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Lords Chamber
Queen’s Speech - Wed 12 May 2021
Department for Education

1: We are making a vow to maintain this country’s freedoms and to keep our institutions strong. - Link
2: That market is not going away, and it does not need a pandemic to keep it relevant. - Link
3: We must always keep our doors open, especially to those who have no figurative or literal shelter—so - Link
4: First, we should keep and build on the online verification of the right to work. - Link
5: tier grants for closure and the current reopening grants—not to mention the furlough and Eat Out to - Link
6: Together, they secure more than 4 million jobs, many highly skilled and all well trained. - Link
7: They claim to be open and transparent. This is not true. - Link
8: support people to be active in a different way, but the real test is the support that will be offered to gyms - Link

Commons Chamber
Coronavirus - Thu 25 Mar 2021
Department of Health and Social Care

1: Motion 4—Coronavirus Act 2020 (One-year Status Report)—That this House has considered the - Link
2: during the pandemic (No. 2)), as amended on 1 July and 22 October 2020, the Order of 4 June 2020 (Virtual - Link
3: It will also allow the reopening of leisure services, indoor leisure such as gyms, and self-contained - Link
4: in the next 21 days and I will vote accordingly, but I do think that we should combine steps 3 and 4 - Link
5: earlier, stay open and keep the whole supply chain going may be something that we have to seriously - Link
6: draconian powers in the Coronavirus Act, nor vaccine passports for domestic use, which would create a two-tier - Link
7: a three-month lockdown. - Link
8: Friend the Member for Wycombe (Mr Baker) that the way forward in step 4 is personal responsibility allied - Link

Westminster Hall
Spring 2021 Covid-19 Road Map - Mon 22 Mar 2021
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

1: They told me of their frustration with gyms being closed in this current lockdown. - Link
2: This petition closely followed another, which called for gyms to remain open during the tier 4 - Link
3: The UK’s 7,000 gyms and leisure centres have been open only for very limited periods since the first - Link
4: Over 1,000 of my constituents signed the e-petition to open gyms first as we come out of lockdown. - Link
5: Similarly, outdoor gyms can be open in Scotland, which goes some way to addressing e-petition - Link
6: Member for Ilford South in his bench pressing, but I think we all share his passion to see gyms open - Link

Lords Chamber
Budget Statement - Fri 12 Mar 2021
HM Treasury

1: This can keep many community sports clubs alive. - Link
2: The uplift must be extended to legacy benefits if there is not to be a two-tier social security system - Link
3: Despite having remained open to assist the economy during school closures, early years settings have - Link
4: The lockdown will also have a significant economic impact. - Link
5: The so-called third tier of local government, the town and parish councils, face a particular - Link
6: I keep being told that the Government have no powers to support them. - Link
7: funding, while Barnsley and my own city of Sheffield are in tier 2, is frankly breathtaking. - Link
8: The temporary cut in overseas aid is worth £4 billion a year. - Link
9: This brings the total eligibility for SEISS 4 and 5 to 3.7 million people. - Link

Lords Chamber
Domestic Abuse Bill - Wed 10 Mar 2021
Ministry of Justice

1: As a result of the £125 million funding that we are providing to tier-1 local authorities to support - Link
2: That was an open goal waiting to be filled. - Link
3: single-sex exemptions that allow women to have legitimate access to women-only services and spaces: gyms - Link
4: unregulated provision of centres and voluntary child contact services unfortunately leaves this field open - Link
5: During the first lockdown, visits to the UK’s national domestic abuse website surged by 950% by the end - Link
6: That said, I can assure the noble Baroness that, as part of the new duty in Part 4, tier 1 local - Link
7: number of young people trying to view sexual abuse materials online, and that in just one month of lockdown - Link
8: We will keep the current defences under review. - Link
9: First, as we have already discussed, the victims themselves are open to be abused by those who claim - Link

Commons Chamber
Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation - Mon 08 Mar 2021
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

1: , alongside pubs, restaurants, museums, galleries, gyms, theatres and cinemas. - Link
2: will be pulling up their shutters, people will be returning to pubs and restaurants or working out in gyms - Link
3: They can do that in a covid-safe way, and they were doing so before this lockdown. - Link
4: revealed, we see that Aberdeenshire has been placed in the lowest category and Aberdeen city in the second tier - Link
5: their economy and schools open. - Link
6: Round 4 is very necessary, but I hope that Ministers can look at one practical issue. - Link
7: of up to £18,000 for hospitality and leisure businesses, including personal care, hairdressers and gyms - Link
8: —[Official Report, 4 July 2016; Vol. 612, c. 625.] - Link

Commons Chamber
Covid-19: Cultural and Entertainment Sectors - Tue 02 Mar 2021
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

1: At step 2, no earlier than 12 April, indoor leisure facilities such as gyms can reopen for use by people - Link
2: In step 4, no earlier than 21 June, our ambition is to reopen remaining premises. - Link
3: Post 12 April, theatres can have audiences above the 30 limit through steps 4 and 5, but there is nothing - Link
4: I am delighted that it received Government support during lockdown. - Link
5: and exercise to how we open them up. - Link
6: In my constituency there are many wonderful choirs that have struggled to keep going during lockdown - Link
7: was due to reopen at the beginning of December but, just a few days later, London was put back into tier - Link

