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Commons Chamber
Migrant Crossings: Role of the Military - Tue 18 Jan 2022
Ministry of Defence

1: Dave Doogan (SNP - Angus) The motivation to militarise this situation, in which desperate people make perilous crossings to reach - Speech Link
2: John Hayes (CON - South Holland and The Deepings) rights lawyers who encourage, facilitate and give succour to people who know that they are not seeking asylum—who - Speech Link
3: Anne McLaughlin (SNP - Glasgow North East) just said, almost two thirds of people crossing the channel in these small boats are so-called genuine asylum - Speech Link
4: Philip Hollobone (CON - Kettering) UK beaches.With the deployment of royal naval vessels, the Minister has effectively announced that asylum - Speech Link
5: Jeremy Corbyn (IND - Islington North) show some humanity and sympathy to these people and come to a European-wide agreement on support for asylum - Speech Link
6: Joanna Cherry (SNP - Edinburgh South West) Rights, I have been pushing for the Home Office to consider our recommendation that claims to the UK asylum - Speech Link
7: Rachael Maskell (LAB - York Central) Why are the Government making the situation worse without having clear objectives, rather than addressing - Speech Link
8: Jim Shannon (DUP - Strangford) The UK has a long-established asylum system, but the use of military vessels sends an unfortunate message - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Business of the House - Thu 13 Jan 2022
Leader of the House

1: Sarah Owen (LAB - Luton North) It is simply not good enough, especially for those waiting on immigration and asylum cases who want to - Speech Link
2: Chris Bryant (LAB - Rhondda) Yes, the Government did really well on vaccines and take-up, but we had the biggest economic collapse - Speech Link
3: Jacob Rees-Mogg (CON - North East Somerset) of any major western country, because other European countries have worse rates.In relation to the economic - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Health and Care Bill
Lords Hansard - Part 2 - Thu 13 Jan 2022
Department of Health and Social Care

1: None However, large scale production has now stopped, so it is hard to make a comparison in the current situation - Speech Link
2: Baroness Morgan of Cotes (CON - Life peer) It could not have been developed without the combined economic strength of our United Kingdom and has - Speech Link
3: Baroness Fraser of Craigmaddie (CON - Life peer) inefficiency.My eldest daughter stands in danger of being caught out by the current unsatisfactory situation - Speech Link
4: Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle (GRN - Life peer) If we take the example given by the noble Baroness, Lady Fraser, about her daughter’s situation, we can - Speech Link
5: Baroness Hollins (CB - Life peer) social care decision-makers.It is not learning disability and autism that are the cause; it is the situation - Speech Link
6: Baroness Meacher (CB - Life peer) ICBs will need to tackle this situation as a matter of urgency if the police are to be able to stem the - Speech Link
7: Lord Kamall (CON - Life peer) social enterprises and GP partnerships, which provide outreach health services for homeless people, asylum - Speech Link

Westminster Hall
Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme - Thu 06 Jan 2022
Ministry of Justice

1: Jim Shannon (DUP - Strangford) The Hazara community has long faced discrimination and violence, and has suffered social and economic - Speech Link
2: Bambos Charalambous (LAB - Enfield, Southgate) communities must be encouraged and supported to better understand the nature and trauma of those seeking asylum - Speech Link
3: Steve Baker (CON - Wycombe) We all know the sensitivity and the danger of the situation. - Speech Link
4: Abena Oppong-Asare (LAB - Erith and Thamesmead) First, there are Afghan citizens in the UK who had already submitted an asylum claim before the Taliban - Speech Link
5: Fiona Bruce (CON - Congleton) The assessment could be done by the Home Office in house, as it is currently for some asylum applications - Speech Link
6: Alison Thewliss (SNP - Glasgow Central) Everyone is in tension, depression and bad economic and hard situations… I just answer your email because - Speech Link
7: Anne McLaughlin (SNP - Glasgow North East) The situation is not new. They have had months to make these arrangements. - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Business of the House - Thu 06 Jan 2022
Leader of the House

