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To bring together MPs and Peers from across the East Midlands region, in coordination with leaders in local government, commerce and civil society, to identify priorities for development and maximise future investment in the region, to the benefit of all its communities.

Note: All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) are informal, cross-party groups formed by MPs and Members of the House of Lords who share a common interest in a particular policy area, region or country. APPGs have no official status within Parliament.

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Recent Documents related to East Midlands

1. Personal tax credits finalised award and Child Benefit statistics - Small area data (LSOA and Data Zone) 2017 to 2018
25/02/2021 - HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)
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Found: Data at Lower Layer Super Output Area for East Midlands Families benefiting at 31st August 2017 Revised

2. Child Benefit Small Area Statistics: August 2020
29/04/2021 - HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)
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Found: One child Two children Three or more children East Midlands 926330 226610 318340 257390 123995 473320

3. Early years funding: 2021-2022
17/12/2020 - Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA)
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Found: funding rateEAST MIDLANDS 831Derby5.36EAST MIDLANDS 830Derbyshire5.36EAST MIDLANDS 856Leicester5.36EAST

4. VAPC east Midlands: meeting minutes
07/07/2020 - Veterans Advisory and Pensions Committees (VAPC)
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Found: VAPC east Midlands: meeting minutes Minutes of meetings held by the east Midlands Veterans

5. Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency accommodation survey data: November 2020
08/01/2021 - Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government
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Found: South East E12000008 11 Allerdale E07000026 North West E12000002 21 Amber Valley E07000032 East Midlands

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Recent Speeches related to East Midlands

1. Railway Connectivity: East to West Midlands
19/06/2019 - Westminster Hall

1: move,That this House has considered East to West Midlands railway connectivity.It is a pleasure - Speech Link
2: head is spent on rail infrastructure in the east midlands and more than 10 times that is spent in London - Speech Link
3: is also in my constituency, it is hard to go from east to west, so I welcome the debate. The hon. Gentleman - Speech Link

2. Trains: East Midlands
19/10/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: promoting strategic transport investment across the Midlands region. One proposal is to reduce journey times - Speech Link
2: particularly on the Newark to Nottingham stretch. Midlands Connect and Network Rail are looking at a feasibility - Speech Link
3: other rail enhancements across the Midlands, including the Midlands rail hub. Network Rail is already - Speech Link

3. Integrated Rail Plan and High Speed 2
17/11/2020 - Westminster Hall

1: hoping to foster benefits from a High Speed 2 east midlands hub at Toton.I entirely agree with the - Speech Link
2: authorities have come together to launch their Invest East Coast Rail campaign this Thursday. Will the hon - Speech Link
3: connection from Birmingham to Toton, in the east midlands, and to Chesterfield, Sheffield and Leeds must - Speech Link

4. HS2: Phase 2B
08/02/2021 - Lords Chamber

1: assessment they have made of the impact on (1) the East Midlands, and (2) Yorkshire, of not delivering the eastern - Speech Link
2: committed to ensuring that the Midlands, Yorkshire and the north-east realise the benefits of high-speed - Speech Link
3: and Midlands Engine Rail—including the developments from regeneration around the HS2 East Midlands hub - Speech Link

5. Rail Investment in the East Midlands
24/07/2018 - Westminster Hall

1: House has considered rail investment in the East Midlands.There are some firsts today, Sir Graham—I - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to East Midlands
1. Apprentices: East Midlands
asked by: Claudia Webbe
... what steps his Department is taking to promote degree apprenticeships as a route to an undergraduate degree in (a) Leicester and (b) the East Midlands.

2. Police: East Midlands
asked by: Lord Grocott
... how many police officers there are per head of the population in each Police Force Area in the East Midlands.

3. Hospitals: East Midlands
asked by: Claudia Webbe
... Leicestershire and Rutland in response to the covid-19 outbreak.

4. Transport: East Midlands
asked by: John Hayes
... if he will make a comparative assessment of the Government's per capita transport spending in (a) the East Midlands and (b) Lincolnshire in relation to other UK regions and counties in the most recent period for which that information is available.

5. East Midlands Railway
asked by: Lord Bradshaw
...To ask Her Majesty's Government what assessment they have made of the impact on greenhouse gas emissions of their decision that East Midlands Trains should order 165 new bi-mode vehicles to fulfil their franchise commitment as compared with an all-electric fleet using renewable energy.

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9 Current APPG Officers
Luke Evans Portrait
Luke Evans
Vice Chair
Conservative - Bosworth
Joined: 24th February 2020
No other APPG Memberships
Darren Henry Portrait
Darren Henry
Vice Chair
Conservative - Broxtowe
Joined: 24th February 2020
Tom Randall Portrait
Tom Randall
Vice Chair
Conservative - Gedling
Joined: 24th February 2020
Mark Fletcher Portrait
Mark Fletcher
Vice Chair
Conservative - Bolsover
Joined: 24th February 2020
Claudia Webbe Portrait
Claudia Webbe
Vice Chair
Independent - Leicester East
Joined: 24th February 2020
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Alex Norris MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Tel: 0207 219 3899.

Email: alex.norris.mp@parliament.uk

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Lord Coaker Portrait
Lord Coaker
Vice Chair
Labour - Life peer
Joined: 14th March 2018
Departed: 5th November 2019
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Lord McLoughlin
Vice Chair
Conservative - Life peer
Joined: 8th May 2019
Departed: 5th November 2019
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Toby Perkins
Vice Chair
Labour - Chesterfield
Joined: 8th May 2019
Departed: 5th November 2019
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Chris Leslie
Vice Chair
The Independent Group for Change - Former Member for Nottingham East
Joined: 14th March 2018
Departed: 27th March 2019
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Baroness Morgan of Cotes
Vice Chair
Conservative - Life peer
Joined: 14th March 2018
Departed: 27th March 2019
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David Tredinnick
Vice Chair
Conservative - Former Member for Bosworth
Joined: 14th March 2018
Departed: 27th March 2019
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Maggie Throup
Vice Chair
Conservative - Erewash
Joined: 14th March 2018
Departed: 27th March 2019
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Karen Lee
Vice Chair
Labour - Former Member for Lincoln
Joined: 14th March 2018
Departed: 27th March 2019
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