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Grand Committee
Cultural and Education Exchanges - Thu 22 Jul 2021
Department for Education

1: Yet, as a number of recent reports point out, language learning in the UK is decreasing. - Link
2: Trips and exchanges enhance language learning and benefit the students themselves and their employability - Link
3: Exchange can be a lifelong activity, beginning at the age of 15 or 16 and going on for a long time. - Link
4: education, further education and vocational training. - Link

Lords Chamber
Skills and Post-16 Education Bill [HL] - Wed 21 Jul 2021
Department for Education

1: increases in core FE funding, capital funding allocations and the longer term Lifelong Learning Entitlement - Link
2: and £2.7 billion per year in 16 to 19 further education. - Link
3: It gives confidence to people that lifelong learning is important and that they will have the opportunity - Link
4: However, we are getting a little clearer on what lifelong learning will mean under the Bill and under - Link
5: Clause 15: Lifelong learning: amendment of the Higher Education and Research Act 2017Amendment - Link
6: further and higher education. - Link
7: further and higher education. - Link
8: further and higher education. - Link
9: further and higher education. - Link
10: -18 education—as a one-off event, rather than as part of a process of lifelong learning in a world in - Link

Lords Chamber
Skills and Post-16 Education Bill [HL] - Mon 19 Jul 2021
Department for Education

1: education college status, and the attractiveness of employment and careers in the further education - Link
2: the learning entitlement is “lifelongand what the difference may be; it would make many lives much - Link
3: a focus on lifelong learning. - Link
4: If the Government are serious about wishing to reskill and upskill the nation, lifelong learning - Link
5: to all post-16 further education and higher education a criminal offence. - Link
6: Assessment in Northern Ireland; and the Department for Children, Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills - Link
7: across different providers is a key barrier to flexible lifelong learning. - Link
8: the learning and understanding of the university can be accessed again to make it a lifelong relationship - Link

Lords Chamber
Global Education Summit - Wed 14 Jul 2021
No Department present

1: Summit being co-hosted by the United Kingdom and Kenya on 28 and 29 July. - Link
2: and secure further support for the girls’ education objectives endorsed by the G7. - Link
3: to build the efficiency, equity and volume of education systems in those countries. - Link
4: of the pandemic should be prioritised through remote learning? - Link
5: That is why education is a major priority for the Government and why we are spending more and pledging - Link
6: Does the Minister agree that levelling up must start with education and that more should be done to improve - Link
7: why the lifelong learning entitlement will make it easier for adults and young people to study more - Link
8: to make commitments not only to mobilise financing for education but to improve the effectiveness and - Link
9: Between 2015 and 2020 the UK supported over 15 million children in gaining a decent education, of whom - Link

Commons Chamber
Health and Care Bill - Wed 14 Jul 2021
Department of Health and Social Care

1: Meeting the future with confidence relies on learning lessons from the pandemic—what worked and what - Link
2: I have commissioned Health Education England to refresh its strategic framework for health and social - Link
3: I started learning about the NHS from a very early age when I used to go to check-ups with my mum and - Link
4: We have more nurses but we are short of learning disability, mental health and community nurses. - Link
5: the duty to be shortened in time, as well as about Health Education England. - Link
6: are failing to pay for children to catch up with their education. - Link
7: of care, and it is the major driver of health inequality and avoidable deaths for people with learning - Link
8: from diagnosis—I welcome the emphasis on prevention, too—through their lifetime, as they manage this lifelong - Link
9: What about learning the lessons from covid? - Link

Lords Chamber
Early Years Foundation Stage (Miscellaneous Amendments) and Childcare Fees (Amendment) Regulations 2021 - Tue 13 Jul 2021
Department for Education

1: early learning study, Young Children’s Development and Deprivation in England. - Link
2: In this case, it is not being used for learning and child development at all. - Link
3: , which is a central part of the teaching and learning process, but reception baseline assessment has - Link
4: There is also a further risk of damage in reducing the time for play. - Link
5: This time of observation and learning is absolutely crucial to a child’s development and critical in - Link
6: This debate refers to the Childcare Act 2006 and the Early Years Foundation Stage (Learning and - Link

Commons Chamber
Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Bill - Mon 12 Jul 2021
Department for Education

1: Their mission to stretch the boundaries of human learning, knowledge and wisdom was only possible because - Link
2: They committed to“introducing a Lifelong Loan Entitlement from 2025”,described as - Link
3: After all, universities are think-tanks and seats of learning. - Link
4: an education city with a fantastic further education college, Cambridge Regional College; two great - Link
5: who are being dragged to the pyre are…in most cases, lifelong left-leaning, open minded, educated and - Link
6: safe space of living and learning? - Link
7: Is it more important, for example, than a director of learning remediation to deal with the lost learning - Link
8: Who is next—further education establishments, schools, Government-funded charities and community groups - Link

Lords Chamber
Women’s Health Outcomes - Thu 08 Jul 2021
Department of Health and Social Care

