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Grand Committee
Inclusive Society - Wed 14 Apr 2021
Home Office

1: that the economy must serve social and environmental well-being ends whereas too often these ends are - Link
2: Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh said that people aged 16 to 24 could struggle with paying fees - Link
3: Therefore, at both ends of the age spectrum, particularly for the poorer sections of society, one of - Link
4: The Government need to take other actions to build a better future for vulnerable children online. - Link
5: who cannot access online support. - Link
6: As I got to know my students, it shocked me just how excluded from normal everyday life they were. - Link
7: On top of this, living with restrictions has been more difficult for those on lower incomes, due to digital - Link
8: university contemporary of mine—who is the incumbent Minister for Children and Families to see what we - Link

Grand Committee
Tackling Intergenerational Unfairness (Select Committee Report) - Mon 25 Jan 2021
No Department present

1: University students in England currently pay the highest course fees in Europe. - Link
2: Those jobs are disappearing now for other jobs based online. - Link
3: lower ownership rates among our young people. - Link
4: In my opinion, until we face up to these things—until the Government stop and have an audit of - Link
5: That is particularly true for young people, as they are now forced into online learning and tuition whether - Link
6: Increased university fees, unemployment, poorer job opportunities, lower pay and rapid house price inflation - Link
7: of the university, was a very wise member. - Link
8: It warned of slow pay progression for young workers and, historically uniquely, lower lifetime expectations - Link

Commons Chamber
Remote Education and Free School Meals - Mon 18 Jan 2021
Department for Education

1: students who are still unable to access their education online due to digital and data poverty. - Link
2: provide students with live online teaching when they cannot provide it face to face. - Link
3: and innovative tuition programmes such as the Invicta National Academy. - Link
4: For families struggling to make ends meet, free school meals are a lifeline. - Link
5: It costs more to provide online resources at university. - Link
6: I am a pioneer tutor in the Open University. - Link
7: Some 80,640 free school meals will be provided for students, with £110,000 for Stoke-on-Trent Foodbank - Link

Westminster Hall
Tuition Fees - Mon 16 Nov 2020
Department for Education

1: ’ tuition fees during strike action”, to “Reimburse all students of this year’s fees due to strikes and - Link
2: Will the Government move beyond that and scrap tuition fees for good? - Link
3: The Minister has said that the Office for Students regularly reviews online tuition, so how exactly - Link
4: However, tuition fees do cover much more than simply teaching: they include the support services - Link

Lords Chamber
United Kingdom Internal Market Bill - Wed 28 Oct 2020
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

1: The Minister said, I believe, that in Scotland, free tuition for Scottish students would not be impacted - Link
2: we wait until we get to Part 5. - Link
3: If minimum unit pricing changes the level of the price, or if tuition fees continue but their level changes - Link
4: That may well be good for the fees of the legal profession—and for the noble and learned Lord, Lord Falconer - Link
5: , until this point, have been banned by the UK. - Link
6: fees as the purchase of a good. - Link
7: teaching, religious teaching or driving instruction. - Link
8: This makes an exception for the teaching profession unnecessary. - Link

Grand Committee
Science Research Funding in Universities (Science and Technology Committee Report) - Wed 09 Sep 2020
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

1: Of course it would be desirable to see a decrease in the grip of student tuition fees on an early working - Link
2: We rightly flatter ourselves on our university research but, until we transfer the 15% of most - Link
3: I really want to speak about the disastrous impact of the dysfunctional system of tuition fees, the impact - Link
4: Tuition fees are essential. Cuts will decrease research activity and student exposure to it. - Link
5: The problem is, are they there for the teaching of students or are they bodies for the creation of new - Link
6: fees for UK students but did not address the fact that student fees often have to cross-subsidise research - Link
7: Exact numbers, and therefore losses, will not be known until later this month, but analysis for the University - Link

Commons Chamber
Summer Adjournment - Wed 22 Jul 2020
No Department present

1: Who knows where their hair ends up? - Link
2: On top of that, Durham music service has been teaching songs and how to play instruments to children - Link
3: favouring lower-ranking towns over those with greater need are frankly embarrassing. - Link
4: Until I became involved in this issue, I did not realise that most cash withdrawal transactions are for - Link
5: Medical students have been told to provide their own. - Link
6: We should not have TV licence fees for the over-75s; some of the producers are paid too much. - Link
7: Stoke, which sewed 10,000 items or more for our local NHS—the Royal Stoke University Hospital and the - Link

Public Bill Committees
Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill (Seventh sitting) - Thu 18 Jun 2020
Home Office

