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Thursday 15th April 2021
National Security and Investment Bill
voted No
One of 7 Independent No votes vs 18 Independent Aye votes
Tally: Ayes - 296 Noes - 232
Monday 15th March 2021

My Lords, in reality there is only one race: the human race. What steps are the Government taking to address …

Written Answers
Monday 12th April 2021
Vocational Education: Employment Schemes
To ask Her Majesty's Government what schemes are available to students on vocational courses to assist them in gaining employment.
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During the current Parliamentary Session, Lord Taylor of Warwick has voted in 100 divisions, and never against the majority of their Party.

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Universities Coronavirus: Ethnic Groups Coronavirus: Schools NHS: Females Medical Treatments: Research Health Services: Equality Coronavirus: Ethnic Groups Social Services: Coronavirus Coronavirus: Ethnic Groups Pharmacy: Ethnic Groups NHS: Diversity Coronavirus: Ethnic Groups NHS: Coronavirus Racial Discrimination Coronavirus: Ethnic Groups Dementia: Coronavirus Coronavirus: Screening Coronavirus: Screening Protective Clothing Coronavirus: Death Coronavirus: Screening Coronavirus: Screening Coronavirus: Screening Coronavirus: Disease Control Cancer: Coronavirus Coronavirus: Screening Coronavirus: Ethnic Groups Pregnancy: Ethnic Groups Coronavirus: Protective Clothing Coronavirus: Protective Clothing Coronavirus: Ethnic Groups Pregnancy: Ethnic Groups Coronavirus: Germany Doctors: Protective Clothing Coronavirus: Disease Control Protective Clothing: 3D Printing Coronavirus: Screening World Health Organisation: Social Distancing Hospitals: Coronavirus Dementia: Coronavirus Coronavirus: Quarantine Coronavirus: Protective Clothing Coronavirus: Screening Coronavirus: Protective Clothing NHS: Ethnic Groups Dental Services: Coronavirus Coronavirus: Disease Control NHS: Protective Clothing Coronavirus: Screening Coronavirus: Quarantine Social Services: Coronavirus Hospitals: Protective Clothing NHS: Computer Software Coronavirus: Hospitals NHS: Computer Software Coronavirus: Football Coronavirus: Screening NHS: Protective Clothing Coronavirus: Death Coronavirus: Death Contact Tracing: Visual Impairment Coronavirus: Vaccination Coronavirus: Disease Control NHS: Food Nurses: Re-employment NHS: Protective Clothing Coronavirus: Disease Control Intensive Care: Ventilators Coronavirus: Disease Control NHS: Identity Cards Coronavirus: Disease Control Coronavirus: Social Distancing Coronavirus: Screening Coronavirus: Screening Health Professions: Coronavirus Coronavirus: Screening Intensive Care: Ventilators Coronavirus: Ventilators Coronavirus Coronavirus Coronavirus Coronavirus: Italy Coronavirus: Mortality Rates Health Services: Older People Coronavirus: Mortality Rates Coronavirus: Disease Control NHS: Drugs Coronavirus: Disease Control Dental Services Medical Records: Data Protection Health Services: Artificial Intelligence Coronavirus: Italy Life Expectancy: Females Coronavirus: Disease Control Hospital Beds Social Services: Recruitment Contact Tracing: Computer Software Diabetes Medical Records: Data Protection Coronavirus NHS: Finance Coronavirus Mental Health Services: Children and Young People Doctors: Stress Coronavirus Coronavirus Cancer: Drugs NHS: Negligence Coronavirus: Screening Death: Young People None Coronavirus Mental Health Services: Young People Hospitals: Overcrowding NHS: Innovation Prescription Drugs: Environment Protection Air Pollution: Health Hazards Air Pollution: Mental Health Vaccination: Children Lung Diseases: Medical Equipment Health: Screening Health Services: British Nationals Abroad Social Services: Reform Mental Health Services: Private Sector Vaccination: Children Food: Taxation Doctors: Training Surgery: Training Medical Equipment: Artificial Intelligence NHS: Drugs NHS: EU Law Obesity: Children Mental Health Services NHS: Finance Food: Imports Health Services: Artificial Intelligence NHS: Migrant Workers NHS: Drugs Vaccination: Imports NHS: Drugs NHS: Migrant Workers NHS: Drugs Clinical Trials: EU Law Energy Drinks: Labelling Pharmacy NHS: Drugs Rare Diseases: Medical Treatments Abroad NHS: Drugs Care Homes: Standards Surgery Food: Labelling NHS: Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Mental Illness: Health Education Social Services: Apprentices Medicine: Research Eating Disorders Asthma: Drugs Insomnia Pregnancy: Exercise Paracetamol: Pregnancy Nuts Mental Health Services: Young People Exercise Blood: Donors Nurses General Practitioners Nivolumab Mental Illness: Children and Young People Maternity Services Obesity: Cancer Muscular Dystrophy Meningitis: Vaccination Health Education Care Homes Cancer Health Services Hospitals: Translation Services Energy Drinks: Children NHS: Staff Macular Degeneration: Drugs Social Services: Pay Social Services: Training Influenza Compulsorily Detained Psychiatric Patients: Police Custody Exercise Patients: Mortality Rates Cholesterol