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To bring together parliamentarians from all parties with an interest in and commitment to ending the need for food banks; discussing the solutions that are needed; making recommendations to the relevant government departments that are key to ending the need for food banks.

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Recent Documents related to Food Banks

1. Trussell Trust - written evidence
03/07/2019 - Inquiry: School holiday poverty - Work and Pensions Committee
- View source

Found: 420 food banks providing a minimum of three days’ worth of nutritionally-balanced emergency food and

2. Bangor University - written evidence
05/12/2018 - Inquiry: Welfare safety net - Work and Pensions Committee
- View source

Found: Bangor University (WSN0004) The acknowledge rise of food insecurity is understood to be associated with the

3. Food, Poverty, Health and the Environment
02/02/2020 - Inquiry: Food, Poverty, Health and the Environment - Food, Poverty, Health and Environment Committee
- View source

Found: British Academy and Leverhulme Foundation: ‘Emergency Food Provision in the UK’, grant number: SG131950 Summary

4. Food Banks
27/01/2021 - APPGs

Found: interest in and commitment to ending the need for food banks; discussing the solutions that are needed; making

5. stop the closure of food banks and shelters in lockdown
02/11/2020 - Petitions

Found: thurday, Novermber 5 th the government is closing food banks and shelters as they are listed as ‘non-essential’

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Recent Speeches related to Food Banks

1. Food Poverty: Scotland
07/05/2019 - Commons Chamber

1: to eat cold baked beans from a can in her local food bank. Hayley Squires’ powerful performance as Katie - Speech Link
2: because the wages have not matched the rises in food prices.International research has also found - Speech Link

2. Right to Food in Legislation
21/10/2020 - Westminster Hall

1: That this House has considered the right to food in legislation.I called this debate because - Speech Link

3. Inequality
03/10/2019 - Lords Chamber

1: years we have seen a huge rise in the number of food banks across the United Kingdom. The Trussell Trust’s - Speech Link
2: million children in food-insecure households. However, I accept his point about food banks. As he will know - Speech Link
3: universal credit. It also has one of the largest food banks in the United Kingdom. I have warmly welcomed - Speech Link

4. Poverty in Liverpool
24/10/2018 - Westminster Hall

1: children had to rely on the generosity of our city’s food banks, and in the same period Liverpool City Council - Speech Link

5. Food Poverty: Merseyside
16/01/2018 - Westminster Hall

1: beg to move,That this House has considered food poverty in Merseyside.It is a pleasure to - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Food Banks
1. Food Banks
asked by: Stephanie Peacock
... what comparative assessment her Department has made of the the level of emergency food parcels provided by food banks in the weeks of March 2020 with same period in 2019.

2. Food Banks
asked by: Mark Tami
... whether each instance of Jobcentre Plus staff signposting claimants to local food banks is recorded on a claimant's case record.

3. Food Banks
asked by: Mark Tami
... or (c) verbal communication; and whether any written communication provided is directly transferable at a food bank for food.

4. Food Banks
asked by: Emma Lewell-Buck
... when she plans to publish her Department's evidence review on the drivers of food bank usage.

5. Food Banks
asked by: Chris Stephens
... when she plans to place in the Library a copy of her Department's internal review of the drivers of food bank usage.

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Neil Coyle
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Labour - Bermondsey and Old Southwark
Joined: 27th January 2021
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Wendy Chamberlain
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Liberal Democrat - North East Fife
Joined: 27th January 2021
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Margaret Ferrier
Vice Chair
Independent - Rutherglen and Hamilton West
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Marion Fellows
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Scottish National Party - Motherwell and Wishaw
Joined: 27th January 2021
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Tom Tugendhat
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Conservative - Tonbridge and Malling
Joined: 27th January 2021
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Janet Daby
Labour - Lewisham East
Joined: 27th January 2021
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Baroness D'Souza
Crossbench - Life peer
Joined: 27th January 2021
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Neil Coyle MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Tel: 020 7232 4640.


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Graeme Smith, Office of Neil Coyle MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. Tel: 020 7219 7650



The Trussell Trust acts as the group's secretariat.

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14 Dec 2020
The Trussell Trust
Secretariat   From : 14/12/2020 To : 13/12/2021

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