Anna McMorrin

Shadow Minister (International Development)

(since April 2020)
Anna McMorrin Portrait


Member for Cardiff North / annamcmorrin

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Most recent EDMs signed by Anna McMorrin

Date Tabled Title Signatures
16 Mar 2020
Anna McMorrin signed this EDM as a sponsor on Tuesday 17th March 2020

Funding for devolved nations

Tabled by: Alex Davies-Jones (Labour - Pontypridd)
That this House calls for an urgent review of the implementation of the 42-year-old Barnett Formula for funding devolved nations such as Wales; notes with concern that HM Treasury’s March 2020 budget does not consider an extra funding commitment to cover funds lost through the UK’s withdrawal from the European …
9 signatures
(Most recent: 19 Mar 2020)
Signatures by party:
Labour: 5
Democratic Unionist Party: 2
Scottish National Party: 2
16 Mar 2020
Anna McMorrin signed this EDM on Tuesday 17th March 2020

Temporary universal basic income

Tabled by: Kevin Brennan (Labour - Cardiff West)
That this House calls on the Government to introduce a temporary universal basic income or an emergency measure to help freelancers and the self-employed effected by the covid-19 outbreak.
100 signatures
(Most recent: 15 Sep 2020)
Signatures by party:
Labour: 52
Scottish National Party: 31
Liberal Democrat: 9
Democratic Unionist Party: 5
Social Democratic & Labour Party: 2
Green Party: 1
Alliance: 1
Independent: 1
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2 Bills introduced by Anna McMorrin

Title Bill Type Last Event Next Event Date Last Updated
Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies (Environmentally Sustainable Investment) Bill 2019-21
Presented by Anna McMorrin (Labour)
Private Members' Bill
Ballot Bill
2nd reading: House of Commons 11 September, 2020 14 Sep 2020, 11:54 a.m.

A Bill to enable co-operative and community benefit societies to raise external share capital for the purpose of making environmentally sustainable investment; to make associated provisions about restricting conversion to company status and the distribution of capital on winding-up; and for connected purposes.

Packaging (Extended Producer Responsibility) Bill 2017-19
Presented by Anna McMorrin (Labour)
Private Members' Bill
Ten Minute Bill
1st reading: House of Commons 13 June, 2018 14 Mar 2019, 10:49 a.m.

The Bill failed to complete its passage through Parliament before the end of the session. This means the Bill will make no further progress. A Bill to require producers of packaging products to assume responsibility for the collection, transportation, recycling, disposal, treatment and recovery of those products; and for connected purposes.

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