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To provide a forum for all parliamentarians to develop greater understanding of the range of issues affecting students in further and higher education. To ensure that student views and experiences are heard in Parliament, facilitate interaction between students and MPs and Peers, and ensure education policy takes account of student views.

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Recent Documents related to Students

1. 16 to 19 funding: advanced maths premium
21/01/2021 - Education and Skills Funding Agency
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Found: funding twice in one year). 1. Increase in students studying maths Baseline Current Year

2. Standardisation of grades in general qualifications in summer 2020: outliers
18/12/2020 - Ofqual
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Found: Identifying students for whom the standardisation model would be unreliable

3. Student support for higher education in Wales 2021
25/11/2021 - Student Loans Company
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Found: Fee Loans available to full-time undergraduate students - Academic years 2015/16 to 2020/21Table 1B: Student

4. Student Support for Higher Education in Wales 2020
26/11/2020 - Student Loans Company
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Found: Fee Loans available to Full Time Undergraduate students - Academic Years 2013/14 to 2019/20Table 1B: Student

5. Written evidence submitted by Birkbeck Students' Union (HEFSB24)
23/09/2021 - Bill Documents

Found: Speech) Bill Written Evidence Submitted by Birkbeck Students’ Union (HEFSB24) re: the Higher Education (Freedom

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Recent Speeches related to Students

1. Support for University Students: Covid-19
03/02/2021 - Commons Chamber

1: (Paul Blomfield) is an assiduous campaigner for students and has spoken to me many times on the topic. - Speech Link

2. University Students: Compensation for Lost Teaching and Rent
15/04/2021 - Commons Chamber

1: university students and his Department’s plans to provide financial compensation to university students for - Speech Link
2: just how difficult the past year has been for students. Since the arrival of new and highly transmissible - Speech Link

3. Tuition Fees
16/11/2020 - Westminster Hall

1: 2019–21, The impact of Covid-19 on university students, HC 527; Third Special Report of the Petitions - Speech Link
2: universities to reimburse students’ tuition fees during strike action”, to “Reimburse all students of this year’s - Speech Link

4. Support for University Students: Covid-19
08/02/2021 - Lords Chamber

1: (Paul Blomfield) is an assiduous campaigner for students and has spoken to me many times on the topic. - Speech Link
2: to prevent students from getting into hardship. We have worked with the Office for Students to allow flexibility - Speech Link
3: flexibility in how they distribute the funding to their students in a way that is best prioritised to meet the - Speech Link

5. Students’ Return to Universities
29/09/2020 - Commons Chamber

1: like to make a statement regarding the return of students to universities. Throughout this pandemic, our - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Students
1. Students
asked by: Lord Blencathra
... what it is.

2. Coronavirus: Students
asked by: Apsana Begum
... what assessment he has made of the potential effect of not allowing university students to return home for Christmas on preventing the transmission of covid-19.

3. Nurses: Students
asked by: Clive Betts
... what assessment he has made of the implications for his Department's policies of the Royal College of Nursing’s campaign for Government to provide a life assurance scheme to English student nurses working on the front line during the second wave of the covid-19 outbreak.

4. Students: Loans
asked by: Stella Creasy
... what recent assessment he has made of the equity of charging interest on Plan 1 student loans during maternity leave.

5. Students: Coronavirus
asked by: Esther McVey
... what discussions his Department has had with representatives of university students on their needs in the context of the effect of the covid-19 outbreak on university education.

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Paul Blomfield Portrait
Paul Blomfield
Chair & Registered Contact
Labour - Sheffield Central
Joined: 30th July 2015
Lord Willetts Portrait
Lord Willetts
Vice Chair
Conservative - Life peer
Joined: 24th February 2020
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Paul Blomfield MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Tel: 020 7219 7142.


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Taidgh Pledger, National Union of Students, NUS Services Ltd, Ian King House, Snape Road, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 2NS . Tel: 07858 518 535



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Former APPG Officers
Jo Stevens Portrait
Jo Stevens
Vice Chair
Labour - Cardiff Central
Joined: 30th July 2015
Departed: 2nd June 2021
Ben Howlett Portrait
Ben Howlett
Vice Chair
Conservative - Former Member for Bath
Joined: 30th July 2015
Departed: 2nd May 2017
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Baroness Sharp of Guildford
Vice Chair
Liberal Democrat - Retired on 31 July 2016
Joined: 30th July 2015
Departed: 21st July 2016
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