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Grand Committee
Heavy Commercial Vehicles in Kent (No. 1) (Amendment) Order 2021 - Tue 19 Oct 2021
Department for Transport

1: Baroness Vere of Norbiton (CON - Life peer) Brock has been deployed, it has successfully managed to limit the effects of traffic disruption on freight - Speech Link
2: Baroness Randerson (LDEM - Life peer) out, are undoubtedly an additional bureaucratic hurdle for the logistics trade at an already difficult - Speech Link
3: Lord Rosser (LAB - Life peer) As I understand it, Operation Brock creates, among other measures, a contraflow road layout on the M20 - Speech Link
4: Baroness Vere of Norbiton (CON - Life peer) I sat on a local road in Kent for hours. - Speech Link
5: Baroness Vere of Norbiton (CON - Life peer) It basically organises all the freight movements going through Kent. - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
HGV Driver Shortages - Mon 13 Sep 2021
Department for Transport

1: Grant Shapps (CON - Welwyn Hatfield) ; and provided funding of £1 million for the Roads to Logistics scheme, encouraging ex-military leavers - Speech Link
2: Jim McMahon (LAB - Oldham West and Royton) We urgently need to see Ministers bring forward a road freight recovery plan, bringing together - Speech Link
3: Grant Shapps (CON - Welwyn Hatfield) Haulage Association—when I granted the RHA £1 million for the Road to Logistics fund to bring in ex-forces - Speech Link
4: Grant Shapps (CON - Welwyn Hatfield) The Road to Logistics scheme that I mentioned actually takes into account ex-offenders as well. - Speech Link
5: Grant Shapps (CON - Welwyn Hatfield) as the road to logistics programme and adjusting drivers’ hours as well as those I announced to the - Speech Link
6: Grant Shapps (CON - Welwyn Hatfield) Those include buying additional Government purchase capacity for freight in order to shift medicines - Speech Link
7: Grant Shapps (CON - Welwyn Hatfield) get on the road, and to have better conditions and the raft of other measures we have discussed, but - Speech Link
8: Grant Shapps (CON - Welwyn Hatfield) I also regularly meet the Road Haulage Association and Logistics UK, which are representative organisations - Speech Link
9: Grant Shapps (CON - Welwyn Hatfield) That is why I funded Road to Logistics, which the Road Haulage Association has been leading on. - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
HGV Driver Shortages - Mon 13 Sep 2021
Department for Transport

1: Baroness Vere of Norbiton (CON - Life peer) the Roads to Logistics scheme, encouraging ex-military leavers, ex-offenders and the long-term unemployed - Speech Link
2: Baroness Randerson (LDEM - Life peer) What does the Minister think about the response of Logistics UK and other representatives of the sector - Speech Link
3: Viscount Thurso (LDEM - Excepted Hereditary) With that in mind, will the Government look again at the plans for rail freight villages and palletisation - Speech Link
4: Baroness Vere of Norbiton (CON - Life peer) We have made significant investments in rail freight. - Speech Link
5: Earl Attlee (CON - Excepted Hereditary) Go and look at the A34 trunk road, see how many lorries are parked up with the driver inside and think - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Oral Answers to Questions - Thu 09 Sep 2021
Department for Transport

1: Mark Pawsey (CON - Rugby) Will the Secretary of State pay tribute to the extraordinary efficiency of our logistics sector? - Speech Link
2: Jim McMahon (LAB - Oldham West and Royton) If they do accept that, what action is the Secretary of State taking to bring forward a road freight - Speech Link
3: Martin Vickers (CON - Cleethorpes) that we have a rail freight corridor between the Humber ports and the west coast. - Speech Link
4: Andrew Stephenson (CON - Pendle) HS2 Ltd and East West Rail Company must ensure that all road damage as a result of construction works - Speech Link
5: Grant Shapps (CON - Welwyn Hatfield) road users must not be compromised, and that the relaxation must only be used where necessary. - Speech Link
6: Andrew Lewer (CON - Northampton South) northern parts of the Northampton ring road? - Speech Link
7: Michael Fabricant (CON - Lichfield) Friend will know that there is a bid in at the moment for the shovel-ready scheme to convert the freight-only - Speech Link

Westminster Hall
East Midlands Economy - Tue 07 Sep 2021
Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities

