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Commons Chamber
Oral Answers to Questions - Mon 16 May 2022
Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities

1: Stuart Andrew (CON - Pudsey) Gentleman has a problem with giving people in social housing the opportunity to become homeowners. - Speech Link
2: Felicity Buchan (CON - Kensington) I and my Kensington residents welcome the fact that the social housing Bill was in the Queen’s Speech - Speech Link
3: Eddie Hughes (CON - Walsall North) Friend is right to say that the social housing Bill will help social housing tenants in Kensington to - Speech Link
4: Selaine Saxby (CON - North Devon) they will be rented to? - Speech Link
5: Eddie Hughes (CON - Walsall North) Veterans with urgent housing needs are always given high priority for social housing, and we are investing - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Making Britain the Best Place to Grow Up and Grow Old - Mon 16 May 2022
Department for Education

1: Danny Kruger (CON - Devizes) We need more family-sized homes, including the affordable and social housing that has been announced. - Speech Link
2: Ronnie Cowan (SNP - Inverclyde) Increases in social benefit income from things such as pension credit are a crucial factor in helping - Speech Link
3: Helen Hayes (LAB - Dulwich and West Norwood) I hope that the Government will consider accepting an amendment to the social housing regulation Bill - Speech Link
4: Gary Sambrook (CON - Birmingham, Northfield) I am glad that the social housing regulation Bill will make sure that we increase the standard of the - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Fairness at Work and Power in Communities - Thu 12 May 2022
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

1: Clive Betts (LAB - Sheffield South East) There was also the idea that people did not really want to be social housing tenants, did they, so we - Speech Link
2: Siobhain McDonagh (LAB - Mitcham and Morden) Despite the fact we have 1.15 million households on social housing waiting lists across our country, - Speech Link
3: Barry Sheerman (LAB - Huddersfield) There has been nothing about social care and, on housing, nothing about building appropriate housing - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Queen’s Speech - Wed 11 May 2022
Department for Transport

1: Baroness Vere of Norbiton (CON - Life peer) The social housing regulation Bill is a key part of our plan to level up housing across the country and - Speech Link
2: Lord Shipley (LDEM - Life peer) housing regulation Bill.But there is a missed opportunity to do something about social housing for rent - Speech Link
3: Lord Bishop of Chelmsford (Bishops - Bishops) Measures previously set out in the Government’s social housing White Paper to help ensure that social - Speech Link
4: Lord Carrington (CB - Excepted Hereditary) housing for social rent in those villages. - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Preventing Crime and Delivering Justice - Wed 11 May 2022
Home Office

1: Lee Anderson (CON - Ashfield) It is a bit like some benefit cheats—they do it, don’t they? - Speech Link
2: Kerry McCarthy (LAB - Bristol East) was promised three years ago and in that time the number of people in Bristol evicted from private rented - Speech Link
3: Lloyd Russell-Moyle (LAB - Brighton, Kemptown) judgment against them, they have a black mark against their name and they cannot rent from the private rented - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Debate on the Address - Tue 10 May 2022
Cabinet Office

1: Meg Hillier (LAB - Hackney South and Shoreditch) Where is the security if people cannot afford to buy their own home and cannot qualify for social rented - Speech Link
2: Meg Hillier (LAB - Hackney South and Shoreditch) In constituencies such as mine, we need more socially rented housing, because the other options are not - Speech Link
3: Theresa May (CON - Maidenhead) , so that stigma is not attached to social housing and being in social housing. - Speech Link
4: Tony Lloyd (LAB - Rochdale) The London housing market is unique, but the lack of social housing and affordable housing is felt right - Speech Link

Westminster Hall
Affordable Housing (Devon and Cornwall) - Wed 27 Apr 2022
Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities

1: Selaine Saxby (CON - North Devon) Apparently there has been a 67% reduction in rented housing between 2019 and August 2021, making North - Speech Link
2: Gary Streeter (CON - South West Devon) rented housing ever since I was housing chairman on Plymouth City Council in the late 1980s. - Speech Link
3: Luke Pollard (LAB - Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport) It is simply unaffordable for her to move into the private rented sector, and there is no social housing - Speech Link
4: Stuart Andrew (CON - Pudsey) is only fair that owners of second homes pay their fair share towards the local services that they benefit - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Building Safety Bill
Consideration of Lords amendments - Wed 20 Apr 2022
Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities

1: Stuart Andrew (CON - Pudsey) We are looking at and consulting on the whole of the affordable housing and social housing policy area - Speech Link
2: Stuart Andrew (CON - Pudsey) Mention has been made of social housing tenants, social housing and affordable housing; we will consult - Speech Link
3: None housing and social housing tenants should be treated equally and fairly—otherwise, what was the point - Speech Link
4: Rushanara Ali (LAB - Bethnal Green and Bow) to divert funds from investing in improving social housing? - Speech Link
5: Clive Betts (LAB - Sheffield South East) Where does that leave the social housing landlord? - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Oral Answers to Questions - Tue 19 Apr 2022
Department of Health and Social Care

1: Maggie Throup (CON - Erewash) In the social housing White Paper, we committed to a review of the decent homes standard to test whether - Speech Link
2: Maggie Throup (CON - Erewash) Housing is one of the key determinants of health. - Speech Link
3: Sajid Javid (CON - Bromsgrove) I recently set out a new ambition: that as many as 4 million people benefit from personalised care by - Speech Link
4: Gillian Keegan (CON - Chichester) Veterans can benefit from personalised care plans, ensuring that they can access support and treatment - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Easter Adjournment - Thu 31 Mar 2022
Leader of the House

1: Shaun Bailey (CON - West Bromwich West) I am pleased to say that residents will now hopefully see the benefit of investment in Tipton, an area - Speech Link
2: Meg Hillier (LAB - Hackney South and Shoreditch) There really is no prospect for them, and there is no prospect for those in overcrowded social housing - Speech Link
3: Andy Slaughter (LAB - Hammersmith) They have proposals on social housing, but nothing to increase the stock significantly, and that is the - Speech Link
4: Meg Hillier (LAB - Hackney South and Shoreditch) social housing starts, and the mayor of Hackney has made it a key priority. - Speech Link