Mental Health Services Maternity Services Accident and Emergency Departments Accident and Emergency Departments Hospitals: Hygiene Dementia Future of the Home Care Workforce Commission Mental Health Services Cancer NHS: Finance Learning Disability Cancer: Drugs Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse Dementia Health Services and Social Services NHS: Standards Statins Obesity Care Homes: Standards Hospitals: Standards Arthritis Accident and Emergency Departments Obesity Maternity Services NHS: Fees and Charges General Practitioners Autism NHS: Finance Obesity Air Pollution Accident and Emergency Departments Older People Small Businesses: Redundancy Retail Trade: Finance Small Businesses: Mental Illness UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement Small Businesses: Coronavirus Small Businesses: Loans Environment Protection: Employment Local Restrictions Support Grant Small Businesses: Sustainable Development Small Businesses: Coronavirus Small Businesses: Coronavirus Courier Services: Conditions of Employment Weddings: Coronavirus Small Businesses: Loans Small Businesses Companies: Environment Protection Unfair Dismissal: Ethnic Groups Small Businesses: Coronavirus Retail Trade: Urban Areas Small Businesses: Remote Working Small Businesses: Greater London Supermarkets: Minimum Wage Self-employed: Advisory Services Conditions of Employment Sharing Economy: Conditions of Employment Small Businesses: Coronavirus Employment: Mental Health Graduates: Recruitment Career Development: Young People Business: European Economic Area Construction: Employment Labour Market: Coronavirus Legal Profession: Brexit Labour Market: Coronavirus Business and Unemployment: Coronavirus Business: Coronavirus Multinational Companies: Conditions of Employment Equal Pay: Ethnic Groups Employment: Coronavirus Hospitality Industry: Coronavirus Business: Ethnic Groups Low Incomes: Coronavirus Coronavirus: Clinical Trials Service Industries: Young People Job Creation Employment Manufacturing Industries: Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Architecture: Ethnic Groups Businesses: Ethnic Groups Employment: Females Dismissal: Coronavirus Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies House of Lords: Coronavirus Supermarkets: Sunday Trading Employment: Ethnic Groups Energy: Housing Coronavirus: China New Businesses: Artificial Intelligence Digital Technology: Takeovers Directors: Equality Climate Change: Arctic Minimum Wage Science: Industry Carbon Emissions Trade Marks: Internet Equal Pay: Social Class Companies: Carbon Emissions New Businesses Carbon Emissions Carbon Emissions UK Trade with EU Retail Trade North Sea: Oil Rigs Biotechnology Amazon: Unfair Practices School Leaving: Employment Digital 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Employment Business Life Sciences Manufactured Goods: Storage Honda: Swindon Business Business Premises: Construction Shipbuilding Manufacturing Industries Energy Supply Service Industries Business Cars: Manufacturing Industries Iron and Steel: Manufacturing Industries Small Businesses Foreign Investment in UK Airbus: Location Raw Materials: Prices Business Retail Trade Cars: Manufacturing Industries Productivity Audit: Competition Business Consumer Goods: Safety Restaurants Jaguar Land Rover Transport: Manufacturing Industries Business: Billing Service Industries Audit: Competition Competition and Markets Authority Manufacturing Industries Motor Vehicles: Manufacturing Industries Energy: Competition Chemicals Electricity Generation Electricity: Meters Energy: Meters Timber Manufacturing Industries Offshore Industry: North Sea Aerospace Industry: Safety Artificial Intelligence Unfair Practices: Competition New Businesses: Females Construction: Digital Technology Crowdfunding Energy: Competition Business: Procurement House of Fraser: Closures Small Businesses: Billing Virgin Money: Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banking Group Drugs: Manufacturing Industries New Businesses: Females Rolls-Royce: Redundancy New Businesses: Females Industry: Greater London Industry: Greater London EURATOM Radioactive Materials Productivity Small Businesses: Finance Retail Trade Independent Industrial Strategy Council Made Smarter Review Zero Hours Contracts Galileo System Small Businesses Motor Vehicles: Manufacturing Industries Digital Technology Small Businesses: Digital Technology Research: EU Grants and Loans Cost of Living Business Small Businesses: Billing Sharing Economy Research: EU Grants and Loans UK Trade with EU Motor Vehicles: Manufacturing Industries Pregnancy: Conditions of Employment Manufacturing Industries Industry Labour Market Minimum Wage Brexit Energy: UK Trade with EU Certification Quality Marks Small Businesses: Loans UK Trade with EU Carillion: Insolvency Carillion: Insolvency Energy: UK Trade with EU UK Trade with EU Small Businesses Small Businesses: Billing None Lighting: Pollution Motor Vehicles: Manufacturing Industries Manufacturing Industries: Imports Equality Construction: Industry Directors: Females