1: Ben Bradley (CON - Mansfield) We have a diverse mix of counties and cities, with market towns, countryside, and distinct cultures and - Speech Link
2: Ben Bradley (CON - Mansfield) Rather than having logistics sheds on the side of the M1, we can get jobs in clean tech and green energy - Speech Link
3: Lilian Greenwood (LAB - Nottingham South) It is absolutely essential that we get more people and freight travelling on our railways if we are to - Speech Link
4: Ruth Edwards (CON - Rushcliffe) As other Members have said, we are the heart of the UK’s logistics and manufacturing industries; the - Speech Link
5: Ruth Edwards (CON - Rushcliffe) , in doing so, will connect the companies at the heart of our manufacturing and logistics industries - Speech Link
6: Brendan Clarke-Smith (CON - Bassetlaw) The freeport is a really great benefit for local manufacturing and logistics companies, and I am a big - Speech Link
7: Jeff Smith (LAB - Manchester, Withington) Road transport is important as well. My hon. - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Afghanistan - Wed 18 Aug 2021
Cabinet Office

1: Boris Johnson (CON - Uxbridge and South Ruislip) of America—without American logistics, without US air power and without American might. - Speech Link
2: Lindsay Hoyle (Speaker - Chorley) I ask her to stand up and down please, and not just hover. - Speech Link
3: Keir Starmer (LAB - Holborn and St Pancras) in managing the withdrawal; and for securing international and regional pressure on the Taliban and - Speech Link
4: Keir Starmer (LAB - Holborn and St Pancras) He is still there and we thank him and his staff. - Speech Link
5: Theresa May (CON - Maidenhead) relies a lot on regional government when we were going down that route, but I will not go down that road - Speech Link
6: Tobias Ellwood (CON - Bournemouth East) There is Djibouti, Niger, Jordan and Iraq, and ourselves in Cyprus and Kenya, for example, and the Falklands - Speech Link
7: Julian Lewis (CON - New Forest East) accomplished in 2001, and at that point NATO arrived at a fork in the road. - Speech Link
8: Andrew Murrison (CON - South West Wiltshire) Four hundred and fifty-seven men and women demand it; their families demand it; and hundreds and thousands - Speech Link
9: Toby Perkins (LAB - Chesterfield) to support Afghanistan, with a very small presence, on its road to a better future. - Speech Link
10: John Howell (CON - Henley) They have also carried 660,000 kg of freight. - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Transport Decarbonisation - Wed 14 Jul 2021
Department for Transport

1: Grant Shapps (CON - Welwyn Hatfield) CO2 emissions regulatory framework, which will be ambitious in decarbonising road transport and tailored - Speech Link
2: Grant Shapps (CON - Welwyn Hatfield) holding us on the road to zero. - Speech Link
3: Martin Vickers (CON - Cleethorpes) Decarbonising our roads will be greatly assisted if we transfer more freight to rail. - Speech Link
4: Barry Sheerman (LAB - Huddersfield) group and the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality, but does he know, as I do from consultation - Speech Link
5: Grant Shapps (CON - Welwyn Hatfield) Gentleman’s enthusiasm for this agenda and his work on logistics and clean air. - Speech Link

Westminster Hall
Regional Airports - Wed 07 Jul 2021
Department for Transport

1: Steve Double (CON - St Austell and Newquay) Our airlines and airports face a far longer road to recovery than many other sectors. - Speech Link
2: Cherilyn Mackrory (CON - Truro and Falmouth) regulations, which has meant that the movement of individuals and freight has been curbed. - Speech Link
3: Ben Bradley (CON - Mansfield) Our rail, air and road connections are key to our vitality and our economy. - Speech Link
4: Catherine McKinnell (LAB - Newcastle upon Tyne North) We need a clear road map from the Government for the safe resumption of international travel. - Speech Link
5: Robert Courts (CON - Witney) the UK has needed, both through airports that are freight specialists and through passenger airports - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Lorry Drivers - Wed 07 Jul 2021
Department for Transport

1: Baroness Vere of Norbiton (CON - Life peer) We are supporting HGV driver training through apprenticeships and training for jobseekers, and encouraging - Speech Link
2: Baroness Vere of Norbiton (CON - Life peer) example, Logistics UK’s Year of Logistics, which I hope we will get under way soon—I will be very happy - Speech Link
3: Lord Rosser (LAB - Life peer) that the staff shortages are due to low pay and poor terms and conditions of employment, inadequate - Speech Link
4: Baroness Vere of Norbiton (CON - Life peer) It ensures that they are up to date and maintain their skills and knowledge of the roads. - Speech Link
5: Lord Bradshaw (LDEM - Life peer) Will she use the idle resources on our railways to better advantage to move freight? - Speech Link
6: Baroness Vere of Norbiton (CON - Life peer) shift freight to rail we certainly should do so. - Speech Link

