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Commons Chamber
Pride Month - Thu 01 Jul 2021
No Department present

1: Friend the Member for Carshalton and Wallington said about conversion therapy. - Link
2: Here, the abhorrent practice of LGBT+ conversion therapy remains legal. - Link
3: therapy, it had not even occurred to me that that was a form of conversion therapy. - Link
4: It is unbelievable to think that conversion therapy is still lawful in 2021. - Link
5: Conversion therapy by its very definition is designed to rob LGBT+ people of their identity. - Link
6: , and fearful when so-called charities who oppose banning conversion therapy for trans people try to - Link
7: conversion therapy practices. - Link
8: The harms that have been caused by so-called conversion therapy—because, of course, it is not a therapy—are - Link
9: Labour is clear: we will support a ban on all harmful conversion practices for LGBT people. - Link

Lords Chamber
Queen’s Speech - Wed 19 May 2021
Ministry of Defence

1: of the Global Equality Caucus, an alliance of parliamentarians around the world committed to promote LGBT - Link
2: We need to continue to support women’s groups, trade unions and LGBT groups. - Link

Lords Chamber
Queen’s Speech - Tue 18 May 2021
Ministry of Justice

1: In the gracious Speech, the Government have promised measures to ban conversion therapy. - Link
2: therapy for LGBT+ people. - Link
3: in conversion therapy. - Link
4: Finally, I am grateful that legislation to ban conversion therapy is now under consideration. - Link
5: Secondly, will the Government’s legislation to ban conversion therapy extend beyond uncontrovertibly - Link
6: therapy; and that my noble friend Lord Pickles made on voter fraud and identity at polling stations. - Link

Commons Chamber
Oral Answers to Questions - Wed 24 Mar 2021
Cabinet Office

1: who calls conversion therapy “abhorrent” and “repulsive”. - Link
2: Can she now give us a legislative timetable for when ending this archaic practice of conversion therapy - Link
3: , improving transgender health care and changing the blood donation criteria for gay men donating blood - Link
4: I also welcome her commitment to a ban on conversion therapy. - Link

Westminster Hall
LGBT Conversion Therapy - Mon 08 Mar 2021
HM Treasury

1: Before we start our debate on LGBT conversion therapy, perhaps I can remind Members of one or - Link
2: The petition is entitled, “Make LGBT conversion therapy illegal in the UK”. - Link
3: therapy: that sexual orientation can be changed; that LGBT+ people are a threat to society, evil or - Link
4: therapy inflicted on LGBT people. - Link
5: I talk about gay and lesbian people, because I am gay, but I also fully support many of the contributions - Link
6: The national LGBT survey found that 7% of people had been offered or undergone conversion therapy - Link

Lords Chamber
Domestic Abuse Bill - Wed 10 Feb 2021
Home Office

1: For example, putting an LGBT perpetrator on a group work programme for heterosexual perpetrators will - Link
2: today, with the vast strides forward, from civil partnerships to same-sex marriage, members of the LGBT - Link
3: There are also some very specific issues that are unique to the experiences of LGBT victims, which include - Link
4: But I ask the Minister to take into account in the proposed strategy that some gay men suffer from serious - Link
5: I also recognise that conversion therapy might take place, not just in certain cultures but in this country - Link
6: The amendment makes it clear that, wherever possible, parents should be involved in that therapy. - Link

Commons Chamber
Online Harms - Thu 19 Nov 2020
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

1: People often talk about how easy it is to search for this material. - Link
2: The delays just are not acceptable, and too many people are at risk. - Link
3: and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community that I have repeatedly reported, but they were - Link
4: blame for coronavirus was already being directed at the Muslim, Jewish, Gypsy, Roma, Traveller and LGBT - Link
5: that social media companies were not just ignoring but refusing to take down content from so-called “conversion - Link
6: People cannot hide behind a keyboard and expect to get away with it. - Link

