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Rosena Allin-Khan

Labour - Tooting

Shadow Minister (Mental Health)

(since April 2020)

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Allow Premier League and Championship football clubs to introduce safe standing

Gov Responded - 3 May 2018 Debated on - 25 Jun 2018 View Dr Rosena Allin-Khan's petition debate contributions
8 Jun 2018
closed 2 years, 6 months ago

Safe Standing offers a much safer alternative to fans who wish to stand, rather than sit at football matches. After the highly successful introduction to rail seating at Celtic Park, as well as numerous Bundesliga clubs, many football fans feel that laws preventing standing areas should be relaxed.

Most recent EDMs signed by Rosena Allin-Khan

Date Tabled Title Signatures
16 Mar 2020
Rosena Allin-Khan signed this EDM on Tuesday 17th March 2020

Temporary universal basic income

Tabled by: Kevin Brennan (Labour - Cardiff West)
That this House calls on the Government to introduce a temporary universal basic income or an emergency measure to help freelancers and the self-employed effected by the covid-19 outbreak.
100 signatures
(Most recent: 15 Sep 2020)
Signatures by party:
Labour: 51
Scottish National Party: 30
Liberal Democrat: 9
Democratic Unionist Party: 5
Independent: 3
Social Democratic & Labour Party: 2
Green Party: 1
Alliance: 1
29 Oct 2018
Rosena Allin-Khan signed this EDM on Tuesday 2nd July 2019


Tabled by: Wera Hobhouse (Liberal Democrat - Bath)
That this House believes that access to a diagnosis and treatment for eating disorders should not just depend on an individual's weight and fully supports the Dump the Scales campaign for earlier intervention and support before people hit crisis point; recognises the need for a focus by General Practitioners on …
40 signatures
(Most recent: 4 Jul 2019)
Signatures by party:
Labour: 20
Liberal Democrat: 9
Democratic Unionist Party: 3
Independent: 3
Scottish National Party: 2
Conservative: 2
Green Party: 1
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1 Urgent Question tabled by Rosena Allin-Khan

Date Forum Title
15 Oct 2019 Commons Chamber Racism in Football

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