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Lords Chamber
Health and Care Bill - Thu 20 Jan 2022
Department of Health and Social Care

1: None 16, page 14, line 4, at end insert— “(j) fracture liaison services to identify people at increased risk - Speech Link
2: None For people with underlying osteoporosis, a seamless package of identification, assessment and treatment - Speech Link
3: Baroness Watkins of Tavistock (CB - Life peer) How many people are sectioned under the Mental Health Act for assessment because they have not managed - Speech Link
4: Lord Kamall (CON - Life peer) also duties on CCGs to consider the needs of victims of violence, including a joint strategic needs assessment - Speech Link
5: None ophthalmic services for people with learning disabilitiesNHS England must make arrangements for the assessment - Speech Link

Grand Committee
Social Media: Deaths of Children - Thu 20 Jan 2022
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

1: Baroness Kidron (CB - Life peer) complaints, to ensure that swift action is taken before tragedy strikes; and a regulatory focus on risk - Speech Link
2: Lord Allan of Hallam (LDEM - Life peer) The platforms would then be required to provide data to the courts, which would need to be able to carry - Speech Link
3: Lord Bishop of St Albans (Bishops - Bishops) , if we are to have an evidence-based approach to preventing suicides in relation to all associated risk - Speech Link
4: Baroness Benjamin (LDEM - Life peer) media platforms need to invest in awareness-raising, as well as signposting children who may be at risk - Speech Link
5: Lord Bassam of Brighton (LAB - Life peer) I was encouraged to see that, in the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, the Government have at - Speech Link
6: Lord Parkinson of Whitley Bay (CON - Life peer) Services likely to be accessed by children will need to conduct a child safety risk assessment and provide - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Uyghur Tribunal Judgment - Thu 20 Jan 2022
Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

1: Nusrat Ghani (CON - Wealden) the past, the Government have deferred to their holding statement that this is a matter for competent courts - Speech Link
2: Nusrat Ghani (CON - Wealden) ; it is a responsibility of Government, not the courts, following the 2007 legal determination. - Speech Link
3: Stephen Kinnock (LAB - Aberavon) It is also deeply concerning that with the international courts effectively paralysed last year, the - Speech Link
4: Jim Shannon (DUP - Strangford) are going to do some practical things to hurt China where it needs to be hurt—in the pocket, in the courts - Speech Link
5: Catherine West (LAB - Hornsey and Wood Green) What assessment has she and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office made of that? - Speech Link
6: Amanda Milling (CON - Cannock Chase) regarding the risk of genocide occurring in Xinjiang. - Speech Link

Westminster Hall
Biometrics Commissioner and Forensic Science Regulator - Thu 20 Jan 2022
Ministry of Justice

1: Greg Clark (CON - Tunbridge Wells) the long-term viability of the market for forensic science services and highlighted the significant risk - Speech Link
2: Graham Stringer (LAB - Blackley and Broughton) The right questions would not be asked, so the right information would not be fed into the courts system - Speech Link
3: Sarah Jones (LAB - Croydon Central) It not only allows us to identify offenders and provide evidence to the courts, but is a vital safeguard - Speech Link
4: Kit Malthouse (CON - North West Hampshire) We see significant results in the courts and detection day in, day out from our ability to wield forensics - Speech Link
5: Kit Malthouse (CON - North West Hampshire) As Members will know, it has been tested through the courts. - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Building Safety Bill
Report stage - Wed 19 Jan 2022
Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities

1: Christopher Pincher (CON - Tamworth) Section 1 allows a claim for compensation to be brought through the civil courts when a dwelling was - Speech Link
2: Christopher Pincher (CON - Tamworth) 1972, so there is a significant body of case law that those wishing to bring an action, and indeed the courts - Speech Link
3: Mike Penning (CON - Hemel Hempstead) where we cannot impose fines.There is no reason why leaseholders should drag themselves through the courts - Speech Link
4: Peter Bottomley (CON - Worthing West) Were claims to go through the courts, they would be aimed at the developers, the builders, the architects - Speech Link
5: Hilary Benn (LAB - Leeds Central) proposal for a buildings works agency is that it would be the perfect vehicle to review the safety assessment - Speech Link
6: Christopher Pincher (CON - Tamworth) Friend the Member for Waveney (Peter Aldous), our assessment is that the new Building Safety Regulator - Speech Link
7: Caroline Lucas (GRN - Brighton, Pavilion) What assessment have the Government made of the need for housing associations to access funding collected - Speech Link
8: Florence Eshalomi (LAB - Vauxhall) What does the Bill do to empower leaseholders who had their assessment before the recent changes in Government - Speech Link