1: Jacob Rees-Mogg (CON - North East Somerset) community assets; and freeports are being opened up, which will be an incredibly good way of helping economic - Speech Link
2: Bambos Charalambous (LAB - Enfield, Southgate) May we have a debate in Government time on the desperate situation in which disabled children find themselves - Speech Link
3: Jacob Rees-Mogg (CON - North East Somerset) confidence in the vaccine and support the vaccine roll-out, because that really has been essential to our economic - Speech Link
4: Rachael Maskell (LAB - York Central) With one in six people struggling to pay bills, escalating food, fuel and housing costs mean that the situation - Speech Link
5: Jacob Rees-Mogg (CON - North East Somerset) powers, including being able to do things like check people’s age so we know the facts when people claim asylum - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Refugees: Mass Displacement - Thu 06 Jan 2022
Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

1: Lord Alton of Liverpool (CB - Life peer) We take about half the number of asylum seekers that we took 20 years ago. - Speech Link
2: Baroness Greengross (CB - Life peer) Sadly, many will find themselves displaced and in a very difficult situation. - Speech Link
3: Baroness Hooper (CON - Life peer) Some of these people may be classed as economic migrants, but how are the transit countries supposed - Speech Link
4: Baroness Royall of Blaisdon (LAB - Life peer) The situation in Afghanistan is a tragic but perfect illustration. - Speech Link
5: Lord Hannay of Chiswick (CB - Life peer) driven by security considerations—think Syria, Afghanistan, Ethiopia or Myanmar—and some by mainly economic - Speech Link
6: Lord Loomba (CB - Life peer) that, Britain is well positioned to offer a leading contribution through science and in the areas of economic - Speech Link
7: Lord Carey of Clifton (CB - Life peer) Their situation is perilous. - Speech Link
8: Lord Purvis of Tweed (LDEM - Life peer) There is a great complexity there, with great generosity, openness and tolerance, in an area of economic - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Nationality and Borders Bill
2nd reading - Wed 05 Jan 2022
Home Office

1: Baroness Williams of Trafford (CON - Life peer) The public are not prepared to accept the current situation, and neither are the Government. - Speech Link
2: Lord Wolfson of Tredegar (CON - Life peer) The public are not prepared to accept the current situation, and neither are the Government. - Speech Link
3: Baroness Coussins (CB - Life peer) There may also be issues connected with language and interpreting; if a woman in such a situation is - Speech Link
4: Lord Marlesford (CON - Life peer) We are already making special provision for economic migrants who can fill crucial shortages in the supply - Speech Link
5: Baroness Jolly (LDEM - Life peer) The truly dreadful situation in the channel, with asylum seekers and other migrants being forced to cross - Speech Link
6: Earl of Leicester (CON - Excepted Hereditary) I say the above to demonstrate my support for economic immigration. - Speech Link
7: Lord Hodgson of Astley Abbotts (CON - Life peer) I fully accept the new arrivals bringing an economic and cultural dynamic from which our society has - Speech Link
8: Lord Horam (CON - Life peer) However much we may sympathise, as fellow human beings, with economic migrants or asylum seekers, our - Speech Link
9: Lord Teverson (LDEM - Life peer) It happens in most things with any economic background. - Speech Link
10: Lord Lilley (CON - Life peer) Any well-coached economic migrant should have little difficulty providing a story meeting those criteria - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Business of the House - Thu 16 Dec 2021
Leader of the House