Commons Chamber
Oral Answers to Questions - Wed 23 Sep 2020
Cabinet Office

1: We will soon be hosting the Government’s first-ever international LGBT conference to advance LGBT rights - Link
2: and starvation, the Government gave me a commitment in this House that they would ban these so-called conversion - Link
3: Conversion therapy is an abhorrent practice and we are currently conducting research, which I hope will - Link
4: The Gay Farmer Helpline plays a vital support role, but has highlighted a high suicide rate. - Link
5: I applaud the work of groups such as Agrespect in supporting LGBT farmers to thrive. - Link

Commons Chamber
Oral Answers to Questions - Wed 22 Jul 2020
Cabinet Office

1: Hub is taking to better understand the effect of the covid-19 outbreak on black and minority ethnic people - Link
2: We have invested £4 million for schools to tackle anti-LGBT bullying, and we have addressed homophobic - Link
3: Let me be absolutely clear: we will not be rolling back the rights of transgender people. - Link
4: I have been clear that the Government are committed to tackling the abhorrent practice of so-called gay-conversion - Link
5: That is what the people voted for and that is what we will deliver. - Link
6: A far better plan for the Tories would be to listen to the will of the Scottish people. - Link

Commons Chamber
Business of the House - Thu 30 Jan 2020
Leader of the House

1: He says that he wants to attract people of talent. - Link
2: A lack of bus shelters too often puts people off using buses. - Link
3: This left many vulnerable people across my constituency without heating or hot water. - Link
4: amount of money that people are going to get is just 4.2% of that compensation. - Link
5: the promise to bring forward legislation to make gay conversion therapy illegal in this country. - Link
6: Some are appropriate and needed, but many are not and many people cannot afford the permits. - Link

Westminster Hall
LGBT Community and Acceptance Teaching - Wed 04 Sep 2019
Department for Education

1: of the rescinding of jail sentences for LGBT people. - Link
2: Young people will see LGBT people represented alongside non-LGBT people in educational materials. - Link
3: Member for Shrewsbury and Atcham spoke about conversion therapy, because there are prominent political - Link
4: Friend asked about conversion therapy. - Link

Commons Chamber
International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia - Thu 16 May 2019
No Department present

1: Only three countries in the world—Brazil, Ecuador and Malta—have nationwide bans on conversion therapy - Link
2: announced a taskforce to identify and punish gay people. - Link
3: and to asylum for LGBT+ people. - Link
4: I remember knocking on doors a few years ago when many people were concerned about gay marriage, but - Link
5: the country accusing gay people of proselytising to children, wanting to convert them and sexualising - Link
6: Of course, a lot of gay people experience anxiety and depression in relation to their sexuality, but - Link
7: You do not have to be gay to fight for gay rights: you just have to believe in equality. - Link
8: including through existing legislation, to deliver on our commitment to end the abhorrent and prehistoric conversion - Link

Commons Chamber
Business of the House - Thu 11 Apr 2019
Leader of the House

1: The people at the base of the pyramid are the wealth creators. - Link
2: not respect the will of the people. - Link
3: though they did not believe that it was in the individual’s best clinical interests. … It feels like conversion - Link
4: carrying knives and prevent young people from accessing knives online. - Link
5: Gentleman in commending that arts centre for its work for young people. - Link
6: First, they are repressive regimes that breach international human rights for women and LGBT people every - Link
7: He is rolling his eyes, but this is really good news for real people. - Link
8: In more general terms, we spend £55 billion a year on benefits to support disabled people and people - Link
9: What is vital is that people have access to support as soon as they need it. - Link

Commons Chamber
Oral Answers to Questions - Thu 13 Sep 2018
Department for International Trade

1: What steps she is taking to promote LGBT equality in the UK. - Link
2: action plan in response to the findings of the national LGBT survey. - Link
3: LGBT youths are significantly over-represented among young people facing homelessness. - Link
4: We recognise that 24% of homeless young people identify as LGBT. - Link

Lords Chamber
LGBT Action Plan: Gender Recognition - Thu 12 Jul 2018
Home Office

1: I say that in a personal capacity as a gay man. - Link
2: No mention at all is made of conversion therapy for children. - Link
3: therapy, which is to be welcomed. - Link
4: survey of LGBT people in the world to date. - Link