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Lords Chamber
Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill - Wed 24 Nov 2021
Home Office

1: None The Government have already announced an inquiry into the disturbing events that took place in Tunbridge - Speech Link
2: None law on the desecration of a corpse after consideration of the evidence that emerges following recent events - Speech Link
3: Lord Faulkner of Worcester (LAB - Life peer) criminals to convert stolen metal into cash and removed the opportunity for sections of the scrap metal industry - Speech Link
4: None last week the Minister said that trust and confidence in the police had been hugely damaged by recent events - Speech Link
5: None protests in almost every rank, up to and including being a gold commander in charge of policing such events - Speech Link
6: None existing legislation and it was mainly the Met Police that wanted new powers to deal with very specific events - Speech Link
7: Baroness Williams of Trafford (CON - Life peer) the protests required as many as 2,000 police officers to be assigned to police Extinction Rebellion events - Speech Link
8: Lord Paddick (LDEM - Life peer) As the noble Baroness, Lady Jones of Moulsecoomb, has said, we saw during the coronavirus pandemic, particularly - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Bill - Wed 24 Nov 2021
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

1: None Report of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee of Session 2019-21, “The impact of Coronavirus - Speech Link
2: Toby Perkins (LAB - Chesterfield) the like were told they could not have the loans because they were potentially unviable owing to the coronavirus - Speech Link
3: Ruth Cadbury (LAB - Brentford and Isleworth) family-owned businesses, which are anchored in their communities, and many sectors—such as the arts and events - Speech Link
4: Ruth Cadbury (LAB - Brentford and Isleworth) those reliant on international travel and in other sectors that have been impacted in the long term by coronavirus - Speech Link
5: Matt Rodda (LAB - Reading East) That investment spurs retail and the leisure and hospitality industry, and it is also crucial to sectors - Speech Link
6: Sarah Olney (LDEM - Richmond Park) Many business owners or their family members have suffered coronavirus infections, and they suffered - Speech Link
7: Paul Scully (CON - Sutton and Cheam) Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Bill (Programme)Motion made, and Question put forthwith ( - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Health and Care Bill - Mon 22 Nov 2021
Department of Health and Social Care

1: Philippa Whitford (SNP - Central Ayrshire) As people age and die—events often driven by cigarettes—or perhaps manage to give up, the tobacco companies - Speech Link
2: Catherine West (LAB - Hornsey and Wood Green) year-olds who can swim 25 metres are going backwards due to all the lessons they have missed during coronavirus—and - Speech Link
3: Richard Fuller (CON - North East Bedfordshire) They would introduce a better way, working with established principles and with the industry—let us face - Speech Link
4: Barry Gardiner (LAB - Brent North) As the tobacco industry concentrates on a core group of existing addicts, it is desperate to move down - Speech Link
5: Bob Blackman (CON - Harrow East) We have to break that chain of events and make sure that people do not do that. - Speech Link
6: John Stevenson (CON - Carlisle) That view is shared by many of my colleagues, but also by many in the advertising industry and the food - Speech Link
7: Anne Marie Morris (CON - Newton Abbot) Some of the anti-viral solutions to coronavirus were late to market because we could not get the clinical - Speech Link

Westminster Hall
Touring Musicians: EU Visas and Permits - Thu 18 Nov 2021
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

1: Alex Davies-Jones (LAB - Pontypridd) However, as the world slowly begins to unlock from the restrictions that coronavirus has placed on us - Speech Link
2: Julian Knight (CON - Solihull) There also may be a bit of sniffiness about the industry. - Speech Link
3: Kerry McCarthy (LAB - Bristol East) That approach has included ignoring the warnings from the industry. - Speech Link
4: Alex Sobel (LAB - Leeds North West) The creative industry is the fastest growing sector in the UK. - Speech Link
5: Julia Lopez (CON - Hornchurch and Upminster) , we proposed specific market access rights for specialist hauliers carrying out tours for cultural events - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill - Wed 17 Nov 2021
Home Office

1: None the trainee when on Gradual and Safe Release, and(e) a person who can attend any passing out or other events - Speech Link
2: Lord Wolfson of Tredegar (CON - Life peer) observation provisions in the Bill are intended to replace the temporary and less extensive powers in the Coronavirus - Speech Link
3: Lord Coaker (LAB - Life peer) on for years by workers, unions, parliamentarians, people who are interested in it and by the retail industry - Speech Link
4: Viscount Brookeborough (CB - Excepted Hereditary) They are a problem for the police, for social events such as this and for justice. - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Randox Covid Contracts - Wed 17 Nov 2021
Department of Health and Social Care