Westminster Hall
Government Contracts: Covid-19 - Mon 21 Jun 2021
Cabinet Office

1: Tonia Antoniazzi (LAB - Gower) The jeweller, Michael Saiger, based in Florida, used a middleman to arrange logistics, and he earned - Speech Link
2: Catherine West (LAB - Hornsey and Wood Green) , and many remain unpublished. - Speech Link
3: Deidre Brock (SNP - Edinburgh North and Leith) We just need to know what went on and whether it was all above board, and we need an independent and - Speech Link
4: Fleur Anderson (LAB - Putney) and more deadly than covid. - Speech Link
5: Julia Lopez (CON - Hornchurch and Upminster) Members for Gower, for Hornsey and Wood Green (Catherine West) and for Jarrow (Kate Osborne). - Speech Link
6: Neale Hanvey (Alba - Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath) you the information that has just come out from the Good Law Project:“Uniserve Limited is a logistics - Speech Link
7: Julia Lopez (CON - Hornchurch and Upminster) Better training of contract managers and commercial and communications staff has begun and there is now - Speech Link

Westminster Hall
Transport Decarbonisation Plan - Wed 16 Jun 2021
Department for Transport

1: Felicity Buchan (CON - Kensington) vehicles, but there is no question but that we need a comprehensive strategy across buses, rail, freight - Speech Link
2: Alexander Stafford (CON - Rother Valley) We must commit to an explicit medium-term, zero emission freight deployment programme with vehicle deployment - Speech Link
3: Jim Shannon (DUP - Strangford) I think there needs to be a commitment by train companies as well, such as on some of the freight and - Speech Link
4: Kerry McCarthy (LAB - Bristol East) where is the road map? - Speech Link
5: Kerry McCarthy (LAB - Bristol East) the environmental impact assessment from the Department so that we can assess the carbon footprint of road - Speech Link
6: Rachel Maclean (CON - Redditch) In the Prime Minister’s 10-point plan, he announced £20 million of funding for pioneering UK freight - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Covid-Secure Borders - Tue 15 Jun 2021
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

1: Justin Madders (LAB - Ellesmere Port and Neston) It is no wonder that he does not want to come here in person and explain to the House why his road map - Speech Link
2: Tobias Ellwood (CON - Bournemouth East) The Prime Minister was right to extend the road map, which was created back in February and was - Speech Link
3: Alex Davies-Jones (LAB - Pontypridd) Surely more thought needs to be put into those logistics. - Speech Link
4: Ben Spencer (CON - Runnymede and Weybridge) We rely on our connections to get freight and to meet our friends and family. - Speech Link
5: Jo Gideon (CON - Stoke-on-Trent Central) Britain is an island…but we are a highly interconnected island…and a huge amount of our freight comes - Speech Link
6: Robert Courts (CON - Witney) they cannot say how freight would keep flowing. - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
North of England: Transport Infrastructure - Thu 20 May 2021
Department for Transport

1: Dan Jarvis (LAB - Barnsley Central) We also need to electrify all road transport, not just our buses. - Speech Link
2: Sara Britcliffe (CON - Hyndburn) The location of the Huncoat freight terminal is perfect and, if realised, it would be a major - Speech Link
3: Andrew Stephenson (CON - Pendle) especially for a freight terminal at Huncoat in her constituency. - Speech Link

Public Bill Committees
Finance (No.2) Bill (Third sitting) - Tue 27 Apr 2021
HM Treasury

1: Kemi Badenoch (CON - Saffron Walden) Red diesel is a dye-marked diesel currently used mainly for off-road purposes, such as to power - Speech Link
2: Kemi Badenoch (CON - Saffron Walden) fossil-fuel suppliers in the UK are required to show that a percentage of the total road and non-road - Speech Link
3: Kemi Badenoch (CON - Saffron Walden) As a vehicle can change hands or be declared off-road through a statutory off-road notification, or SORN - Speech Link
4: Abena Oppong-Asare (LAB - Erith and Thamesmead) We support the measures as the logistics and haulage sector continues to recover from the pandemic, as - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Finance (No. 2) Bill - Mon 19 Apr 2021
HM Treasury

1: None Schedules 16 and 17; Clauses 90 and 91; Clauses 92 to 96 and Schedule 18; Clause 97 and Schedule 19; - Speech Link
2: James Murray (LAB - Ealing North) and my right hon. and hon. - Speech Link
3: Margaret Hodge (LAB - Barking) It declared only a bit of profit in the UK, as the shadow Minister said, on its warehousing and logistics - Speech Link
4: Jesse Norman (CON - Hereford and South Herefordshire) They can attract new businesses and spread jobs, investment and opportunity to towns and cities up and - Speech Link
5: None Raw materials, warehousing, distribution, construction, logistics, engineering, IT—I could go on. - Speech Link
6: Sarah Olney (LDEM - Richmond Park) The UK economy has a difficult road ahead, and nothing in the Budget or this Bill demonstrates - Speech Link
7: Ben Bradley (CON - Mansfield) The site at East Midlands airport has a unique mix of logistics and transport connections, with an inter-modal - Speech Link