Lindsay Hoyle Portrait

Lindsay Hoyle

Speaker - Chorley

17,392 (43.6%) majority - 2019 General Election

First elected: 1st May 1997

Lindsay Hoyle is not a member of any APPGs
7 Former APPG memberships
22q11 Syndrome, Cricket, Dementia, Gibraltar, Oman, Rugby League, Virgin Islands
Standing Orders
1st Nov 2017 - 6th Nov 2019
Finance Committee (Commons)
30th Oct 2017 - 6th Nov 2019
Panel of Chairs
28th Jun 2017 - 6th Nov 2019
Deputy Speaker and Chairman of Ways and Means
8th Jun 2010 - 4th Nov 2019
Finance Committee (Commons)
20th Jul 2015 - 3rd May 2017
Panel of Chairs
8th Jun 2010 - 3rd May 2017
Panel of Chairs
4th Jun 2015 - 3rd May 2017
Finance and Services Committee
26th Jul 2010 - 30th Mar 2015
Business, Innovation and Skills Committee
1st Oct 2009 - 6th May 2010
European Scrutiny Committee
28th Jun 2005 - 6th May 2010
Business and Enterprise Committee
10th Mar 2008 - 30th Sep 2009
Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform
9th Nov 2007 - 10th Mar 2008
Trade & Industry
19th Feb 1998 - 8th Nov 2007

Division Voting information

During the current Parliament, Lindsay Hoyle has voted in 0 divisions, and never against the majority of their Party.
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Debates during the 2019 Parliament

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Sparring Partners
Boris Johnson (Conservative)
(368 debate interactions)
Rishi Sunak (Conservative)
Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury, Minister for the Civil Service, and Minister for the Union
(276 debate interactions)
Keir Starmer (Labour)
Leader of Her Majesty's Official Opposition
(236 debate interactions)
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Department Debates
Cabinet Office
(1342 debate contributions)
Leader of the House
(486 debate contributions)
Department of Health and Social Care
(443 debate contributions)
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Legislation Debates
Online Safety Act 2023
(15,614 words contributed)
Energy Act 2023
(14,106 words contributed)
Health and Care Act 2022
(9,451 words contributed)
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Chorley Petitions

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If an e-petition reaches 100,000 signatures the petition becomes eligible for a Parliamentary debate (usually Monday 4.30pm in Westminster Hall).

Lindsay Hoyle has not participated in any petition debates

Latest EDMs signed by Lindsay Hoyle

2nd June 2015
Lindsay Hoyle signed this EDM as a sponsor on Tuesday 2nd June 2015


Tabled by: Lindsay Hoyle (Speaker - Chorley)
That this House recognises the important role dairy farmers play in supplying dairy products to consumers; highlights the high quality dairy products which are supplied by local farmers and the benefits that dairy produce brings to providing a healthy, well-balanced diet; expresses concern at the way in which dairy farmers …
61 signatures
(Most recent: 14 Sep 2015)
Signatures by party:
Scottish National Party: 14
Labour: 13
Conservative: 8
Democratic Unionist Party: 4
Independent: 3
Plaid Cymru: 2
Liberal Democrat: 1
Speaker: 1
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Commons initiatives

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Lindsay Hoyle has not been granted any Urgent Questions

Lindsay Hoyle has not been granted any Adjournment Debates

Lindsay Hoyle has not introduced any legislation before Parliament

Lindsay Hoyle has not co-sponsored any Bills in the current parliamentary sitting

Lindsay Hoyle has not asked any Written Questions in the current parliament