1: Gillian Keegan (CON - Chichester) Whether it is the NHS, Government, academia, industry, the Army or, indeed, the British people, we have - Speech Link
2: Gillian Keegan (CON - Chichester) so we all worked together in what they call the triple-helix partnership: universities, the NHS and industry - Speech Link
3: Gillian Keegan (CON - Chichester) Randox has been globally recognised in the in vitro diagnostics industry for nearly 40 years. - Speech Link
4: Brendan O'Hara (SNP - Argyll and Bute) August 2020, the UK’s medicines regulator had to ask Randox to recall three quarters of a million unused coronavirus - Speech Link
5: Alistair Carmichael (LDEM - Orkney and Shetland) This House passed the Coronavirus Act 2020, which gives massive amounts of latitude to the Government - Speech Link
6: Anneliese Dodds (LAB - Oxford East) The Minister has attempted to dispute that course of events. I say to her: prove it. - Speech Link
7: Maggie Throup (CON - Erewash) testing kits to processing, logistics to lateral flow devices, those partnerships between the NHS, industry - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill - Mon 15 Nov 2021
Ministry of Justice

1: None from having to fight as a young woman for equal opportunities in the male-dominated financial services industry - Speech Link
2: None down; obesity is up; the weather is becoming more violent; and the world has still not shaken off the coronavirus - Speech Link
3: Baroness Fox of Buckley (Non-affiliated - Life peer) there is a danger there of relativising the horrors of rape and murder and tangling up the police in events - Speech Link

Grand Committee
Rating (Coronavirus) and Directors Disqualification (Dissolved Companies) Bill - Wed 10 Nov 2021
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

1: Lord Hunt of Kings Heath (LAB - Life peer) relief did not reach all those businesses, which, as I said, could show a catastrophic impact due to the coronavirus - Speech Link
2: None It has a variety of members from commerce and industry, and a number of chambers of commerce. - Speech Link
3: Lord Greenhalgh (CON - Life peer) Clause 1 provides that coronavirus and the Government’s response to it should not be considered - Speech Link
4: None objective of this measure, which is to ensure that successful MCC appeals cannot be made on the basis of coronavirus - Speech Link
5: Baroness Pinnock (LDEM - Life peer) is very unsatisfactory for businesses to find that their route to addressing losses as a result of events - Speech Link
6: Lord Greenhalgh (CON - Life peer) law concerning material changes of circumstances operates as it should do as regards the impact of coronavirus - Speech Link
7: Lord Lea of Crondall (Non-affiliated - Life peer) structure of this Bill, spatchcocking its elements, which now include one which is under the business and industry - Speech Link

Public Bill Committees
Judicial Review and Courts Bill (Sixth sitting) - Tue 09 Nov 2021
No Department present

1: John Hayes (CON - South Holland and The Deepings) By the way, long before I came here, I was in the information technology industry, so I remember well - Speech Link
2: Alex Cunningham (LAB - Stockton North) assault and battery, truancy, non-payment of TV licenses and, from July 2020, offences under emergency Coronavirus - Speech Link
3: None come on to shortly, whereby individuals have been prosecuted through the SJP under schedule 22 to the Coronavirus - Speech Link
4: None Prosecution Service committed to reviewing all charges made under the Health Protection (Restrictions, Coronavirus - Speech Link
5: None Given that those offences were in relation to a schedule dealing with “events” and “gatherings” that - Speech Link
6: None receive a SJP notice letter in the post do not respond, and in the case of offences prosecuted under coronavirus - Speech Link
7: James Cartlidge (CON - South Suffolk) online process have been designed with input from users and a wide range of organisations at public user events - Speech Link
8: Alex Cunningham (LAB - Stockton North) to be coming to the end of his remarks and I want to press him on the unlawful convictions under the coronavirus - Speech Link

Westminster Hall
SMEs: Access to Finance - Tue 09 Nov 2021
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

1: Peter Gibson (CON - Darlington) business fund worth £250,000, granting small and medium-sized businesses in the hospitality, tourism and events - Speech Link
2: Kevin Hollinrake (CON - Thirsk and Malton) international financial regulation in terms of how we decarbonise our economy and how we bring the UK finance industry - Speech Link
3: Marion Fellows (SNP - Motherwell and Wishaw) It was only right that firms were given furlough, coronavirus business interruption loans and bounce - Speech Link
4: Pat McFadden (LAB - Wolverhampton South East) We are talking about the financial services industry today. - Speech Link
5: Paul Scully (CON - Sutton and Cheam) We have established the productive finance working group, which is an industry-led body, which has now - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
HGV Driving Licences - Mon 08 Nov 2021
Department for Transport