1: lower-skilled workers.” - Link
2: The proportion of international students is a measure in most global university rankings, meaning that - Link
3: university can offer. - Link
4: What steps will the Government take to ensure that students can start courses online with confidence—for - Link
5: Why is the application rate so much lower for those vulnerable children? - Link

Commons Chamber
Education and Local Government - Tue 14 Jan 2020
Department for Education

1: How can it be a vindication for a Scottish university such as St Andrews—a Scottish university—to - Link
2: What will the fees be? - Link
3: Government will look at abandoning tuition fees altogether. - Link
4: The truth is that the university tuition fees and loans scheme invented and implemented by the Blair - Link
5: That could saddle people with university debt for life. - Link
6: They all sounded fine until we looked further. - Link
7: at Sheffield Park Academy and King Edward VII School, students at the University Technical College Sheffield - Link

Lords Chamber
Queen’s Speech - Tue 22 Oct 2019
Department of Health and Social Care

1: the maximum tuition fees rate and increased the threshold for repayments, now worth up to £425 a year - Link
2: This would be partly paid for by a 1% social care insurance contribution for those aged over 40 until - Link
3: The Conservative-led coalition Government trebled tuition fees, overseeing a system in which the average - Link
4: You will be provided with it if you are going to university with a disabled students’ allowance, but - Link
5: service of our education system, with lower funding and lower pay for staff than for school teachers - Link
6: Artists visiting this country already accept much lower fees than those offered on the continent. - Link
7: the teaching of creativity in schools to be prioritised, not just for the benefit of the arts but for - Link
8: I will reserve my comments on it until then. - Link
9: places for medical students. - Link
10: places for medical students. - Link

Commons Chamber
Public Services - Wed 16 Oct 2019
Home Office

1: And we will scrap tuition fees and bring back maintenance grants. - Link
2: The Government are supposedly committed to science, but university fees in this country are the - Link
3: This is on top of the issues that the university and students have raised with me about new students - Link
4: system, a national education service, Sure Start Plus, lifelong learning and abolishing tuition fees—a - Link
5: for students who are coming to study for four years—the vast majority of undergraduates in Scotland - Link
6: until after that election. - Link
7: The Conservatives have priced aspiring students out of a university education and cut the adult skills - Link
8: under the May deal, 2.5% lower under the current impression of the Johnson deal and 3.3% lower in a - Link

Westminster Hall
Social Mobility: Treasury Reform - Tue 11 Jun 2019
HM Treasury

1: spending—be it on prisons, schools, healthcare, local government or children’s and adults’ services—ends - Link
2: However, for lower to middle-earner graduates, it is the opposite—Augar raises their overall repayments - Link
3: Such examples perpetuate the idea that university is only for the young and for the middle and upper - Link
4: At least 26 schools are closing their classrooms early because they do not have the money to keep teaching - Link
5: That was the first new university in this country for 40 years, and it is a specialist tech and engineering - Link

Lords Chamber
Equality of Opportunity for Young People - Thu 16 May 2019
Department for Education

1: students, but the problems often start well before university. - Link
2: Why are there no immediate plans for the UK Government to lower the voting age for general elections? - Link
3: According to the Financial Conduct Authority, in 2017 real earnings for those in their 20s were 5% lower - Link
4: While there have been substantial improvements in university participation among students from disadvantaged - Link
5: fees, to name just a few. - Link
6: context to the group of children they are teaching. - Link

Commons Chamber
Department for Education - Tue 26 Feb 2019
Department for Work and Pensions

1: We have not had that until now, but the Government have felt they had to make provision for it. - Link
2: How on earth did it take until August 2018 for the funding to finally be cut? It is extraordinary. - Link
3: students in all our schools. - Link
4: students in larger class sizes. - Link
5: I also ought to refer to the newest university in the country, Hartpury University, in the constituency - Link
6: more pronounced when we focus on sixth-form and further education spending, tuition fees and academies - Link
7: to be helped, they would get behind this system, rather than constantly knocking it for political ends - Link
8: Constituents are forced to travel across the city to access IT to fill out online forms. - Link

Lords Chamber
Education: Treating Students Fairly (Economic Affairs Committee Report) - Wed 16 Jan 2019
No Department present

1: Tuition fees are paid through student loans. - Link
2: and that this decline was probably an effect of the tuition fees regime. - Link
3: In return, they receive rewards such as reduced tuition fees and debt forgiveness. - Link
4: For some students these problems are of far greater concern than the tuition fees. - Link
5: Well-off students could repay quickly with lower interest costs. - Link
6: Tuition fees have to stay as they are. They have replaced government funding. - Link