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Gavin Williamson

Conservative - South Staffordshire

Gavin Williamson is not a member of any APPGs
Secretary of State for Education
24th Jul 2019 - 15th Sep 2021
Secretary of State for Defence
2nd Nov 2017 - 1st May 2019
Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury and Chief Whip
14th Jul 2016 - 2nd Nov 2017
Northern Ireland Affairs Committee
26th Jul 2010 - 28th Nov 2011

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Division Votes
Tuesday 25th January 2022
Judicial Review and Courts Bill
voted No - in line with the party majority
One of 304 Conservative No votes vs 0 Conservative Aye votes
Tally: Ayes - 228 Noes - 313
Tuesday 18th January 2022
UK Government Recognition of Somaliland
The hon. Lady raises an important point. That is effectively giving the final say, the decision-making power, to a country …
Written Answers
Monday 15th June 2015
Housing: Construction
To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, what steps have been taken to prevent (a) garden …
Early Day Motions
None available
Wednesday 12th May 2021
Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Bill 2021-22
A Bill to make provision in relation to freedom of speech and academic freedom in higher education institutions and in …
None available
MP Financial Interests
Monday 29th November 2021
7. (i) Shareholdings: over 15% of issued share capital
From 25 October 2021, Gratton Lansdowne, a company set up to manage my financial affairs and investments. (Registered 19 November …

Division Voting information

During the current Parliamentary Session, Gavin Williamson has voted in 364 divisions, and 1 time against the majority of their Party.

17 Jun 2020 - Health and Personal Social Services - View Vote Context
Gavin Williamson voted Aye - against a party majority and in line with the House
One of 104 Conservative Aye votes vs 124 Conservative No votes
Tally: Ayes - 253 Noes - 136
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1 Adjournment Debate led by Gavin Williamson

Tuesday 18th January 2022

1 Bill introduced by Gavin Williamson

Introduced: 12th May 2021

A Bill to make provision in relation to freedom of speech and academic freedom in higher education institutions and in students’ unions; and for connected purposes.

Last Event - Committee Stage (Commons)
Tuesday 7th September 2021
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