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To bring together MPs and Peers of all parties together with policy makers, business leaders and industry experts to highlight the health and cost benefits which can be derived from constructing our buildings and homes to the highest levels of comfort, safety and energy efficiency.

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Recent Documents related to Healthy Homes and Buildings

1. healthy urban planning checklist
27/09/2019 - Homes England
- View source

Found: HUDU Planning for Health Healthy Urban Planning Checklist Third Edition May 2017

2. National design guide
01/10/2019 - Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government
- View source

Found: sizes 35U3 Socially inclusive 36Homes & buildings H1 Healthy, comf ortable and safe internal and external

05/11/2018 - Early Day Motions

Found: Building our Future Laying the Foundations for Healthy Homes and Building White Paper produced by the All

05/12/2017 - Early Day Motions

Found: our Future: Laying the Foundations for Healthy Homes and Buildings: Draft Paper, produced by the All-Party

05/09/2017 - Early Day Motions

Found: Foundations for Healthy Homes and Buildings, published by the APPG for Healthy Homes and Buildings in July 2017

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Recent Speeches related to Healthy Homes and Buildings

1. Unhealthy Housing: Cost to the NHS
26/02/2019 - Westminster Hall

1: the all-party parliamentary group for healthy homes and buildings, I am delighted to have the opportunity - Speech Link

2. New Housing Design
05/09/2017 - Westminster Hall

1: serve under your chairmanship. Britain needs more homes; I think we all agree on that. Rising house prices - Speech Link
2: that over two fifths of people feel that new build homes lack character and are an eyesore in the local community - Speech Link
3: is right to cater for all types of people? New homes are quite often very much built for young families - Speech Link
4: fits into categories—affordable homes, homes for young people or homes for the elderly—but it should be - Speech Link
5: encourage the development of quality town and city homes. Its focus is on terraced streets of housing and - Speech Link

3. Housing Reform
24/10/2018 - Commons Chamber

1: increase the minimum thermal performance of new homes and require the Secretary of State to provide serviced - Speech Link

4. Planning Rules
28/07/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: out that permitted development has yielded 60,000 homes that would not otherwise have been available. On - Speech Link
2: infrastructure to fuel the continued delivery of homes, and that the Housing Infrastructure Fund will be - Speech Link
3: targets and aims are for building more affordable homes that we desperately need, and how these new measures - Speech Link
4: potential and housing growth for the much-needed homes that we need. I point to the fact that we are investing - Speech Link
5: the Government adopt the minimum standards for healthy housing advocated by the Town and Country Planning - Speech Link
6: the planning rules will not mean fewer accessible homes for disabled people, such as 50 year-old Daniel - Speech Link

5. Domestic Premises (Energy Performance) Bill [HL]
07/02/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: availability of data to how to retrofit listed buildings and how to incorporate the use of new technologies - Speech Link

6. Beauty and the Built Environment
30/10/2018 - Westminster Hall

1: talking about commercial as well as domestic buildings, because this is not wholly about housing—somehow - Speech Link
2: properties, suitable for elderly people, and large homes suitable for families. The variety of houses, the - Speech Link
3: between crime among young people and the design of buildings, particularly social housing, and certainly in - Speech Link
4: clear about what we aim to achieve. We aim to build homes of which people can be proud. Le Corbusier, who - Speech Link

7. Building Safety
22/02/2021 - Lords Chamber

1: the Government want to build back better—better homes, better infrastructure and better communities. The - Speech Link
2: during the pandemic, almost 95% of all high-rise buildings with unsafe ACM cladding identified by the beginning - Speech Link
3: certainty that leaseholders in high-rise residential buildings will face no cost for cladding remediation works - Speech Link
4: financial support for cladding remediation on buildings of between four and six storeys. Under a long-term - Speech Link
5: seek permission to develop certain high-rise buildings in England, helping to ensure that the industry - Speech Link
6: Association and a non-executive director of MHS Homes Ltd.Three and a half years on from the Grenfell - Speech Link

8. Town and Country Planning
30/09/2020 - Commons Chamber

1: rebuild empty buildings; and by allowing people to add multiple floors to their homes in a village, town - Speech Link
2: single-aspect windows. These are not beautiful homes—in the words of another Government commission report—these - Speech Link
3: as chair of the all-party group on healthy homes and buildings that sits in this House. We carried out - Speech Link
4: properly and maximise that civic voice to create healthy communities and housing that people are proud to - Speech Link
5: who desperately need decent, safe and affordable homes will be looking at us all to know which side we - Speech Link
6: the 1.2 million flats? It is possible for more homes to be built in four years’ time under a statutory - Speech Link

9. Flats and Shared Housing: Fire Risk
28/01/2020 - Westminster Hall

1: containing that dreadful material and very few buildings have had it removed. Many of the people affected - Speech Link
2: use on new buildings under Government regulations is still allowed on existing buildings? Materials that - Speech Link
3: address some specific issues beyond the exterior of buildings, because a number of important points have been - Speech Link
4: revised in 2016—on a hot day we may walk through buildings where doors are, ironically, held open with fire - Speech Link
5: left with poor-quality building materials in their homes. The advice and the testing of those materials is - Speech Link

10. VAT (Listed Properties)
04/03/2020 - Westminster Hall

1: terraced houses, farmhouses and former industrial buildings being brought into some other type of use. They - Speech Link
2: that list, I add churches, which are also listed buildings. Does my hon. Friend think that the grant scheme - Speech Link
3: Sandwich that have a high preponderance of listed buildings. There are more than 3,000 in my constituency - Speech Link
4: where there is a high concentration of listed buildings, very low incomes and a reduced ability for people - Speech Link
5: I turn to the obvious desire to insulate homes and make them more energy efficient. It is a very - Speech Link
6: rural area with a significant number of listed buildings, there has to be some sort of level playing field - Speech Link
7: properties was removed. The owners of 500,000 listed buildings across the country, 98% of which are privately - Speech Link
8: newer-type properties. We need to make listed buildings properties that people want to own, to spend money - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Healthy Homes and Buildings
1. Housing: Standards
asked by: Jim Shannon
... published on 24 October 2018.

2. Housing: Construction
asked by: Jim Shannon
... well-lit and well designed homes.

3. Housing: Health
asked by: Alex Cunningham
... what responsibilities his Department has for ensuring that homes and buildings are healthy for its occupants.

4. Buildings and Housing: Standards
asked by: Jim Shannon
... published 24 October 2018.

5. Housing: Construction
asked by: Jim Shannon
... if he will hold discussions with the all-party group on Healthy Homes and Buildings on the (a) extent of the problems caused by poor quality homes and buildings and (b) steps that are being taken to incentivise home providers and builders to build and retrofit homes to the highest standards.

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