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Lords Chamber
Freedom of Speech - Fri 10 Dec 2021
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

1: Baroness Stowell of Beeston (CON - Life peer) My Lords, it is a great privilege to take part in the most reverend Primate’s annual debate. - Speech Link
2: Baroness D'Souza (CB - Life peer) A proper code of practice on misinformation and annual reports from social media platforms on what content - Speech Link
3: Lord Harries of Pentregarth (CB - Life peer) Freedom of speech matters because truth matters, and we are truth-seeking animals. - Speech Link
4: Lord Bishop of Oxford (Bishops - Bishops) of trump card to dissipate all regulation. - Speech Link
5: Baroness Jenkin of Kennington (CON - Life peer) She is a science teacher, and it is not difficult to identify the school where she teaches. - Speech Link
6: Lord Faulks (Non-affiliated - Life peer) Better regulation was one of the main takeaways from Leveson and the threat of state regulation of the - Speech Link
7: Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb (GRN - Life peer) They are removing democratic safeguards on ministerial power while setting up a special unit to filter - Speech Link
8: Baroness Fox of Buckley (Non-affiliated - Life peer) strategy was applied to those sceptical of some lockdown restrictions or who asked questions about the science - Speech Link
9: Lord St John of Bletso (CB - Excepted Hereditary) question of whether self-regulation is more stringent or more rigid regulation is needed. - Speech Link
10: Lord Archbishop of Canterbury (Bishops - Bishops) regulation in our society. - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill
2nd reading - Tue 14 Sep 2021
Home Office

1: Lord Judge (CB - Life peer) The important point is that what she thinks it means will be in a regulation and that is what it will - Speech Link
2: Lord Oates (LDEM - Life peer) voices loud against those who, over the past three decades, and even to this day, continue to deny the science - Speech Link
3: Baroness Hamwee (LDEM - Life peer) How are we to ensure governance, regulation, accountability and scrutiny on an ongoing basis in the case - Speech Link
4: Lord Rooker (LAB - Life peer) food crime unit at the Food Standards Agency.Published last week, the National Audit Office’s report - Speech Link
5: Lord Sandhurst (CON - Excepted Hereditary) On my doorstep was the Clementi report, which wanted to introduce widespread change in the regulation - Speech Link
6: Lord Bishop of Blackburn (Bishops - Bishops) Is an annual report far too frequent? - Speech Link
7: Lord Marks of Henley-on-Thames (LDEM - Life peer) In principle, we welcome the regulation of the intrusion of extraction of information from mobile phones - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Environment Bill - Mon 05 Jul 2021
Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

1: Lord Khan of Burnley (LAB - Life peer) China closed its doors in 2017, Malaysia has tightened up regulation and just last week, as other speakers - Speech Link
2: Baroness Bloomfield of Hinton Waldrist (CON - Life peer) connection with the regulation of waste imports and exports in future. - Speech Link
3: Earl of Caithness (CON - Excepted Hereditary) In conclusion, it is worth just pausing to think that Tesco makes £4 billion annual profit from food - Speech Link
4: Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle (GRN - Life peer) Science in 2016 said the impact of “dosing whole landscapes” is being ignored, and the assumption that - Speech Link
5: None is terribly important that we are as self-dependent as possible on quality food and crops grown and animals - Speech Link
6: Lord Goldsmith of Richmond Park (CON - Life peer) Bank, which surprised themselves by discovering that the small diverse mixed farm was productive per unit - Speech Link
7: Baroness Neville-Rolfe (CON - Life peer) The truth is that science evolves and new discoveries are made all the time. - Speech Link
8: None year in which that first report is published.(2) Reports under this section must include assessments - Speech Link
9: Lord Whitty (LAB - Life peer) At present there is no real regulation driving more efficient use of water in the home or in industry - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Environment Bill
Committee stage - Mon 21 Jun 2021
Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