Westminster Hall
Ethiopia: Humanitarian and Political Situation - Wed 19 Jan 2022
Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

1: Sarah Champion (LAB - Rotherham) is gathered so that, hopefully, we can see those criminals brought to justice in the international courts - Speech Link
2: Chris Law (SNP - Dundee West) The continuation of this conflict will only deepen mistrust between communities, risk a potential rapid - Speech Link
3: Stephen Doughty (LAB - Cardiff South and Penarth) What assessment has been made of those shocking incidents? - Speech Link
4: Chris Heaton-Harris (CON - Daventry) The risk of widespread loss of life is high, with young children, as many hon. - Speech Link
5: Chris Heaton-Harris (CON - Daventry) The UK is delivering essential services to survivors and those at risk of sexual violence in northern - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Coronavirus Grant Schemes: Fraud - Tue 18 Jan 2022
HM Treasury

1: John Glen (CON - Salisbury) For instance, to minimise the risk of fraud and error and unverified claims, the coronavirus job retention - Speech Link
2: Mick Whitley (LAB - Birkenhead) poorest people in my constituency who had their benefits cut off, and who were even chased through the courts - Speech Link
3: Wendy Chamberlain (LDEM - North East Fife) job retention scheme and the self-employed scheme would be too difficult to administer because of the risk - Speech Link
4: John Glen (CON - Salisbury) There was always a balancing act between speed of delivery and risk of fraud, and Government and Ministers - Speech Link
5: John Glen (CON - Salisbury) to work closely with HMRC and take its advice as we make decisions on how to tackle enduring fraud risk - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
English Football League Governance: Derby County FC - Tue 18 Jan 2022
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

1: Pauline Latham (CON - Mid Derbyshire) to rule on whether those claims could constitute football debts—a matter for EFL rules, not for the courts - Speech Link
2: Andrew Bridgen (CON - North West Leicestershire) If the club goes into liquidation, those moneys due to the Treasury will be at risk. - Speech Link
3: Chris Philp (CON - Croydon South) Friend’s assessment of the EFL’s conduct in the Bury football club situation. - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill [Lords]
2nd reading - Tue 18 Jan 2022
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

1: Jonathan Djanogly (CON - Huntingdon) Friend say whether he has assessed the possibility of judicial review arising as a result of that assessment - Speech Link
2: Luke Pollard (LAB - Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport) Has there been an assessment of DEFRA’s own likelihood of co-operating with the committee? - Speech Link
3: Neil Hudson (CON - Penrith and The Border) the Secretary of State needs to respond within three months may go some way towards mitigating that risk - Speech Link
4: Jo Churchill (CON - Bury St Edmunds) Members have welcomed, to tackle illegal hare coursing in the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill - Speech Link
5: Jo Churchill (CON - Bury St Edmunds) Friend the Member for Huntingdon spent some time asking whether the Bill increases the risk of judicial - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Ukraine - Mon 17 Jan 2022
Ministry of Defence

1: Ben Wallace (CON - Wyre and Preston North) NATO is open to dialogue with Russia on a range of issues to protect Euro-Atlantic security, including risk - Speech Link
2: Ben Wallace (CON - Wyre and Preston North) I am a proud Scot, and the Scots and the Russians spent most of their time in each other’s courts—there - Speech Link
3: Alicia Kearns (CON - Rutland and Melton) Friend’s assessment of our Ukrainian allies’ resolve to not just repel but resist a further invasion, - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Elections Bill
Report stage - Mon 17 Jan 2022
Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

1: Eleanor Laing (CON - Epping Forest) person who fails to comply with a notice under subsection (5) commits an offence.(7) In this section, “assessment - Speech Link
2: Alex Norris (LAB - Nottingham North) The greatest risk to our democracy, and to democracies globally, is apathy. - Speech Link
3: Steve Baker (CON - Wycombe) not refer to a court case in detail, but I am pleased that a prosecution is in progress before the courts - Speech Link
4: Liam Byrne (LAB - Birmingham, Hodge Hill) would establish a new regime that would allow the Electoral Commission to call in donations for an assessment - Speech Link
5: Margaret Ferrier (IND - Rutherglen and Hamilton West) Many of us do not live alone, so we are not taking a solely personal risk. - Speech Link
6: Cat Smith (LAB - Lancaster and Fleetwood) PACAC report was clear that the measures are being rushed through and that, with cases still before the courts - Speech Link
7: Cat Smith (LAB - Lancaster and Fleetwood) extra layer of complexity.Criminalising political protest through the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
BBC Funding - Mon 17 Jan 2022
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

