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To promote good relations between Britain and Estonia and specifically to facilitate contact between parliamentarians and other representative bodies in both countries.

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Recent Documents related to Estonia

1. Trade and investment factsheets (partner names beginning with C to F)
12/02/2021 - Department for International Trade
- View source

Found: Estonia This factsheet provides the latest statistics on trade and investment between the UK and

2. Estonia: notarial and documentary services
26/11/2019 - Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office
- View source

Found: Estonia: notarial and documentary services - GOV.UK

3. Prime Minister visits British troops in Estonia for Christmas
21/12/2019 - Prime Minister's Office, 10 Downing Street (Number 10)
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Found: Prime Minister visits British troops in Estonia for Christmas - GOV.UK

4. Overseas Business Risk - Estonia
18/02/2021 - Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office
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Found: Guidance Overseas Business Risk - Estonia Information on key security and political

5. RAF Typhoons scramble to intercept Russian fighters as part of Baltic Air Policing Mission
17/06/2019 - Ministry of Defence
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Found: Air Policing Mission RAF jets deployed in Estonia were scrambled twice over the weekend (14-15 June)

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Recent Speeches related to Estonia

1. NATO's Enhance Forward Presence
28/03/2017 - Written Statements

1: main body of our fighting forces will arrive in Estonia and Poland in the coming weeks.We are providing - Speech Link

2. NATO: Eastern Flank
30/01/2017 - Lords Chamber

1: flank, leading NATO’s enhanced forward presence in Estonia, deploying a reconnaissance squadron to the US - Speech Link
2: position they have taken in sending a battle group to Estonia. The Prime Minister said,“we should engage - Speech Link
3: doing that. The deployment of British forces in Estonia and Poland is purely defensive, but can the Minister - Speech Link
4: that will reassure our allies. They will defend Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, another NATO territory - Speech Link

20/06/2018 - Commons Chamber

1: to see their dedication and devotion to duty in Estonia, where we are leading a multinational battlegroup - Speech Link
2: seen very clear examples of that in Montenegro, Estonia and elsewhere. And we ourselves have had the shocking - Speech Link
3: in Europe continue to lag behind considerably. Estonia is meeting the 2% target, but we must encourage - Speech Link
4: with our allies, whether it is Germany, Poland or Estonia, on how we can be more responsive and how we can - Speech Link
5: there.I have had the privilege of visiting Estonia twice, and I have met our personnel serving there - Speech Link
6: the plans for an enhanced forward presence in Estonia and Poland were developed. It is important, therefore - Speech Link

4. Terrorism Act 2000 (Proscribed Organisations) (Amendment) (No. 2) Order 2020
16/07/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: leader, a 13 year-old boy, was tracked down in Estonia at the beginning of the year. Furthermore, the - Speech Link
2: noble Lord asked about ministerial discussion with Estonia. I have already said that we engage with other - Speech Link

5. NATO Warsaw Summit
11/07/2016 - Commons Chamber

1: currently conducting Baltic air-policing missions from Estonia; our ships are making a significant contribution - Speech Link
2: questions remain about how the deployments in Estonia and Poland will work in practice, particularly - Speech Link
3: questions. First, on the battalion to be deployed in Estonia, yes, I will update the House on the precise arrangements - Speech Link
4: strong signal of using our troops on the ground in Estonia and Poland. Further, I thank him for making arrangements - Speech Link
5: Friend that our deployment in Estonia was warmly welcomed, not simply by Estonia but by the other Baltic states - Speech Link

6. Electoral Fraud
29/03/2017 - Lords Chamber

1: Lords, is the Minister aware of the work that Estonia has done with the two-step verification process - Speech Link
2: I am not familiar with the electoral system in Estonia. When we pilot a number of projects next year, - Speech Link

7. NATO Warsaw Summit
11/07/2016 - Lords Chamber

1: currently conducting Baltic air policing missions from Estonia; our ships are making a significant contribution - Speech Link
2: an enhanced forward presence with 500 troops in Estonia and 150 in Poland. We are also committed to training - Speech Link
3: be doing. First, as regards the proposals for Estonia, our forces are expected to participate in a demanding - Speech Link
4: well illustrated by what is going to happen in Estonia and other areas of the Baltic. However, although - Speech Link

8. Oral Answers to Questions
10/07/2017 - Commons Chamber

1: armoured infantry form the core of our battlegroup in Estonia. In Poland, a British reconnaissance squadron is - Speech Link
2: contribution to the enhanced Forward Presence is based in Estonia is indeed our good experience of working with Estonian - Speech Link
3: contribution that we are making in respect of NATO in Estonia and Poland, but having spoken to a couple of constituents - Speech Link
4: why our troops are being deployed to Poland and Estonia, why our Typhoons are based in Romania this summer - Speech Link
5: We have cyber expertise in this country, as do Estonia and other countries inside the alliance; we now - Speech Link

9. Oral Answers to Questions
12/12/2016 - Commons Chamber

1: armed forces’ leading role in helping to defend Estonia. May I press the Secretary of State further on - Speech Link
2: as the hon. Gentleman said, will be leading in Estonia, and Canada and Germany will be leading in the - Speech Link
3: Next year, we are sending nearly 800 troops to Estonia and 150 personnel of the Light Dragoons to Poland - Speech Link
4: importance of defending the security of the states—Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania—that regained their independence - Speech Link
5: right that the countries he mentioned—Latvia, Estonia and so on—are particularly worried about their - Speech Link
6: I welcome the role that UK forces will play in Estonia as part of NATO’s forward presence. It is vital - Speech Link
7: joining in. The French are coming with us into Estonia, with 200 troops in the first six-month tranche - Speech Link
8: purpose of our deployment next year of troops to Estonia and Poland, and of RAF Typhoons down to Romania - Speech Link
9: condemned in turn our deployment of troops in Estonia as provocative? Does he agree that the Baltic states - Speech Link

10. International Headquarters and Defence Organisations (Designation and Privileges) Order 2017
07/11/2017 - Lords Chamber

1: 5th Battalion The Rifles had started moving to Estonia as part of the NATO enhanced forward presence. - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Estonia
1. Estonia: Coronavirus
asked by: Alan Brown
... what the evidential basis is for Estonia being identified as a country where quarantine arrangements are still required for travellers between Estonia and the UK.

2. Estonia: Military Alliances
asked by: Andrew Rosindell
... what steps he is taking to strengthen the UK's defence relationship with Estonia after the UK leaves the EU.

3. Estonia: Military Exercises
asked by: Andrew Rosindell
... how many UK-led Joint Expeditionary Force demonstrations her Department plans to conduct in Estonia in the next two years.

4. Estonia: Politics and Government
asked by: Jim Cunningham
... when he last met his counterpart in Estonia and what issues were discussed at that meeting.

5. Military Aid
asked by: Matthew Offord
... what plans his Department has to provide military support to NATO allies in (a) Estonia and (b) Iceland in the next 12 months.

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