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Member for Canterbury / RosieDuffield1
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Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee (since March 2020)

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8 Sep 2020
Rosie Duffield signed this EDM as a sponsor on Tuesday 8th September 2020

Researching and supporting people with long Covid-19 symptoms

Tabled by: Andrew Gwynne (Labour - Denton and Reddish)
That this House recognises that around 10 per cent of people experience prolonged illness after covid-19 and calls upon the Government to urgently collect and regularly report on the number of those living with long covid by following up on those with confirmed or clinical diagnoses of covid-19; notes that …
62 signatures
(Most recent: 17 Sep 2020)
Signatures by party:
Labour: 36
Scottish National Party: 14
Liberal Democrat: 6
Democratic Unionist Party: 2
Green Party: 1
Alliance: 1
Plaid Cymru: 1
Independent: 1
Social Democratic & Labour Party: 1
14 Jul 2020
Rosie Duffield signed this EDM on Tuesday 14th July 2020

Restoration of online democracy and equal rights for MPs

Tabled by: Geraint Davies (Labour (Co-op) - Swansea West)
That this House believes that the decision to discontinue the ability of elected MPs to participate remotely in parliamentary debates, bill committees and by electronic voting is unlawful and discriminatory because it means that up to 250 elected MPs, who are clinically shielded to protect themselves or their families from …
66 signatures
(Most recent: 15 Sep 2020)
Signatures by party:
Labour: 36
Scottish National Party: 18
Liberal Democrat: 8
Plaid Cymru: 3
Social Democratic & Labour Party: 2
Green Party: 1
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