Commons Chamber
Covid-19 - Mon 22 Feb 2021
Department of Health and Social Care

1: They keep them up and about, spreading it, but a lockdown reverses the terms of trade. - Link
2: We need to keep talking about the harm that is being caused by the lockdown so that we get the balance - Link
3: before, for example, 29 March will it be possible to play outdoor sports; shops and hairdressers and gyms - Link
4: In its analysis of covid deaths, the plan, on page 14, talks about 88% of cohorts 1 to 4. - Link
5: the pace of change announced today will be a hammer blow for aviation, for pubs, restaurants, hotels, gyms - Link
6: Even when the country was being bombed during world war two, schools remained open. - Link
7: We need them to open up. - Link
8: businesses again, only for many of them to find that the tier system then slowly strangled their operation - Link

Commons Chamber
Covid-19 Update - Wed 27 Jan 2021
Cabinet Office

1: spreading infection in the retail, hospitality and transport sectors because they could travel to a lower tier - Link
2: Friend in wanting to get them open as soon as possible. - Link
3: The best thing that we can do is to keep this infection rate going down, to roll out the vaccination - Link
4: the data permits” means, so that there can be absolute clarity on what needs to happen to lift each tier - Link
5: an inquiry now so that we can learn from those mistakes, not keep repeating them, like delays in lockdown - Link
6: of key workers where possible during the lockdown. - Link
7: open in a cautious and sensible way. - Link

Commons Chamber
Covid-19 - Tue 12 Jan 2021
Department of Health and Social Care

1: Data shows that mobility during this lockdown is twice the levels of the March lockdown. - Link
2: My favourite is Victoria Macdonald from Channel 4, who seems to portray the pain and suffering, and yet - Link
3: It was not the public who introduced a failed and confusing tier system. - Link
4: We have to open them as soon as possible. - Link
5: It is essential that we keep our churches open. - Link
6: in a lower tier than the one in which we went in. - Link
7: That has particularly been the case in our hospitality sector, our local gyms and our personal care sector - Link
8: Finally, the Government introduced a tier system that did not work and then another tier system - Link
9: vital services going and to keep people safe. - Link

Commons Chamber
Public Health - Wed 06 Jan 2021
Department of Health and Social Care

1: These regulations are based on the existing tier 4 regulations, with some additional measures that reinforce - Link
2: resourced, will stay open and can respond to people’s needs throughout lockdown. - Link
3: Yet just last week, the Health Secretary still refused to put England into tier 4, despite surging - Link
4: I return to some of the questions that I was asking back in the spring, during the first lockdown. - Link
5: When we debated the tier 4 regulations a week ago, I said that restrictions work only if people - Link
6: As well as business support during lockdown, we are clearly going to need a sector by sector plan - Link
7: At the end of last term, the Government threatened legal action to keep schools open in Greenwich - Link
8: That changed when it came to the vote on introducing tier 4 measures in my county and other parts - Link
9: Finally, recently Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire were in tier 4, and Sheffield was in tier 3. - Link

Commons Chamber
Public Health - Wed 30 Dec 2020
Department of Health and Social Care

1: As of November, people in tier 4 areas must stay at home and not travel out of tier 4. - Link
2: Given that most of the country is in tier 4 and most of England is now effectively in lockdown - Link
3: after just two weeks in tier 2, following a national lockdown, then the move into tier 4 on 20 December - Link
4: I urge Ministers to do everything they can to keep schools open. - Link
5: Can we at least have an assessment of the impact of this tier 4 lockdown on those children? - Link
6: We are the party of business and should at all costs keep the economy open, so I can understand the concerns - Link
7: I lost my father earlier this year, during the first lockdown. No proper funeral. - Link
8: to as far up as tier 4. - Link
9: During the national lockdown and the weeks following that, there was some puzzling about what was going - Link

Commons Chamber
Oral Answers to Questions - Mon 14 Dec 2020
Home Office

1: Friend to keep on banging the drum—we are the party of law and order—and to get out there and recruit - Link
2: Does he not run the risk of establishing a separate tier of asylum seekers who cannot have their claims - Link
3: the recent pandemic and the lockdown where we saw the critical part that they play in making sure that - Link
4: Lady for her support on the Bill, because, as she knows, the introduction of part 4 of the Bill puts - Link
5: The Conservative party is the party of law and order, and we will continue to do the right thing and keep - Link
6: reach perpetrators before they have a chance to abuse again, so what plans do the Government have to keep - Link

Commons Chamber
The Future of the High Street - Thu 10 Dec 2020
Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government

1: The new £4 billion levelling-up fund for England that was announced in the spending review will - Link
2: They have put themselves at risk to keep our shops open and the shelves well stocked, so what a disgrace - Link
3: They stocked the shelves so that we were able to carry on during the lockdown, and that was often without - Link
4: After lockdown-related delays in its opening, it had to stay closed because of tier 3 restrictions and - Link
5: their doors open—they are all fighting. - Link

Commons Chamber
Public Health - Tue 01 Dec 2020
Cabinet Office

1: We went into lockdown in tier 1 and will come out in tier 2. - Link
2: and gyms, leisure centres and swimming pools open. - Link
3: That is obviously because we want to keep schools open and we have to take such measures as we can. - Link
4: So if we are to keep the R rate below 1 during winter and not waste the progress that has been made in - Link
5: Let those businesses open; do not just give them taxpayers’ money to keep them closed. - Link
6: Having fought so hard to keep gyms, hairdressers and personal care outlets open, I do not want to condemn - Link
7: It is time we had real, immediate and urgent assistance to keep our pubs, clubs and restaurants open. - Link
8: 2 that were not available during lockdown. - Link
9: While I was greatly worried that, when we voted on 4 November for a national lockdown, this would be - Link
10: Support the motion to back the teachers who are working so hard to keep our schools open and to back - Link