1: Owen Thompson (SNP - Midlothian) with the shadow Leader of the House that we must look at how we can take account of the current covid situation - Speech Link
2: Jacob Rees-Mogg (CON - North East Somerset) there was a total lockdown, we did things differently, but I do not think that that is the current situation - Speech Link
3: Greg Smith (CON - Buckingham) She was not in frontline politics, but, through the Atlas Network, the Institute of Economic Affairs - Speech Link
4: Jacob Rees-Mogg (CON - North East Somerset) She was the daughter of Sir Anthony Fisher, co-founder of the Institute of Economic Affairs, which has - Speech Link
5: Ian Mearns (LAB - Gateshead) that a Minister can come to the House to explain just what the Government will do to rectify this dire situation - Speech Link
6: Wendy Chamberlain (LDEM - North East Fife) scheme.The Leader of the House will be aware of this morning’s urgent question on business support, when the Economic - Speech Link
7: Bob Blackman (CON - Harrow East) That is bad enough for constituents, but just recently this has turned into an even more ugly situation - Speech Link
8: Emma Lewell-Buck (LAB - South Shields) It is clear that neither the Prime Minister nor the Chancellor understands the urgency of this situation - Speech Link
9: Jim Shannon (DUP - Strangford) While asylum law in the United Kingdom makes provision for persons fleeing persecution because of their - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Christmas Adjournment - Thu 16 Dec 2021
No Department present

1: Bob Stewart (CON - Beckenham) But over the past seven days the situation has become even worse. - Speech Link
2: Paul Holmes (CON - Eastleigh) That would provide jobs, an economic boost, and the town centre regeneration that I am so passionate - Speech Link
3: Tom Hunt (CON - Ipswich) make, we need to have a rounded debate and discussion in which all the factors are considered: the economic - Speech Link
4: Chris Stephens (SNP - Glasgow South West) I place on record again that it is legal for people to seek sanction or asylum; it is not illegal and - Speech Link
5: Stuart Andrew (CON - Pudsey) Friend is right to raise this serious situation. - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Asylum Seeker Accommodation: RAF Manston - Wed 15 Dec 2021
Home Office

1: Roger Gale (CON - North Thanet) To ask the Minister to tell the House of his proposals to accommodate asylum seekers at the former - Speech Link
2: Tom Pursglove (CON - Corby) year, we intend to expand activity at the Manston site to conduct more detailed security and initial asylum - Speech Link
3: Holly Lynch (LAB - Halifax) assurances can the Minister give us that Manston barracks would be a significant improvement on the current situation - Speech Link
4: Tom Pursglove (CON - Corby) or claim asylum in the first safe country that they reach. - Speech Link
5: Jeremy Corbyn (IND - Islington North) Many local people in Kent are welcoming asylum seekers and are prepared to support them. - Speech Link
6: Tom Pursglove (CON - Corby) People should seek asylum in the first safe country that they reach. - Speech Link
7: Jonathan Gullis (CON - Stoke-on-Trent North) Stoke-on-Trent is the fifth largest contributor to the asylum dispersal scheme. - Speech Link
8: Jim Shannon (DUP - Strangford) Member for North Thanet (Sir Roger Gale) for his spirited account of the situation at RAF Manston. - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Medical Cannabis (Access) Bill - Fri 10 Dec 2021
No Department present

1: Jeff Smith (LAB - Manchester, Withington) to allow cannabis-based medicines that have been authorised for use by a state within the European economic - Speech Link
2: Tonia Antoniazzi (LAB - Gower) Lady is on the Government Benches, and this situation has to change. - Speech Link
3: Tonia Antoniazzi (LAB - Gower) The situation they have been put in is inhumane.I see that the hon. - Speech Link
4: Tonia Antoniazzi (LAB - Gower) , so we are going to be looking at another, completely different situation. - Speech Link
5: Sally-Ann Hart (CON - Hastings and Rye) The social let alone economic costs are otherwise too high. - Speech Link
6: Kieran Mullan (CON - Crewe and Nantwich) He died in an asylum in 1865 having suffered a nervous breakdown, ostracised by the medical establishment - Speech Link
7: Andy McDonald (LAB - Middlesbrough) this system would be a much better use of national health resources and would actually be a financial economic - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Nationality and Borders Bill
3rd reading - Wed 08 Dec 2021
Home Office

