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Commons Chamber
Oral Answers to Questions - Mon 17 May 2021
Department for Work and Pensions

1: In support of the Prime Minister’s crime and justice taskforce, we are funding an additional 30 prison - Link
2: five times less likely to be in poverty than a child in a household where nobody works. - Link
3: people, and we have the second-highest youth employment rate in the G7, second only to Canada. - Link
4: I urge her to meet the Rose Hill youth hub, the newly launched DWP youth hub that covers her constituency - Link
5: September 2020, delivering employment and skills support and training through our youth employment programme - Link
6: That is why we have our new youth hubs with work coaches dedicated to youth employability to support - Link
7: that exist through our youth hubs. - Link

Commons Chamber
Safe Streets for All - Mon 17 May 2021
Home Office

1: There has been a £1.4 billion cut in youth services, 750 youth centres have closed, and more than 4,500 - Link
2: The Bill’s stronger sentences for child murderers, rapists, violent offenders, dangerous drivers, child - Link
3: Sadly, county lines gangs and serious youth violence do not get the attention in this Chamber that I - Link
4: The Government must provide better funding for children in education, public health, and youth and social - Link
5: They are soft on crime and soft on the causes of crime. - Link
6: across the country, including youth services, mental health services, our probation service, and other - Link
7: We will train teachers to help identify, respond to and support child victims of domestic abuse. - Link
8: the sad menace of online child abuse, which is every bit as evil and pernicious and has as many victims - Link

Lords Chamber
Queen’s Speech - Mon 17 May 2021
Home Office

1: safety, child maintenance or anything else within the DWP’s core remit. - Link
2: We are gambling with the youth of today’s future, and they are rightly demanding that we do more. - Link
3: Secondly, the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill proposes measures that could curtail peaceful - Link
4: We need safe places, such as youth clubs and community centres, for young people to congregate and interact - Link
5: act—not only a contravention of the law but a crime against society. - Link
6: For example, while the Government express concern about levels of youth crime and acknowledge the social - Link

Commons Chamber
A Brighter Future for the Next Generation - Thu 13 May 2021
Department for Education

1: youth services can play. - Link
2: , in some cases, organised crime. - Link
3: Let me be clear: no one is saying that voter fraud is not a serious crime. - Link
4: In the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, again we have legislation that delivers on what - Link
5: Fantastic people at the Youth Network in Luton told me loudly and clearly that our arts and cultural - Link
6: holding their child back, too. - Link
7: , and he very much made the case for a decent, well-funded statutory youth service. - Link

Commons Chamber
Better Jobs and a Fair Deal at Work - Wed 12 May 2021
HM Treasury

1: people out of work at the moment, why did the Queen’s Speech not contain more measures to help tackle youth - Link
2: The most important of the domestic issues that concerns me is the Police, Crime, Sentencing and - Link
3: We have the worst youth unemployment in the country. We have the worst unemployment in the country. - Link
4: We are rightly especially focused on youth unemployment because of its potential scarring effect, and - Link
5: support for victims of crime, and increased sentences for serious and violent offenders; the strengthening - Link
6: start by backing the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which my constituents support. - Link
7: By contrast, a German child born today will be leaving school before her country stops burning coal, - Link
8: I very much welcome the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which will introduce tougher - Link

Commons Chamber
Debate on the Address - Tue 11 May 2021
Cabinet Office

1: Speech should have been a jobs plan—a plan to tackle unemployment, particularly the shocking levels of youth - Link
2: By fighting crime and being tough on crime, by investing in our great public services, above all our - Link
3: crime, among other things. - Link
4: the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. - Link
5: the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. - Link
6: the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. - Link
7: the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. - Link
8: the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. - Link
9: learned to play and share with another child and never sung a nursery song in a group in a room has - Link
10: We have an immediate plan to support youth employment and invest in better, greener jobs. - Link

Lords Chamber
Domestic Abuse Bill - Tue 27 Apr 2021
Home Office

1: and an individual with whom the child is not, or will not be, living (including the handover of the - Link
2: We have explained in detail the safeguards that are in place in relation to child contact centres and - Link
3: as child minders, in nurseries and now with 16-19 years olds in education.” - Link
4: well as specialist representatives from the Youth Justice Board, the Department of Health and Social - Link
5: This Bill is the start of a very long journey to be continued in the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts - Link
6: We have the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, as well as other debates and issues—this is not - Link
7: The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill specifically clarifies that information can be shared with - Link
8: It is crucial that we see it before the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill reaches this House. - Link

