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Commons Chamber
Summer Adjournment - Thu 22 Jul 2021
No Department present

1: The United Kingdom will be the first country in Europe to ban the live export of animals for slaughter - Link
2: The second issue I want to raise is sick pay. - Link
3: Poor people in our country have paid with their lives because the Prime Minister spent the last - Link
4: Talented apprentices from Newbury College are increasingly getting jobs there, but their only way of - Link
5: I have started work on my seventh annual jobs fair for this September, to help people back into jobs - Link
6: The second concern is affordability. - Link
7: The sad fact is that when MPs are on recess—and it is a recess—there are children suffering from holiday - Link
8: (Laura Farris), for Carshalton and Wallington (Elliot Colburn) and for Great Grimsby (Lia Nici) all paid - Link

Westminster Hall
Fisheries Management - Tue 13 Jul 2021
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

1: Secondly, the Government must ban bottom-trawling in marine protected areas, especially on the - Link
2: Possibly an effective penalty would be to ban them from landing their fish in a British port. - Link
3: Jobs that were once filled by EU nationals now lie unfilled and the business needs double the number - Link
4: the fishing industry having to fight its own Government to survive? - Link
5: It is unacceptable that, eight months after we left the European Union, fishers have not been paid the - Link
6: I pay tribute in particular to the Labour MPs in Hull, who have fought the case on behalf of our distant - Link

Commons Chamber
Armed Forces Bill - Tue 13 Jul 2021
Cabinet Office

1: My granddad, who would have been 100 this year, served with the RAF during the second world war. - Link
2: Twelve of the UK’s leading military charities wrote an open letter to MPs last week sharing their concern - Link
3: I am proud that the last Labour Government abolished the ban on homosexuality in the armed forces in - Link
4: Many of us thought that because the ban was overturned, that was somehow the end of the issue and things - Link
5: It is very different from doing an ordinary job—I do not want to do down ordinary jobs—a non-services - Link
6: over the next five years and what the Government intend to do to ensure that it is not the poorest paid - Link
7: so that veterans are being housed, getting treatment with the priority they need, getting access to jobs - Link
8: with urgency and humility, and our priority now is to understand the full impact of the pre-millennium ban - Link

Lords Chamber
Procedure and Privileges - Tue 13 Jul 2021
Leader of the House

1: Eligible Members would also be exempt from having to declare that they are present on the estate when - Link
2: She quite rightly paid tribute to the staff of the House, and we all pay tribute to them too, but it - Link
3: The clear theme was to assert that there was no point in having a second Chamber if it could not occasionally - Link
4: Having said that, and nothing I say takes away from it, the hybrid House we have at the moment - Link
5: Quite honestly, if other people have jobs that they have to go to, let them stay away. - Link
6: punishment for non-attendance of a course allegedly designed to improve relations with staff should be to ban - Link
7: First, I share the tributes paid by almost every noble Lord who has spoken to the staff and supporters - Link

Commons Chamber
Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Bill - Mon 12 Jul 2021
Department for Education

1: Some paid dearly for their intellectual independence. - Link
2: Lady must understand from having sat in loads of constituency Labour party meetings how people were silenced - Link
3: I remember how sinister it seemed when Mrs Thatcher’s Government chose to ban the voices of Sinn - Link
4: students after she retweeted the details of an event that feminist campaign groups had organised for MPs - Link
5: Rather than pushing universities to offer permanent, well-paid contracts, the Conservatives are - Link
6: by students who have lost out from part-time jobs that dried up in hospitality and retail sector. - Link
7: businesses and left at the mercy of market forces while top salaries have soared and students have paid - Link

Grand Committee
Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill [HL] - Tue 06 Jul 2021
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

1: It is not ridiculous to argue that we should be told how much people will be paid for being on the committee - Link
2: the requirement in European law on balance, the European Court of Justice last year upheld a Belgian ban - Link
3: paid in policy-making to the welfare needs of animals as sentient beings. - Link
4: I will clearly be having many discussions with noble Lords from across the House between now and Report - Link
5: I can assure her that the Secretary of State will appoint no MPs to the committee. - Link
6: Ministers would need to address that criticism in their statements to Parliament, allowing MPs and Peers - Link
7: animal sentience, but it is equally important to have representatives of those who do these practical jobs - Link
8: Having taken on board this very strong opinion from all parties that the committee should come under - Link

Lords Chamber
Environment Bill - Mon 05 Jul 2021
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

1: Having watched the football, we all know just how big Wembley Stadium is. - Link
2: This highlights an important ethical case for change, on top of practical arguments about creating new jobs - Link
3: The public have got behind the campaign to prevent food waste and will be lobbying their MPs to ensure - Link
4: Data obtained by the Independent from the Carrefour supermarket chain, the second largest in France with - Link
5: This is why the EU has a ban on the use of neonicotinoids. - Link
6: on neonicotinoids, we have not reversed the ban. - Link
7: , he said, “We’re having to get our coal from Russia now. - Link
8: capital investment which is required, and it will have to be paid for from a combination of sources. - Link

Commons Chamber
Police, Crime, Sentencing and Court Bill - Mon 05 Jul 2021
Home Office

1: mothers in prison and the right to family life: The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, HC 90; Second - Link
2: MPs agree with us: the Select Committee on Home Affairs published a report last week, and the hon. - Link
3: These are often very low-paid people who are expected by the Government, in effect, to enforce the law—whether - Link
4: passport, and then to secure a new disclosure and barring service check, with which they can go on to gain jobs - Link
5: If we ban speech or assembly because of the likelihood of causing offence, we will have to ban far more - Link
6: To ban protest on the basis that it would be noisy or cause serious annoyance may appeal to many - Link
7: Conservative Members to smear Opposition amendments, so in that spirit, I point out that the Bill does not ban - Link