1: Jeremy Corbyn (IND - Islington North) They are then completely stuck and in a very dangerous and vulnerable situation. - Speech Link
2: Iain Duncan Smith (CON - Chingford and Woodford Green) Many people come over here with good cause; I personally do not blame those who are fleeing for economic - Speech Link
3: Peter Bone (CON - Wellingborough) Lady and her party support a revision of that situation, so we can protect children in the same way that - Speech Link
4: Richard Fuller (CON - North East Bedfordshire) legislation to do what the Government hope is the right thing, but which many of us fear will make the situation - Speech Link
5: Peter Bone (CON - Wellingborough) , and we are not talking about economic migrants. - Speech Link
6: Margaret Greenwood (LAB - Wirral West) unworkable, and despite the Joint Committee on Human Rights having said that pushbacks would“create a situation - Speech Link
7: David Linden (SNP - Glasgow East) is right to say are incredibly vulnerable, pick up very quickly that even if they try to explain the situation - Speech Link
8: David Linden (SNP - Glasgow East) The situation for so many victims and survivors is desperate, which only makes the Government’s failure - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Nationality and Borders Bill
Report stage - Tue 07 Dec 2021
Home Office

1: Imran Hussain (LAB - Bradford East) I simply ask those who want to accuse me of sensationalising the situation to come walk for a day, for - Speech Link
2: Sally-Ann Hart (CON - Hastings and Rye) going on for millennia, we face increasing global challenges caused by a range of complex climate, economic - Speech Link
3: Tom Pursglove (CON - Corby) The length of time it takes to process claims is unacceptable and we need to improve the situation. - Speech Link
4: William Cash (CON - Stone) intended to and must resolve.The amendment is not against genuine persecuted refugees; this is about economic - Speech Link
5: David Davis (CON - Haltemprice and Howden) enhanced co-operation with the French and other European parties, and distinguishes properly between economic - Speech Link
6: David Davis (CON - Haltemprice and Howden) If we applied that cost to our asylum situation, we would be talking about something like £34 billion - Speech Link
7: Edward Leigh (CON - Gainsborough) They are not the world’s poorest people; they are economic migrants. - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Business of the House - Thu 02 Dec 2021
Leader of the House

1: Jacob Rees-Mogg (CON - North East Somerset) It is really important that people who come to this country to claim asylum do so by legal and safe routes - Speech Link
2: Jacob Rees-Mogg (CON - North East Somerset) The situation facing Mr Hewitt is clearly a failure, and I am glad that my hon. - Speech Link
3: James Daly (CON - Bury North) of steam and heritage railways throughout the country and their potential to deliver a wide range of economic - Speech Link
4: Sarah Owen (LAB - Luton North) agree with me and with campaigners that it is now time not just for a debate but for action on the situation - Speech Link
5: Kirsten Oswald (SNP - East Renfrewshire) Every single day counts for families in this situation and I wonder whether the Leader of the House could - Speech Link
6: Drew Hendry (SNP - Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey) My constituent, Ms Dutton, launched an appeal to a decision to refuse her a European economic area residence - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Stability and Peace - Thu 02 Dec 2021
Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

1: Alicia Kearns (CON - Rutland and Melton) I beg to move,That this House notes the concerning political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina; expresses - Speech Link
2: Martin Vickers (CON - Cleethorpes) We need to work closely with them and develop not only our political links but our trading and economic - Speech Link
3: Jim Shannon (DUP - Strangford) First, Bosnia and Herzegovina is faced with thousands of migrants and asylum seekers wanting somewhere - Speech Link
4: Ruth Cadbury (LAB - Brentford and Isleworth) The UK has a special role to play and should be leading on this situation. - Speech Link
5: Catherine West (LAB - Hornsey and Wood Green) refreshing it, as it was 20-odd years ago.I briefly want to put on record my background as a visitor to asylum - Speech Link
6: Catherine West (LAB - Hornsey and Wood Green) At civil society level and at the economic level, what role can international partners play, both in - Speech Link
7: Wendy Morton (CON - Aldridge-Brownhills) We support the use of his executive powers, should the situation require it. - Speech Link
8: Nigel Evans (CON - Ribble Valley) Before we come to the motion on economic crime, I will pause momentarily as people leave the Chamber - Speech Link