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To champion the needs of constituents and passengers who travel on the railway that operates in/out of London Waterloo and the geographical area that extends from London Waterloo to Portsmouth, Weymouth, Exeter, Bristol and Reading, the network within these points and connecting lines.

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Recent Documents related to South Western Railway

1. Train operating companies: Passenger’s Charter compensation
24/10/2019 - Department for Transport
- View source

Found: 3391 692 722 637 ----- ----- Govia Thameslink Railway Delay Repay 8,0272 4,2493 14,9674 2,233 5845

2. South Western Railway proposed timetable changes
20/09/2021 - Early Day Motions

Found: acknowledges the new timetable proposed by South Western Railway, due to come into effect in December 2022;

3. Half of department’s rail operators now delivering improved delay repay compensation
03/04/2019 - Department for Transport
- View source

Found: force on Greater Anglia and Great Western Railway, as South-Western Railway introduces automated DR15 changes

4. Sack South Western Railway and hand over running of South Western to TfL
03/03/2020 - Petitions

Found: upon the Government to strip South Western Railway of the South Western franchise, and hand over the

5. Great Western (GWR) delays and performance across the network
01/02/2019 - Parliamentary Research

Found: Number CDP-2019-0023, 1 February 2019 Great Western Rail delays and performance across the network

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Recent Speeches related to South Western Railway

1. South Western Railway
01/10/2019 - Commons Chamber

1: debate. I recognise that the performance of South Western Railway is not a new subject, rehearsed as it was - Speech Link
2: at the same time causes massive delays, but South Western Railway’s communications do not highlight that - Speech Link
3: circular firing squad we sometimes see between South Western Railway, Network Rail and the Department for Transport - Speech Link

2. South Western Railway Franchise
05/12/2018 - Commons Chamber

1: though if there were a people’s vote, South Western Railway would not survive in its franchise very - Speech Link
2: apparent inability of either Network Rail or South Western to deal with the problem.The third problem is - Speech Link
3: thousands of people who use the six stations on South Western Railway’s Hounslow loop line—not only my constituents - Speech Link

3. Rail Services: Maidenhead, Twyford and Branch Lines
05/02/2020 - Westminster Hall

1: time, Thames Trains and its successor, Great Western Railway, under its various names, have generally been - Speech Link
2: constituents. The railway links benefit not only Maidenhead but my Slough constituents. The western rail link - Speech Link
3: Paddington. I also want it to work with Great Western on the possibility of bringing back services in - Speech Link

4. GWR and Network Performance
05/02/2019 - Westminster Hall

1: application for this urgently needed debate on the Great Western rail franchise, and the many colleagues from across - Speech Link
2: do not want that to happen, particularly in the south Wales corridor.As the Library helpfully summarised - Speech Link
3: I had that experience myself on the last Great Western train that I took. There was hot water in only - Speech Link

5. Southern Heathrow Rail Link
22/07/2020 - Commons Chamber

1: raise the issue of rail access to Heathrow from the south. Indeed, it is the very intractability of this question - Speech Link
2: also want to mention the opportunity to consider western rail access to Heathrow, which has had Government - Speech Link
3: will come on to the western link later in my speech.Members from outside the south-east of England often - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to South Western Railway
1. South Western Railway
asked by: Chris Grayling
... what plans he has to instruct South Western Railway to reinstate pre-covid-19 outbreak levels of service between Epsom to London Waterloo.

2. South Western Railway
asked by: Grahame Morris
... what assessment he has made of the value for money for the public purse of South Western Railway’s recent decision to withdraw their fleet of Class 442 trains.

3. South Western Railway
asked by: Baroness Randerson
... and (2) the environment.

4. South Western Railway
asked by: Munira Wilson
... what estimate he has made of the cost to South Western Railway of the recent strike action.

5. South Western Railway
asked by: Munira Wilson
... who was in attendance at those meetings.

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16 Current APPG Officers
Chris Loder Portrait
Chris Loder
Chair & Registered Contact
Conservative - West Dorset
Joined: 24th February 2020
Munira Wilson Portrait
Munira Wilson
Vice Chair
Liberal Democrat - Twickenham
Joined: 24th February 2020
Ed Davey Portrait
Ed Davey
Vice Chair
Liberal Democrat - Kingston and Surbiton
Joined: 24th February 2020
Simon Jupp Portrait
Simon Jupp
Vice Chair
Conservative - East Devon
Joined: 24th February 2020
Angela Richardson Portrait
Angela Richardson
Vice Chair
Conservative - Guildford
Joined: 24th February 2020
1 APPG Membership
Australia and New Zealand
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Paul Holmes
Vice Chair
Conservative - Eastleigh
Joined: 24th February 2020
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Ben Spencer
Vice Chair
Conservative - Runnymede and Weybridge
Joined: 24th February 2020
3 APPG Memberships
Finland , Japan , Sweden
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Damian Hinds
Vice Chair
Conservative - East Hampshire
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National Parks , Wine of Great Britain
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Bob Seely
Vice Chair
Conservative - Isle of Wight
Joined: 2nd June 2021
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Jonathan Lord
Vice Chair
Conservative - Woking
Joined: 2nd June 2021
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Registered Contact:

Chris Loder MP, House of Commons, SW1A 0AA. Tel: 020 7219 3912.


Public Enquiry Point:

Alexi Ozioro, Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB), The Helicon, 1 South Place, EC2M 2RB. Tel: 07825 375 789



Rail Safety and Standards Board acts as the group's secretariat.

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21 Jan 2021
Rail Safety and Standards Board
Secretariat   From : 21/01/2021 To : 20/01/2022
21 Jan 2020
Rail Safety and Standards Board
Secretariat   From : 21/01/2020 To : 20/01/2021

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Former APPG Officers
Alan Mak Portrait
Alan Mak
Vice Chair
Conservative - Havant
Joined: 24th February 2020
Departed: 21st April 2021
No other APPG Memberships
Ed Davey Portrait
Ed Davey
Vice Chair
Liberal Democrat - Kingston and Surbiton
Joined: 24th February 2020
Departed: 7th August 2020
Ranil Jayawardena Portrait
Ranil Jayawardena
Vice Chair
Conservative - North East Hampshire
Joined: 24th February 2020
Departed: 1st July 2020
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