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To support the sport of American football.

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1. Professor Eric Anderson, University of Winchester, Dr Rory Magrath, Solent University, Southampton, Dr Adam J. White, University of Bedfordshire, Dr Rachael Bullingham, University of Worcester, Dr Ryan Scoats, Birmingham City University, and Professor Mark McCormack, Roehampton University - written evidence
12/06/2018 - Inquiry: The Social Impact of Participation in Culture and Sport - Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee
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Found: (cricket), Tom Davey (diving) and Thomas Hitzlsperger (football, retired). These athletes are supported by straight

27/11/2017 - Early Day Motions

Found: That this House congratulates the British American Football Association (BAFA) on receiving the prestigious

3. Social and Economic Impact of the Gambling Industry
31/03/2020 - Inquiry: Social and Economic Impact of the Gambling Industry - Gambling Industry Committee
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Found: activities of sports bettors (and particularly football bettors) among these 60,000 online gamblers are

04/07/2019 - Early Day Motions

Found: this House applauds the coverage of the Women's Football World Cup Finals on BBC TV which has attracted

5. Neurodegenerative diseases in professional sportspersons: IIAC information note
24/05/2016 - Department for Work and Pensions
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Found: known as Lou Gehrig disease , after a famous American baseball player who died of the dise ase

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1. Football Regulation
26/06/2019 - Commons Chamber

1: Bill to establish an independent regulator of football clubs; and for connected purposes.On 9 - Speech Link

2. Business of the House
09/05/2019 - Commons Chamber

1: interest: I am the chair of the all-party group on football supporters. In that light, I congratulate both - Speech Link
2: great to see an all-English final. I hope that football clubs and managers all across the country listen - Speech Link
3: The hon. Gentleman mentioned the problems in football, but what has not been noticed is the long-term - Speech Link

3. Oral Answers to Questions
16/11/2017 - Commons Chamber

1: conversations with the Home Office on matters relating to football and other sporting events, including counter-terrorism - Speech Link
2: The cost to the Met of policing premier league football last year was almost £7 million, but the clubs - Speech Link
3: Secretary to meet the Premier League and the English Football League and ask them to make a voluntary contribution - Speech Link
4: the continued increase in the cost of policing football matches and other sporting events, and we have - Speech Link
5: democracy? Will he begin preparations now for an American-style honest ads Act, so that the right agencies - Speech Link
6: fact, we have had four regular season National Football League games in London this year. It is rather - Speech Link
7: Friend who chairs the all-party group on American football. Mr Speaker, I am just contemplating what - Speech Link

4. Grassroots Football Funding: Wembley Stadium
22/01/2019 - Westminster Hall

1: roots football.It is a pleasure to serve under your chairmanship, Mr Hollobone. Football, as we - Speech Link
2: of the greatest footballers who ever graced the football field in this world, certainly in my lifetime - Speech Link
3: youngsters to participate a little later.Football in this country is in a very strong position. - Speech Link

5. Sport in the UK
04/02/2019 - Commons Chamber

1: spoke about many issues with them, such as how the Football Foundation is doing and how that £100 million - Speech Link
2: constituency does fantastic work in using the power of football to inspire young people. Unfortunately, the Premier - Speech Link
3: wears the outfit of the day when mentioning her football club. It is absolutely vital that when sports - Speech Link
4: and the same can be said of the England women’s football team. So, to follow the point made by the hon - Speech Link
5: sports, such as rugby union, rugby league and football, on television will help to close that gap? - Speech Link
6: Minister considering the experience of attending football matches, I have been immediately struck by the - Speech Link

01/06/2015 - Commons Chamber

1: overwhelming call for change that is coming from football fans around the world. They failed to do so. FIFA’s - Speech Link
2: Secretary of State agree that UEFA and the other major football associations should now consider setting up alternative - Speech Link
3: the European nations, and preferably with other football associations around the world. The first thing - Speech Link

7. Football Attendances: VAR
17/03/2020 - Westminster Hall

1: this House has considered VAR and its effect on football attendances.It is a great pleasure to serve - Speech Link

8. UK Relations with Kosovo
05/03/2019 - Westminster Hall

1: Pritchard). He made one or two gentle criticisms of American policy—I will follow that tradition in a moment - Speech Link
2: inspiring the nation, too.I will finish on football in a moment, but let me just say that corruption - Speech Link
3: opportunities, perhaps including those created by the football tournament, to develop our business connections - Speech Link

9. Football Broadcasting Rights
20/01/2015 - Westminster Hall

1: the important issue of the Ofcom consultation on football broadcasting rights, and it is a pleasure to call - Speech Link
2: all aspire to, but of course the reality is that football holds a special place in people’s hearts in all - Speech Link

10. FIFA
01/06/2015 - Lords Chamber

1: the overwhelming calls for change coming from football fans around the world. They failed to do so. FIFA’s - Speech Link
2: place for an urgent summit bringing together the football authorities, British sponsors and broadcasters - Speech Link
3: the week before Greg Dyke goes to Berlin for the football final there and a congress being held by UEFA - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to American Football
1. American Football
asked by: Lord Taylor of Warwick
...To ask Her Majesty's Government what plans they have to encourage the development of American football in the UK.

2. American Football
asked by: Lord Mann
... what proportion of UK American Football teams are based outside of Greater London.

3. American Football: Greater London
asked by: Lord Mann
... what assessment he has made of the effect of London-based NFL American football games on the level of tourism to the UK.

4. South America: Military Aid
asked by: Chris Williamson
... to which South American countries the UK provides military training.

5. Nicaragua: Peace Negotiations
asked by: Viscount Waverley
... and (3) Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

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