1: Trudy Harrison (CON - Copeland) This has been further exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic having suspended driver testing for much - Speech Link
2: Trudy Harrison (CON - Copeland) An accreditation scheme is being developed with help from the trailer industry and training providers - Speech Link
3: Sam Tarry (LAB - Ilford South) That means putting in place mechanisms to encourage more people to take up jobs in the industry and to - Speech Link
4: Gavin Newlands (SNP - Paisley and Renfrewshire North) It is a combination of the industry not moving with the times quickly enough, of take-home pay being - Speech Link
5: Gavin Newlands (SNP - Paisley and Renfrewshire North) It is clear that the Government must act, but the time to act was years ago when the industry and many - Speech Link
6: Karin Smyth (LAB - Bristol South) We have held summits and awareness events. We have taken to the newspapers and the airwaves. - Speech Link
7: Sarah Olney (LDEM - Richmond Park) We know, for example, that terms and conditions in the haulage industry have been declining relative - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Creative Sector - Thu 04 Nov 2021
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

1: Baroness Featherstone (LDEM - Life peer) listening to its needs, with more support for flexible apprenticeships; and that promote the value of live events - Speech Link
2: Lord Clement-Jones (LDEM - Life peer) Steve McQueen, the maker of “Small Axe”, could not afford London—the location where its events took place—and - Speech Link
3: Earl of Clancarty (CB - Excepted Hereditary) Music has significantly contracted because of its dependence on live events, but musicians and many others - Speech Link
4: Baroness Prashar (CB - Life peer) The coronavirus pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to culture and creativity across the - Speech Link
5: Baroness Bonham-Carter of Yarnbury (LDEM - Life peer) However, we all know that online events are no replacement for the pleasure of actual shared experience - Speech Link
6: Baroness Merron (LAB - Life peer) We also saw the botched handling of the events research programme earlier in the pandemic, which saw - Speech Link
7: Lord Parkinson of Whitley Bay (CON - Life peer) We have gone further still, announcing last week an £800 million live events reinsurance scheme and an - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Budget Resolutions - Tue 02 Nov 2021
Department for Education

1: Stephen Crabb (CON - Preseli Pembrokeshire) p>In welcoming that project, I wish to take a moment to say something about the horrific and tragic events - Speech Link
2: Robert Halfon (CON - Harlow) The outbreak of coronavirus was nothing short of a national disaster for our children. - Speech Link
3: Bim Afolami (CON - Hitchin and Harpenden) The OBR estimates that after we come out of the coronavirus pandemic fully—we hope—our growth rate will - Speech Link
4: Hywel Williams (PC - Arfon) Members may have forgotten the legacy of the Welsh coal industry—an industry that powered so much development - Speech Link
5: Bill Wiggin (CON - North Herefordshire) The cider industry in Herefordshire is said to produce most of the cider consumed in the UK. - Speech Link
6: Alex Sobel (LAB - Leeds North West) The Chancellor has not listened to the industry. - Speech Link
7: Simon Clarke (CON - Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland) the Chancellor developed our plan to protect jobs and livelihoods and to safeguard the economy from coronavirus - Speech Link

Public Bill Committees
Health and Care Bill (Twentieth sitting) - Thu 28 Oct 2021
Department of Health and Social Care

1: Mary Kelly Foy (LAB - City of Durham) The coronavirus pandemic has meant that the need for more investment in public health is greater than - Speech Link
2: Alex Norris (LAB - Nottingham North) promised to consider a US-style “polluter pays” levy on the manufacturers, and included an ultimatum for industry - Speech Link
3: Edward Argar (CON - Charnwood) She will be aware that the events of the last year and a half have, in a number of areas, knocked the - Speech Link
4: Edward Argar (CON - Charnwood) The tobacco industry is already required to make a contribution to public finances, through tobacco duty - Speech Link
5: Alex Norris (LAB - Nottingham North) Notwithstanding the research on some of the good things that the industry is doing voluntarily, which - Speech Link
6: Edward Argar (CON - Charnwood) The Government have worked with the alcohol industry to ensure that labels on pre-packaged alcohol reflect - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Income Tax (Charge) - Thu 28 Oct 2021
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

1: Edward Miliband (LAB - Doncaster North) So where is the help for our glass industry, our steel industry, our chemicals industry and our ceramics - Speech Link
2: Jamie Stone (LDEM - Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross) Gentleman share my disappointment that the Budget had so little for the potentially huge industry for - Speech Link
3: Edward Miliband (LAB - Doncaster North) I come back to the steel industry, which is such a litmus test. - Speech Link
4: Edward Miliband (LAB - Doncaster North) Let me turn from industry to retrofit and insulation. - Speech Link
5: Alison Thewliss (SNP - Glasgow Central) This is an industry with a future. - Speech Link
6: Jessica Morden (LAB - Newport East) But this Budget was not the vote of confidence in our industry that it needs and deserves. - Speech Link
7: Ben Lake (PC - Ceredigion) difficult times and I, for one, do not envy the Chancellor for having to navigate some of the large events - Speech Link
8: Jamie Stone (LDEM - Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross) It’s beginning to look like a sunset industry. I’ll go and do something else.” - Speech Link
9: Lucy Frazer (CON - South East Cambridgeshire) but in fact it is the largest support by way of business rates over a period of time, save for the coronavirus - Speech Link