoma Prescriptions: Fees and Charges Visual Impairment Tonsils: Surgery Midwives: Recruitment Pregnancy: Folic Acid Dementia Medical Treatments Alzheimer's Disease Cancer: Drugs Cancer: Medical Treatments Cancer: Medical Treatments Glaucoma NHS: Hygiene Medical Treatments: Safety Antibiotics: Prescriptions Haematological Cancer: Mental Health Services Cancer Prostate Cancer: Screening Diabetes and Obesity: Children Haematological Cancer Diabetes: Pakistan Bipolar Disorder Paralysis Oesophageal Cancer: Screening Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Pulmonary 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Disease Pregnancy: Counselling Pregnancy: Disability Pregnancy: Screening Alcoholism: Older People Strokes: Health Services Epilepsy: Complementary Medicine Cholesterol Pregnancy: Screening Health Education: Proteins Abortion Abortion: Cleft Palate Meningitis Incontinence: Childbirth Hearing Aids Influenza: Vaccination Pregnancy: Counselling Pregnancy: Screening Sepsis Abortion Pregnancy: Screening Patients: Sexuality Pregnancy: Advisory Services Body Modification: Regulation Plastic Surgery Smoking Asthma: Health Services Pharmacy: Rural Areas Dental Services Blood: Contamination Exercise Irritable Bowel Syndrome Breast Cancer Breast Cancer Prostate Cancer Eating Disorders In Vitro Fertilisation Surgery: Hospital Beds Lung Cancer: Medical Treatments Farmers: Suicide Pain: Health Services Pain: Health Services Chronic Illnesses Chronic Illnesses Innovative Medicines and Medical Technology Review Innovative Medicines and Medical Technology Review Accelerated Access Collaborative Innovative Medicines and Medical Technology Review Mental Health Foetal Alcohol Syndrome HIV Infection Pancreatitis Digestive System: Medical Treatments Medicine: China Blood: Contamination Prostate Cancer Diabetes: Screening Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Concussion: Medicine Swine Flu: Vaccination Public Health: Standards Primary Health Care: Complaints Breast Cancer: Medical Treatments Alzheimer's Disease Multiple Sclerosis: Stem Cells Streptococcus Electronic Cigarettes: Heart Diseases Quinine: Heart Diseases Abscesses: Medical Treatments Maternity Services: Staff Abscesses Sepsis: Medical Treatments Eylea: Macular Degeneration Nurses: Recruitment Strokes: Medical Equipment Acupuncture Plastic Surgery: Heart Diseases Mental Health Act 1983 Blood: Contamination In Vitro Fertilisation Skin Grafts Alcoholic Drinks and Smoking: Television Exercise Prescription Drugs: Chronic Illnesses Hay Fever: Health Services HIV Infection Prostate Cancer 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Intervention Yemen: Military Intervention South Africa: Poaching Nigeria: Religious Hatred South Sudan: Peace Negotiations South Sudan: Peace Negotiations South Sudan: Peace Negotiations Libya: Democracy Malaysia: Politics and Government Bridget Agbahime Palestinians: Radicalism Israel: Gaza Israel: Palestinians Hezbollah: Weapons China: Aviation Travel: Insurance China: Elephants Taiwan: Foreign Relations Burma: Rohingya Syria: Military Bases Armenia: Elections Hong Kong: Foreign Relations Palestinians: Radicalism Yemen: Military Intervention Hezbollah: Weapons Israel: Gaza Palestinians: Radicalism Israel: Palestinians Patras Masih Patras Masih Patras Masih Patras Masih Pakistan: Politics and Government China: Human Rights Li Baiguang Iraq: Religious Freedom Religious Freedom Yemen: Overseas Trade Israel: Technology Turkey: Human Rights North Korea: Oil Lebanon: Politics and Government Yemen: Humanitarian Aid Yemen: Peace Negotiations China: Environment Protection Egypt: Equality 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Fish: North Sea Bees: Conservation Air Pollution: Northern Ireland Plastics: Waste Disposal Air Pollution Territorial Waters Territorial Waters Fisheries: Treaties Butterflies: Conservation Fisheries: Falkland Islands Agriculture: Trade Unions Agriculture: Subsidies Nature Conservation Microplastics Agriculture: Northern Ireland Curlews: Conservation Speed Limits: Cameras Driving: Young People Walking: Children Transport: Infrastructure Railway Stations: Disability Public Transport: Coronavirus Bus Services: Northern Ireland Bus Services: Rural Areas Aviation: Coronavirus Aviation: Coronavirus Aviation: Coronavirus Travel: Coronavirus Travel: Coronavirus Aviation: Coronavirus Aviation: Coronavirus Aviation: Coronavirus Public Transport: Voucher Schemes Roads: Horses Cycling Driving under Influence Roads: Deer Roads: Deer Bus Services: Rural Areas Air Routes Cycling and Walking Aviation: Recruitment Electric Scooters Blue Badge Scheme Railways: Concessions Transport: Rural Areas Railway Stations: Disability Heathrow Airport Aviation: Fares Diesel Vehicles: Exhaust Emissions Aviation: Compensation Food: Transport Airports: Noise Shipping: Young People Railway Stations: Northern Ireland Driving under Influence Driving under Influence Bridges: Irish Sea Transport: Northern Ireland Travel: Carers Greenways Project Railways: Death Driving: Diabetes Driving: Diabetes Driving: Diabetes Roads: repairs and maintenance Fishing Vessels Driving Under Influence Heathrow Airport Blue Badge Scheme: Autism Speed Limits Volkswagen