1: generally have been less likely to become infected with the virus, but have faced enormous upheavals in education - Link
2: Further, it is obvious that the current devastating pandemic has magnified every such inequality on the - Link
3: I hope the Government will ensure that, in learning the lessons of Covid, the impact of ethnicity and - Link
4: cooking healthy and affordable food and inviting people to these healthy and cheap lunches. - Link
5: She pulled no punches—rightly so—in her description of the often painful lifelong journey of women and - Link
6: In this year of Covid, that has of course given them further problems. - Link
7: racial disparities within healthcare; my noble friend Lord Brooke talked about learning the lessons - Link
8: second is“Improving the quality and accessibility of information and education on women’s health - Link

Lords Chamber
Skills and Post-16 Education Bill [HL] - Tue 06 Jul 2021
Department for Education

1: further education or the skills level. - Link
2: local further education college principals. - Link
3: further education opportunities. - Link
4: quality in further education. - Link
5: into further education. - Link
6: I am talking not just about young people; this is a lifelong learning Bill. - Link
7: for lifelong learning. - Link

Lords Chamber
Environment Bill - Mon 05 Jul 2021
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

1: Can my noble friend also say whether the Government accept the need for public education about - Link
2: go a bit further than she does. - Link
3: A bit of education, perhaps: teaching people not to take those large packs of something that will end - Link
4: I agree with the noble Baroness, Lady Boycott, that education is an important part of what we need to - Link
5: To that end, I hope that she will agree to meet me and colleagues to discuss the issue further. - Link
6: The report The Lifelong Impact of Air Pollution, from the Royal College of Physicians, has shown - Link
7: aspect of vehicle pollution and to improve a basis for further policy. - Link
8: As the noble Baroness, Lady Bennett, pointed out, we are still learning and we are also storing up problems - Link

Commons Chamber
Official Development Assistance and the British Council - Wed 30 Jun 2021
Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

1: and girls’ education around the world. - Link
2: Gentleman accept that this temporary cut will have lifelong consequences and life-ending consequences - Link
3: and education, particularly for women and girls. - Link
4: children from learning and reaching their full potential as adults, which perpetuates a cycle of poverty - Link
5: We know also the importance of language learning for our students here in the UK, whether that be community - Link
6: one further reason why Southend should be the next city of culture and a city. - Link
7: Friend, and indeed I would go further and say that not only is that what we do, but it is required. - Link

Commons Chamber
Education Recovery - Tue 29 Jun 2021
Department for Education

1: Committee, Session 2019-21, A plan for an adult skills and lifelong learning revolution, HC 278.] - Link
2: learning time for T-levels, as part of the upgrade of our technical and vocational education. - Link
3: Further education colleges and sixth forms have seen the largest fall in funding of any education sector - Link
4: There is much more I would like to speak about today, particularly the further education sector - Link
5: The Government recognise the economic, social and wellbeing benefits of lifelong education and training - Link

Lords Chamber
Wellbeing of Future Generations Bill [HL] - Fri 25 Jun 2021
Cabinet Office

1: his lifelong commitment to trying to ensure that we learn from the past rather than live in it, tackle - Link
2: Issues around poverty, levelling up, education and, above all, mental and physical health and well-being - Link
3: The Bill greatly deserves further consideration and scrutiny, and I look forward to Committee - Link
4: In household income, work and health outcomes, both mental and physical, and in education—to name but - Link
5: for much of the time and young people’s education curtailed, at the behest of teachers and parents, and - Link
6: Further, the future is now and that future is digital. - Link
7: Education should include learning about resilience skills and what makes good relationships. - Link
8: where the cost of transport is high for those who live there to reach further education or work. - Link

Lords Chamber
Social Care and the Role of Carers - Thu 24 Jun 2021
Department of Health and Social Care

1: learning difficulties and physical and mental illness. - Link
2: Many were at breaking point before and the Covid crisis has further exacerbated that: many are now saying - Link
3: with a learning disability and autistic people at Winterbourne View hospital. - Link
4: The further you are from a hospital setting and that kind of supervision, the more maturity you need - Link
5: Speaking as a parent, I can say that caring for someone you love is a lifelong, all-encompassing - Link
6: the unpaid is precisely why the funding problem must be solved—and solved without further delay. - Link
7: A decade further on, nothing has happened. - Link
8: For carers of disabled people, people with learning difficulties and disabled children and their families - Link
9: I have heard loud and clear the words of noble Lords on parity, education, recognition, career - Link

Lords Chamber
Environment Bill - Wed 23 Jun 2021
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

1: I have had for 20 years—and there needs to be really good public education to make us understand that - Link
2: are far too weak at the outset and need to be strengthened further. - Link
3: monitors: by the roadside, away from the roadside, at schools—since children are the most susceptible to lifelong - Link
4: It also seeks to ensure proper education, training and guidance for healthcare professionals. - Link
5: Thirdly, what work is being undertaken with the Department for Education and local authorities to stop - Link
6: Winchester, of course, lies further down the Itchen, and is a major city of our nation. - Link
7: how they will deliver it, and will prevent further dither and delay while some species decline and disappear - Link
8: We in Defra are learning an enormous amount from the experience of Knepp. - Link