1: None Meanwhile, the Climate Change Committee reports that we will not meet our fourth or fifth carbon budgets - Speech Link
2: Baroness McIntosh of Pickering (CON - Life peer) regulator for Scotland—WICS, the Water Industry Commission for Scotland—and I have co-authored two reports - Speech Link
3: Baroness Altmann (CON - Life peer) I am obviously supportive of that and of placing a duty on water companies to publish annual data on - Speech Link
4: Baroness Young of Old Scone (LAB - Life peer) state, but we still have more to do.We had EU regulation to rely on in the past, which was needed to - Speech Link
5: Lord Wigley (PC - Life peer) Persistent reports of pollution impacting on river life, killing off fish stocks, affecting surrounding - Speech Link
6: Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle (GRN - Life peer) are non-human animals—as it is something we created. - Speech Link
7: Lord Harries of Pentregarth (CB - Life peer) In one year, an acre of forest can absorb twice the CO2 produced by the average car’s annual mileage. - Speech Link
8: Baroness Young of Old Scone (LAB - Life peer) am not sure that targets are the right way forward for tree disease, but I support the need for an annual - Speech Link
9: Duke of Wellington (CB - Excepted Hereditary) the United Kingdom and meat produced in feed lots amounting to thousands of animals on each lot, fed - Speech Link
10: Lord Goldsmith of Richmond Park (CON - Life peer) us to explore a target on resource productivity, which measures the economic value per unit of raw material - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Food, Poverty, Health and the Environment Committee Report - Thu 10 Jun 2021
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

1: Lord Rooker (LAB - Life peer) We saw that with the programme to set up the Social Exclusion Unit in December 1997. - Speech Link
2: Baroness Sanderson of Welton (CON - Life peer) universal credit to those with a net annual income of below £7,400, there is an understandable worry - Speech Link
3: Lord Whitty (LAB - Life peer) The regulation on farmers is arguably about to become more complex through the new subsidy system replacing - Speech Link
4: Baroness McIntosh of Pickering (CON - Life peer) close, we have historic and cultural links, and environmentally it makes sense that we do not transport animals - Speech Link
5: Lord Curry of Kirkharle (CB - Life peer) Visiting the countryside and farms to see how food is grown, how animals are cared for and why food production - Speech Link
6: Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle (GRN - Life peer) agricultural science. - Speech Link
7: Baroness Scott of Needham Market (LDEM - Life peer) 75 years’ time.There are many immediate measures, outlined in this and in other reports, that could - Speech Link
8: Baroness Jones of Whitchurch (LAB - Life peer) So can the Minister say what has happened to the more immediate, pressing recommendations in these reports - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Queen’s Speech - Mon 17 May 2021
Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities

1: Lord Greenhalgh (CON - Life peer) and conserve animals in the wild. - Speech Link
2: Baroness Jones of Whitchurch (LAB - Life peer) As the Local Government Information Unit has said, the proposed changes“leave local government with the - Speech Link
3: Lord Carrington (CB - Excepted Hereditary) I therefore urge the Government to investigate the reintroducing of basic annual payments for up to 25 - Speech Link
4: Baroness Bakewell of Hardington Mandeville (LDEM - Life peer) : the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill, the kept animals Bill, and the animals abroad Bill. - Speech Link
5: Lord Morse (CB - Life peer) The largest single area for these reports was the NHS, followed by major projects in transport and defence - Speech Link
6: Duke of Wellington (CB - Excepted Hereditary) to report to Parliament progress on implementing the plan and to require water companies to publish annual - Speech Link
7: Baroness Browning (CON - Life peer) Mental health itself is not an exact science. - Speech Link
8: Lord Goldsmith of Richmond Park (CON - Life peer) More recently, we required CCTV in all slaughterhouses and banned the use of wild animals in circuses - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Better Jobs and a Fair Deal at Work - Wed 12 May 2021
HM Treasury

1: Rishi Sunak (CON - Richmond (Yorks)) that we reaffirm our commitment to ending low pay by increasing the national living wage to £8.91, an annual - Speech Link
2: Theresa Villiers (CON - Chipping Barnet) the industries of the future and proposals to lead the world in life science and new medicines. - Speech Link
3: Caroline Lucas (GRN - Brighton, Pavilion) There have been countless research reports making the case that investing in the green economy is the - Speech Link
4: George Freeman (CON - Mid Norfolk) new framework for regulation in the UK to be able to lead the world in the regulation of new sectors - Speech Link
5: Daniel Zeichner (LAB - Cambridge) all, yes, but without proper regulation and enforcement we know where it leads. - Speech Link
6: Kim Johnson (LAB - Liverpool, Riverside) Care workers in the independent sector earn barely half the average UK annual wage. - Speech Link
7: Edward Miliband (LAB - Doncaster North) It is good that a Digital Markets Unit has been established in the Competition and Markets Authority, - Speech Link
8: Kwasi Kwarteng (CON - Spelthorne) In fact, in science and innovation the opposite is true. - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
National Security and Investment Bill
Report stage - Thu 15 Apr 2021
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

