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Commons Chamber
NATO and International Security - Thu 19 May 2022
Ministry of Defence

1: Julian Lewis (CON - New Forest East) Minister-in-exile of the Norwegian Government, made an approach to the British Foreign Office and was - Speech Link
2: Stewart Malcolm McDonald (SNP - Glasgow South) Although there is no detail about what the Foreign Secretary means by that, I reject it in its entirety - Speech Link
3: Kevan Jones (LAB - North Durham) We had a similar message from the secretary-general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Estonia when - Speech Link
4: Wayne David (LAB - Caerphilly) That underlines that we, too, accept that a fundamental realignment of foreign policy is taking place - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Working Practices (International Agreements Committee Report) - Thu 19 May 2022
Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

1: Baroness Hayter of Kentish Town (LAB - Life peer) All those departmental treaties are overseen by the Foreign Office, but on those we have been given no - Speech Link
2: Lord Lansley (CON - Life peer) It is not so evident in relation to the work of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and - Speech Link
3: Lord Kerr of Kinlochard (CB - Life peer) In the Foreign Office, I was responsible for a time for the operation of the Ponsonby rule. - Speech Link
4: Baroness Hayter of Kentish Town (LAB - Life peer) He at least honoured Ponsonby when he was at the Foreign Office. - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Business of the House - Thu 19 May 2022
Leader of the House

1: Mark Spencer (CON - Sherwood) are specific cases in which I can assist her constituents, I will of course feed them directly to the Foreign - Speech Link
2: Mark Spencer (CON - Sherwood) He will be aware that we have Foreign Office questions on 21 June; I am sure he will be in his place - Speech Link
3: Mark Spencer (CON - Sherwood) I will make sure that the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office is aware of her comments; I am - Speech Link
4: Mark Spencer (CON - Sherwood) I know that he is a huge campaigner for that as well and that he will continue to hold the Foreign Office - Speech Link

Westminster Hall
Child Maintenance Service: Reform - Thu 19 May 2022
Department for Work and Pensions

1: David Rutley (CON - Macclesfield) that allowed notional income from assets such as coins and gold, income derived from capital, and any foreign - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Food Price Inflation - Thu 19 May 2022
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

1: Lord Howell of Guildford (CON - Life peer) Can the Minister encourage his colleagues in the Foreign Office to get on and focus on this major and - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
The Politics of Polling (Liaison Committee Report) - Thu 19 May 2022
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

1: Lord Lipsey (LAB - Life peer) Government have shown through the Elections Act that the idea of an independent elections commission is foreign - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Foreign National Offender Removal Flights - Wed 18 May 2022
Home Office

1: Tom Pursglove (CON - Corby) Foreign criminals who abuse our hospitality by committing serious and violent crimes such as murder - Speech Link
2: Stephen Kinnock (LAB - Aberavon) The Home Office must deport dangerous foreign criminals who have no right to be in our country and who - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Achieving Economic Growth - Wed 18 May 2022
Department for Exiting the European Union

1: Matt Western (LAB - Warwick and Leamington) The impact on our foreign competitors is less, because those countries have a strategy. - Speech Link
2: Hilary Benn (LAB - Leeds Central) This morning, the Foreign Secretary said:“We are in a very, very difficult economic situation”.We all - Speech Link
3: Hilary Benn (LAB - Leeds Central) current stand-off, and it is important to recognise that.I say to the Government, as I said to the Foreign - Speech Link
4: Stephen Kinnock (LAB - Aberavon) dreadful business practice that we saw when 800 P&O Ferries workers were sacked and replaced by foreign - Speech Link
5: Yasmin Qureshi (LAB - Bolton South East) The current Deputy Prime Minister, the Secretary of State for Business, the Home Secretary and the Foreign - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Oral Answers to Questions - Wed 18 May 2022
Scotland Office

1: Alister Jack (CON - Dumfries and Galloway) The integrated review sets out the Government’s ambitions for defence and foreign policy over the next - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Queen’s Speech - Wed 18 May 2022
Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

1: Lord Kerr of Kinlochard (CB - Life peer) The slick brochure published by the Foreign Office this week is unconvincing and alarming. - Speech Link
2: Lord Bruce of Bennachie (LDEM - Life peer) There are of course legitimate foreign policy interests in development assistance. - Speech Link
3: Lord Sentamu (CB - Life peer) Why am I speaking about foreign affairs to begin with? - Speech Link
4: Lord Sterling of Plaistow (CON - Life peer) national importance that we have the finest foreign service. - Speech Link
5: Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon (CON - Life peer) Foreign Minister as part of our relationship.We are also working closely with the ICC. - Speech Link