1: Lucy Powell (LAB - Manchester Central) What assessment has she made of the impact of the two-year freeze on BBC output and commissioning and - Speech Link
2: Peter Bottomley (CON - Worthing West) I would be grateful to know whether there was an assessment of alternatives, when they were put to Cabinet - Speech Link
3: Clive Efford (LAB - Eltham) Will the Secretary of State say what impact assessment she has done of the impact that the change will - Speech Link
4: Nadine Dorries (CON - Mid Bedfordshire) The most important impact assessment is that fewer families will end up in a magistrates court. - Speech Link
5: John Redwood (CON - Wokingham) Friend decriminalise non-payment of the licence fee to take the pressure off magistrates courts? - Speech Link
6: Stephen Doughty (LAB - Cardiff South and Penarth) Does the Secretary of State accept that what she has suggested today puts that at risk, along with jobs - Speech Link
7: Grahame Morris (LAB - Easington) Before making the decision to freeze the fee, what assessment did the Secretary of State make of the - Speech Link
8: Margaret Ferrier (IND - Rutherglen and Hamilton West) If so, has she considered the risk that that will remove the balanced factual basis of BBC news reporting - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill - Mon 17 Jan 2022
Home Office

1: Baroness Williams of Trafford (CON - Life peer) The statutory disclosure guidance has been tested by the courts and assists chief officers of police - Speech Link
2: Baroness Williams of Trafford (CON - Life peer) in such a way as to undermine the police’s ability to build intelligence on possible offending and risk - Speech Link
3: Lord Russell of Liverpool (CB - Excepted Hereditary) Forensic psychologists and psychiatrists have developed the “stalking risk profile”, the authoritative - Speech Link
4: Baroness Williams of Trafford (CON - Life peer) There is also a very real risk that, if we were to legislate for one crime type, it might then suggest - Speech Link
5: Baroness Stowell of Beeston (CON - Life peer) That is a risk and a potential consequence of us pursuing this course. - Speech Link
6: None The Law Commission’s assessment of a number of models—akin to what is tabled here—similarly found them - Speech Link
7: Baroness Newlove (CON - Life peer) deciding that aggravation has been proven as a fact, the courts are capable of dealing with it. - Speech Link
8: Lord Macdonald of River Glaven (CB - Life peer) The wording of these amendments will create an absolute nightmare for the courts. - Speech Link
9: None This will make placing the public or a section of the public at risk of serious harm an element of the - Speech Link
10: Lord Rosser (LAB - Life peer) This is also likely to cause a clear risk to life, and we were all aware of ambulances being impeded - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Oral Answers to Questions - Thu 13 Jan 2022
Cabinet Office

1: Michael Ellis (CON - Northampton North) contracts, and there will be clearer and stronger rules about excluding suppliers that pose an unacceptable risk - Speech Link
2: Nick Smith (LAB - Blaenau Gwent) It would help avoid having the Government hauled so embarrassingly through the courts. - Speech Link
3: Michael Ellis (CON - Northampton North) that it was highly unlikely that the outcome would have been substantially different if a different assessment - Speech Link
4: Michael Ellis (CON - Northampton North) As set out in the letter, Lord Geidt has not changed his assessment that no conflict of interest arose - Speech Link
5: Steve Barclay (CON - North East Cambridgeshire) that it is highly unlikely that the outcome would have been “substantially different” if a different assessment - Speech Link
6: Kim Johnson (LAB - Liverpool, Riverside) Will he explain what assessment has been undertaken on levels of diversity and what actions will be taken - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Draft Online Safety Bill Report - Thu 13 Jan 2022
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

1: Damian Collins (CON - Folkestone and Hythe) yet again there are record levels of abusive material related to children, posing a real child safety risk - Speech Link
2: Damian Collins (CON - Folkestone and Hythe) However, as an individual can take a case to the courts for a company’s failure to meet its obligations - Speech Link
3: Caroline Dinenage (CON - Gosport) Platforms must tackle the design features that exacerbate the risk of harm, and the legislation should - Speech Link
4: Liz Twist (LAB - Blaydon) Those who experience that are more likely to be more vulnerable and at greater risk of harm from legal - Speech Link
5: Jeremy Wright (CON - Kenilworth and Southam) We need a more sophisticated approach based on risk profile, as the Committee says—one that recognises - Speech Link
6: Matt Warman (CON - Boston and Skegness) We run the risk of presenting this piece of legislation as something that will fix the entire internet - Speech Link
7: Nickie Aiken (CON - Cities of London and Westminster) assessment for fraudulent content and take down that content when reported. - Speech Link
8: Luke Evans (CON - Bosworth) assessment across the internet. - Speech Link