Technology: Small Businesses Conditions of Employment Business: Government Assistance Zero Hours Contracts Large Goods Vehicle Drivers: Taxation Small Businesses: Corporation Tax Small Businesses: Pay Off-payroll Working Business: VAT Employment: Coronavirus Self-employment Income Support Scheme Self-employed: Coronavirus Small Businesses: Non-domestic Rates Broadband: Non-domestic Rates Revenue and Customs: Small Businesses Retail Trade: Non-Domestic Rates Coronavirus: Disease Control VAT: UK Trade with EU Legal Profession: Self-employed Events Industry: Coronavirus Energy: Conservation Travel Agents: Coronavirus Exports: EU Countries Mortgages: Coronavirus Hospitality Industry: Finance Business: Coronavirus Directors: Finance Self-employed: Finance Income Tax: Self-employed Business: Coronavirus Hospitality Industry: VAT Employment: Coronavirus Duty Free Allowances Self-employed: Coronavirus Self-employed: Coronavirus Labour Market: Coronavirus Educational Visits: Coronavirus Job Support Scheme Debts: Ethnic Groups Job Support Scheme: Young People Exports: VAT Financial Services: Females Barristers: Coronavirus Self-employment Income Support Scheme: Barristers Self-employment Income Support Scheme: Barristers Legal Profession: Coronavirus Dental Services: Non-domestic Rates Self-employed: Coronavirus Digital Technology: Taxation Video on Demand: Taxation Financial Services: Greater London Brexit Public Finance Borders: Northern Ireland Infrastructure Brexit Pensions: Doctors Parcels: VAT Financial Services Inheritance Tax Cryptocurrencies: Regulation Financial Services: Equality Cash Dispensing: Rural Areas Bank Services: Internet Financial Markets: Regulation Banks: Digital Technology Banks: Competition Credit EU Emissions Trading Scheme Financial Services Private Equity World Economy Financial Services Investment Claims Management Services: Regulation British Nationals Abroad: EU Countries Fraud Debts Financial Services Financial Markets Credit: Interest Charges Financial Services Capital Markets: EU Action Banks UK Trade with EU Banks: Equality Financial Services Small Businesses: Loans Stocks and Shares Banks: Cybercrime Banks Investment Infrastructure: Capital Investment Economic Growth Credit Mortgages Customs Financial Services Exchange Rates Cryptocurrencies Banks Common Transit Convention Private Equity: Financial Markets Multinational Companies: Taxation Financial Services Financial Services: BRIC Countries Interest Rates Cryptocurrencies Banks: Closures Exports Taxation Digital Technology: Taxation Film: Tax Allowances Business: Taxation Economic Situation Financial Services: VAT Cryptocurrencies Debts Money Laundering: EU Action Financial Services: Trade Competitiveness NHS: Finance Economic Situation Artificial Intelligence and Automation Financial Services: Euro Ports Fuels: Excise Duties Banks: Rural Areas Financial Services Brexit NHS: Finance Ports Ports: Infrastructure Customs European Investment Fund VAT Financial Services: UK Trade with EU Personal Income European Investment Fund Financial Services: Technology Foreign Companies: USA Cash Dispensing Small Businesses: Taxation Bank Cards: Surcharges Financial Services Imports: VAT Financial Services: UK Trade with EU Insurance Customs Patrol Craft None Financial Services: Greater London Financial Markets Insolvency Inflation UK Trade with EU UK Trade with EU Consumers: Expenditure Exchange Rates Financial Services: Taxation UK Trade with EU Inflation Public Finance Bank of England Financial Services: Greater London Inflation Business: Investment Public Sector Debt Bank of England Stamp Duty Land Tax: Greater London Debts: Young People Exchange Rates Infrastructure: EU Grants and Loans Temporary Employment Wealth Foreign Investment in UK World Economy Small Businesses: Taxation Balance of Trade Retail Trade: Non-domestic Rates Exchange Rates Banks: Fines Bank Notes Public Finance UK Membership of EU Development Aid Financial Services: Pay Taxation: Self-employed Public Finance Public Expenditure Non-domestic Rates Trade Credit Cards: Debts Economic Growth Banks: Taxation Business Banks: Taxation Banks Financial Services: Overcharging Pay Pensions Government Departments: Pay Small Businesses: Cybercrime Social Enterprises: Finance Broadband: Small Businesses Social Media: Racial Discrimination Performing Arts: Equality Social Media: Racial Harassment Football: Ethnic Groups Football: Ethnic Groups Football: Ethnic Groups Football: Ethnic Groups Football: Coronavirus Football: Females Football: Equality Football: Coronavirus Football Association: Ethnic Groups Events Industry: Insurance and Non-domestic Rates Music: Coronavirus 5G BBC: Ethnic Groups Football: Discrimination Football: Equality Journalism: Ethnic Groups Racial Discrimination Commonwealth Games 2022 Television: Coronavirus Film: Ethnic Groups Sports: Equality Voluntary Organisations: Coronavirus Football: Ethnic Groups Film and Television: Equality Biometrics: Ethnic Groups Biometrics: Ethnic Groups Football: Ethnic Groups Football: Equality Football: Coronavirus