Commons Chamber
Oral Answers to Questions - Wed 21 Apr 2021
Cabinet Office

1: They are ones that need to be resolved from the point of view of both consumers and businesses, and just - Link
2: a young child at risk is a way to further their cause. - Link
3: Community groups and youth groups have been working with young people, not just in the last few weeks - Link
4: He was a great internationalist and campaigner for peace and human rights and he will be sadly missed - Link
5: gave them life and that give them the most love and support. - Link
6: They are failing on crime. They are failing on their taxation policies. - Link
7: crime commissioners are responsible for increasing police officer numbers, yet Humberside’s police and - Link

Commons Chamber
Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities - Tue 20 Apr 2021
HM Treasury

1: employment, crime and policing, and health. - Link
2: and care system and across wider public bodies. - Link
3: It is noticeable that Northern Ireland was keen to take part, and hosted the commission on crime and - Link
4: that, in doing so, are seeding doubt and fear and, more than that, disharmony and disunity. - Link
5: causes and at where stop and search happens. - Link
6: I believe that Keith Fraser, one of the other commissioners, is also a member of the Youth Justice Board - Link
7: Friend the Minister for Crime and Policing is already engaging with the commission to discuss its recommendations - Link

Lords Chamber
Prisons (Substance Testing) Bill - Fri 16 Apr 2021
Ministry of Justice

1: The Prison Service and the Youth Custody Service currently have the legal authority to test for - Link
2: especially in youth offender institutions, associated with addiction? - Link
3: child or children’s lives and entrenching in them the sense of being abandoned by their mother or father - Link
4: Prisons are being totally corrupted by the circulation and trafficking of drugs and the organised crime - Link
5: and ultimately contribute to reducing crime behind bars.” - Link

Commons Chamber
Oral Answers to Questions - Wed 14 Apr 2021
Cabinet Office

1: I would be very happy to hear from young people and youth groups in her constituency. - Link
2: The event will culminate in a declaration and discussion between the youth delegates and Ministers attending - Link
3: We are also appointing and hiring thousands more police officers. We are fighting crime. - Link
4: is the best place for a child to grow up. - Link
5: : to tackle the tax regime they have put in place; and to do better on fighting crime and drug addiction - Link

Grand Committee
Inclusive Society - Wed 14 Apr 2021
Home Office

1: in child abuse during the stress of the pandemic—and entirely unnecessary. - Link
2: , with almost two-fifths suspected of knife crime. - Link
3: But what action might we engender, especially for youth and for black and Asian citizens, as the noble - Link
4: on the Rights of the Child. - Link
5: on the Rights of the Child. - Link
6: on the Rights of the Child. - Link
7: of youth and nation. - Link
8: Unfortunately, we know that hate crime continues to undermine efforts across the United Kingdom - Link
9: minority ethnic youth in terms of unemployment. - Link

Commons Chamber
Finance (No. 2) Bill - Tue 13 Apr 2021
HM Treasury

1: Furthermore, with freeports elsewhere in the world having become magnets for organised crime, tax evasion - Link
2: I would note that Ministers are also not taking the opportunity to amend the high income child benefit - Link
3: Some groups have been hit particularly hard, especially the young—youth unemployment is at 14.3%—and - Link
4: He suggested that these freeports would be places for smuggling and organised crime to thrive. - Link
5: Today, the Child Poverty Action Group’s new report looking into the Government’s two-child tax credit - Link
6: and productivity, and I thank my hon. - Link

Lords Chamber
Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Bill - Tue 13 Apr 2021
Ministry of Defence

1: The Government say that for such a heinous crime as shooting a wounded prisoner, the presumption would - Link
2: This is an international crime from which there is no safe haven. - Link
3: (meaning of “genocide”, “crime against humanity” and “war crime”).”Member’s explanatory statement

4: I will say a few words about the crime of genocide. - Link
5: If somebody has committed torture or a war crime, that needs to be investigated and prosecuted. - Link
6: Indeed, in relation to prosecution, the gravity of the crime will be a cogent factor. - Link
7: Obviously, a member of the Armed Forces could commit a crime while not engaged in their duties, and one - Link

Lords Chamber
His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh - Mon 12 Apr 2021
Leader of the House

1: the flower and promise of youth, when there was all to lose and there should have been much more to - Link
2: that demonstrated his interest in youth development. - Link
3: My friend Alan Billings had been elected police and crime commissioner after some considerable controversy - Link
4: on the part of the nation and the Government to support an expansion of youth work and extracurricular - Link
5: Even as a difficult child between the ages of 10 and 17, you felt that you were the most important person - Link
6: However, the most empathetic letter told me about him coming to England as a child, going to a - Link
7: However, one of Prince Philip’s greatest legacies will be his concern for youth and the desire - Link
8: pioneering Helena:“Youth, beauty, wisdom, courage, allThat happiness and prime can happy - Link
9: At the time, I was a child at the on-site nursery school, lining up to wave a flag as the royal party - Link