1: Lord Lansley (CON - Life peer) Some of the press reports I have seen about this slightly miss the point. - Speech Link
2: None that just 3% of the world’s land remains ecologically intact, with healthy populations of its original animals - Speech Link
3: Lord Callanan (CON - Life peer) As part of this, the regulation-making powers in the Bill allow the Secretary of State to keep pace with - Speech Link
4: Lord Callanan (CON - Life peer) reporting requirements in the annual report. - Speech Link
5: Lord Lansley (CON - Life peer) , even in the first annual report. - Speech Link
6: Lord Grantchester (LAB - Excepted Hereditary) the annual report of this new unit and its operation. - Speech Link
7: None that investors will be well used to navigating this kind of regulation. - Speech Link
8: Lord West of Spithead (LAB - Life peer) Security Unit, the unit which currently takes these decisions is the Investment Security Group in the - Speech Link
9: Lord Clement-Jones (LDEM - Life peer) be changed by regulation. - Speech Link

Grand Committee
Inclusive Society - Wed 14 Apr 2021
Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities

1: Baroness Lister of Burtersett (LAB - Life peer) inclusive society.As shown by a comprehensive evidence review conducted for the Government Office for Science - Speech Link
2: Lord Mandelson (LAB - Life peer) draws on public and private funding, major international research partnerships, helpful government regulation - Speech Link
3: Baroness Tyler of Enfield (LDEM - Life peer) In March, the British Academy produced a series of reports addressing the long-term societal impacts - Speech Link
4: Baroness Jolly (LDEM - Life peer) Trips to the shops, visits to a bowling alley, an evening at a pizza restaurant and annual holidays are - Speech Link
5: Lord Pendry (LAB - Life peer) urban areas.It was Aristotle who pointed out that we are social animals. - Speech Link
6: Lord Hendy (LAB - Life peer) Now, we need to heed the advice of the OECD in successive annual employment outlook reports and fulfil - Speech Link
7: Lord Greenhalgh (CON - Life peer) friend Lord Farmer pointed out, its evidence-based report builds on the work of the Race Disparity Unit - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Medicines and Medical Devices Bill
Report: 2nd sitting (Hansard) - Thu 14 Jan 2021
Department of Health and Social Care

1: Lord Hunt of Kings Heath (LAB - Life peer) the noble Baroness, Lady Evans, the Leader of the House, referred to the work of a central government unit - Speech Link
2: Lord Bethell (CON - Excepted Hereditary) In March 2020, we stood up the Counter Disinformation Unit, bringing together cross-government monitoring - Speech Link
3: None regulations under Clause 9 must be to promote one or more of the following: the health and welfare of animals - Speech Link
4: Lord Hunt of Kings Heath (LAB - Life peer) my amendment, is vital.The UK life science sector faces a great challenge. - Speech Link
5: Baroness Wheeler (LAB - Life peer) the Bill, and the need for an annual report to Parliament on this matter. - Speech Link
6: Baroness Penn (CON - Life peer) My Lords, we now turn to the way in which reports are prepared and made on the exercise of the regulatory-making - Speech Link
7: Baroness Wheeler (LAB - Life peer) In the circumstances we currently face, an annual report would have aided the process of working through - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
United Kingdom Internal Market Bill
Report: 2nd sitting (Hansard) - Mon 23 Nov 2020
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

1: Baroness Randerson (LDEM - Life peer) practice, even though there may be no debate about the science behind them. - Speech Link
2: Lord Callanan (CON - Life peer) We have made it clear that the Bill contains derogations for the protection of the life of humans, animals - Speech Link
3: Lord German (LDEM - Life peer) Social care regulation in Wales is also undertaken by a separate regulator. - Speech Link
4: Baroness Bowles of Berkhamsted (LDEM - Life peer) It is an unfortunate circumstance that the word “regulation” appears in multi-use in legislative and - Speech Link
5: Lord Purvis of Tweed (LDEM - Life peer) Is it the entire regulation or the component part of that regulation that would be considered to have - Speech Link
6: Lord Callanan (CON - Life peer) In the case of Amendment 40, as this clause concerns indirect discrimination in the regulation of services - Speech Link
7: Lord Callanan (CON - Life peer) that the CMA’s annual plans, proposals and performance reports are laid before the devolved legislatures - Speech Link
8: Baroness Neville-Rolfe (CON - Life peer) In my experience, when things go well, such reports become routine and are not even debated, but they - Speech Link

Grand Committee
Medicines and Medical Devices Bill
Committee: 2nd sitting (Hansard) - Mon 26 Oct 2020
Department of Health and Social Care