Lords Chamber
Environment Bill - Wed 30 Jun 2021
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

1: This second statement is plainly wrong. - Link
2: a number of farmers, academics and farm advisers on the difficulty of being paid for results in managing - Link
3: Subsection (8) of my amendment would allow the Secretary of State to make regulations for a levy to be paid - Link
4: As well as hoping to ban plastic-stemmed cotton buds, the Senedd wants to ban plastic cutlery, plastic - Link
5: All we seek is that it be laid, which means that it appears in our appendix to proceedings; Peers and MPs - Link
6: I can imagine MPs demanding debates and Urgent Questions on Statements, and the Government will be severely - Link
7: The amount of plastic plus waste in India, which is introducing a ban from next year, is quite astonishing - Link
8: The Minister referred to the Government already having power to ban materials such as certain sorts of - Link

Commons Chamber
Building Safety - Tue 29 Jun 2021
Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government

1: it will mean a debt of several thousand pounds, running over many years, before the final costs are paid - Link
2: To give a quick example, there is a building in my constituency where the leaseholders paid for the remediation - Link
3: Many of them face difficulties around their own jobs and incomes, and this has been an additional pressure - Link
4: The failure of Governments to ban the use of flammable cladding will be an issue that will echo for quite - Link
5: The Minister will be aware that the Committee, in common with many MPs and groups such as End - Link
6: them, rather than having a resident population. - Link
7: p>Today is the first opportunity to debate the issue properly since the Government ordered their MPs - Link
8: are now having it removed—the works are under way there. - Link

Commons Chamber
UK Defence Spending - Thu 24 Jun 2021
Ministry of Defence

1: Even that huge majority was eclipsed on 18 July 2016, when it rose to 355 after MPs voted for the decisive - Link
2: Nations and the vast majority of nations in the United Nations have supported the idea of a global ban - Link
3: How they are paid for is a massively important part of the overall picture, but we need to make sure - Link
4: Scottish National party MPs are here—it may come as a bit of a shock—to deliver independence for - Link
5: That brings me to my second point. - Link

Commons Chamber
Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership - Thu 24 Jun 2021
Department for International Trade

1: As the world’s second largest services exporter, we will be perfectly placed to benefit from strong - Link
2: Let me just say, on behalf of all the Labour MPs who spoke in that debate and the steel communities they - Link
3: It did not mention any jobs in steel or agriculture. - Link
4: That brings me to the second quote, by the Secretary of State’s Australian counterpart, Dan Tehan. - Link
5: Malaysia, a CPTPP member, is actively manoeuvring to reverse the ban on palm oil extracts, which are - Link
6: Will the Minister therefore confirm for the House that the UK will enforce a ban on palm oil? - Link
7: to challenge important environmental regulations, including water pollution controls in Germany, a ban - Link
8: We have a new trade deal with India, which by the way, is our second-largest investor over the last 12 - Link
9: £2.1 billion directly to GDP and another £2.7 billion indirectly, as well as providing 34,000 well-paid - Link

Commons Chamber
Armed Forces Bill - Wed 23 Jun 2021
Cabinet Office

1: It described how such personnel have had to get second jobs if they want to bring family members over - Link
2: In 2019, he signed a letter with more than 60 Conservative MPs urging the then Chancellor to drop the - Link
3: During the ban, many were dishonourably discharged or forced from service, losing access to pensions - Link
4: My second point is this. - Link
5: that no matter how clever the gadgets or the science, at the end of the day, if we are going to do jobs - Link
6: I am consistently pushing very strongly, both informally and formally, how important these skilled jobs - Link
7: My second point is that the Bill is just too narrow. - Link
8: Many paid the ultimate price in the service of democracy and freedom while wearing the uniform in service - Link
9: I was pleased to hear from a trio of Welsh MPs: my hon. - Link

Westminster Hall
Welsh Rural Economy - Tue 22 Jun 2021
Wales Office

1: Anglesey needs good-quality, well-paid jobs. - Link
2: What discussions is the Minister having with the Treasury about how issues facing rural communities will - Link
3: As part of that recovery, and as businesses and communities respond to having left the EU, it is vital - Link
4: , although not so bad in Wales, are still appalling, whereas we have energy producers around London paid - Link
5: used planning powers on land and sea to oppose fossil fuel extraction, including by maintaining the ban - Link
6: I am pleased we are having this discussion on a subject that is of importance to all, regardless of our - Link
7: in the coming months and years, driving local growth and creating jobs. - Link
8: Forgive me: Plaid Cymru MPs are inclined to do this. - Link

Commons Chamber
Free Trade Agreement Negotiations: Australia - Thu 17 Jun 2021
Department for International Trade

1: access and very strong provisions in digital and services, which are of huge benefit to Britain, the second - Link
2: without pain relief; and routinely transporting livestock for 48 hours; and doing that without their having - Link
3: She had nothing to say about digital and services, even though the UK is the second largest services - Link
4: go to Parliament and go through the Constitutional Reform and Governance Act process, during which MPs - Link
5: The country has very high standards in areas such as digital and services where we are the second largest - Link
6: negotiations, and will she guarantee the House that there will be a full debate and meaningful vote for MPs - Link
7: Has that assessment been done, or is it anticipated that the price will be paid and offsetting will come - Link