Prevent gyms closing due to a spike in Covid 19 cases

In the event of a spike we would like you not to close gyms as a measure to stop any spread of Covid. Also for gyms to not be put in the same group as pubs in terms of risk or importance. Gyms are following strict guidelines and most members are following rules in a sober manner.

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The gyms are a huge benefit for users, not just physically but mentally too. There are studies that show physical exercise can be a great boost to the immune system and releases endorphins which can prevent stress and a chain of mental illnesses. In such a stressful time people need a viable way to exercise. Using home equipment just isn’t sufficient, unless every person in the UK has hundreds of pounds to pay out on equipment (much of which has increased in price since the pandemic).

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5,230 1.37% Kim Johnson Labour
Liverpool, Riverside
4,197 1.10% Maria Eagle Labour
Garston and Halewood
3,901 1.02% Sir George Howarth Labour
3,411 0.90% Ms Angela Eagle Labour
3,399 0.89% Peter Dowd Labour
3,280 0.86% Paula Barker Labour
Liverpool, Wavertree
3,215 0.84% Ian Byrne Labour
Liverpool, West Derby
3,042 0.80% Dan Carden Labour
Liverpool, Walton
3,010 0.79% Lord Field of Birkenhead Independent
2,978 0.78% Bill Esterson Labour
Sefton Central
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