1: Baroness Cumberlege (CON - Life peer) I accept that regulation was in its infancy in the 1960s and 1970s, but patient safety should have been - Speech Link
2: Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle (GRN - Life peer) We might find drugs being sought or used as sedatives to keep animals in conditions in which they would - Speech Link
3: Lord Patel (CB - Life peer) Nearly 40% of the large number of reports—we used to get as many as 200 confidential reports a day—were - Speech Link
4: None On parliamentary accountability, every year a copy of NICE’s annual report and accounts is laid before - Speech Link
5: Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle (GRN - Life peer) , although I suggest that they should be included in regulation. - Speech Link
6: Baroness Barker (LDEM - Life peer) It is perhaps no wonder that, when the NHS Sustainable Development Unit reports that the NHS is responsible - Speech Link
7: Baroness Sheehan (LDEM - Life peer) There are regular reports in the media about price gouging by pharmaceutical companies. - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Coronavirus Act 2020: Temporary Provisions - Mon 28 Sep 2020
Department of Health and Social Care

1: Lord Bethell (CON - Excepted Hereditary) We have kept Parliament and the public fully informed via our two-monthly reports. - Speech Link
2: Lord Judge (CB - Life peer) all the compliments that he has received, in two-monthly reports. - Speech Link
3: Baroness Clark of Kilwinning (LAB - Life peer) and was an executive member of the Scottish Council for Civil Liberties before I headed up a legal unit - Speech Link
4: Lord Patel (CB - Life peer) The House has significant expertise in all areas of science, economy, law and social behaviour to help - Speech Link
5: Lord Dobbs (CON - Life peer) We are asked to follow the science, but what science? - Speech Link
6: Lord Rooker (LAB - Life peer) I am not talking about annual rewards; I am talking about changing where NHS staff are in the national - Speech Link
7: Lord Hunt of Kings Heath (LAB - Life peer) Over the past two weeks, we have debated regulation after regulation that seriously restrict the rights - Speech Link
8: Baroness Neville-Rolfe (CON - Life peer) In February, the annual deficit was down to £44 billion, but by the end of the year it will be £372 billion - Speech Link
9: Baroness Barker (LDEM - Life peer) It came to this House accompanied by reports from the Delegated Powers Committee and the Constitution - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Agriculture Bill
Report: 3rd sitting (Hansard) - Tue 22 Sep 2020
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

1: Baroness Bloomfield of Hinton Waldrist (CON - Life peer) Through the Wild Animals in Circuses Act 2019, we have legislated to ensure that wild animals can no - Speech Link
2: Baroness Hodgson of Abinger (CON - Life peer) because of the trade in farm animals. - Speech Link
3: Baroness Finlay of Llandaff (CB - Life peer) Science entitled Toward Pesticidovigilance. - Speech Link
4: Earl of Dundee (CON - Excepted Hereditary) An example could be 30 houses and 180 acres of farmland, thus six acres per unit. - Speech Link
5: Lord Grantchester (LAB - Excepted Hereditary) But it also says regulations must be based on science. - Speech Link
6: Viscount Trenchard (CON - Excepted Hereditary) A case in point is the EU ban on hormone-treated beef, which the WTO ruled is not based on sound science - Speech Link
7: Lord Trees (CB - Life peer) While the TAC is due to be wound up after it reports in December, the minutes of its first meeting in - Speech Link
8: Lord Gardiner of Kimble (Non-affiliated - Life peer) It must produce an annual report on its findings. - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Agriculture Bill
Report stage - Tue 15 Sep 2020
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

1: Baroness Bloomfield of Hinton Waldrist (CON - Life peer) trade, in protecting our environment and in protecting the health and welfare of animals. - Speech Link
2: Baroness Neville-Rolfe (CON - Life peer) unit that pioneered them. - Speech Link
3: Lord Curry of Kirkharle (CB - Life peer) However, it is a crucial part of understanding how new policies or changes in regulation will impact - Speech Link
4: Lord Gardiner of Kimble (Non-affiliated - Life peer) line with the Better Regulation Framework guidance. - Speech Link
5: Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle (GRN - Life peer) found that there was a conflict between the commercial interest of the manufacturer and that of the science - Speech Link
6: Baroness McIntosh of Pickering (CON - Life peer) I see newspaper reports that the Chancellor of the Exchequer, for example, has been to visit local farms - Speech Link
7: Lord Cameron of Dillington (CB - Life peer) has listened well to the views of this House and adapted the Government’s position on Clause 17, on reports - Speech Link
8: Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle (GRN - Life peer) reduction in the use of antimicrobials for farmed animals and aquaculture, as well as 25% of farmland - Speech Link
9: None The Government, in their manifesto, guaranteed the current annual budget in every year of the new Parliament - Speech Link