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Open Petition since 5th January 2024

Hold a parliamentary vote on assisted dying - 199,504 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 247,661 - 630 added in the past 24hrs)

This petition calls for the Government to allocate Parliamentary time for assisted dying to be fully debated in the House of Commons and to give MPs a vote on the issue. Terminally ill people who are mentally sound and near the end of their lives should not suffer unbearably against their will.

The Government responsed to this petition on 22nd February 2024 (View Full Response)
It remains the Government’s view that any change to the law in this sensitive area is a matter for Parliament to decide.
Open Petition since 1st November 2023

Stop the implementation of betting affordability/financial risk checks - 103,503 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 103,521 - 2 added in the past 24hrs)

We want the Government to abandon the planned implementation of affordability checks for some people who want to place a bet. We believe such checks – which could include assessing whether people are ‘at risk of harm' based on their postcode or job title – are inappropriate and discriminatory.

Debate: This petition was debated in Westminster Hall on 26th February 2024

The Government responsed to this petition on 16th November 2023 (View Full Response)
We are committed to a proportionate, frictionless system of financial risk checks, to protect those at risk of harm without over regulating. The Gambling Commission will set out plans in due course.
Open Petition since 3rd April 2024

Ban the sale of used power tools at car boot sales and markets - 26,278 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 98,679 - 435 added in the past 24hrs)

We think car boot sales and markets are a major reason for tool theft from vans. Many tradespeople have their van broken into and have their tools stolen, which can deprive them of their livelihood. Replacing tools is not cheap, and we want the Government to take action to tackle tool theft.

The Government responsed to this petition on 17th April 2024 (View Full Response)
The Government has no plans for such a sales ban, but recognises the impact of this crime, and is consulting on how new law and other crime prevention measures can best protect a van and its contents.
Open Petition since 10th April 2024

Create a new body to regulate service charges for residential property - 12,303 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 98,676 - 498 added in the past 24hrs)

We want the Government to create a new body that is empowered to monitor and regulate private, council, and housing association service charges, and impose meaningful penalties for unfair or unreasonable service charges.

Open Petition since 13th December 2023

Don’t increase the income requirement for family visas to £38,700 - 74,557 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 82,450 - 145 added in the past 24hrs)

Currently the financial requirements to bring your spouse to the UK is £18,600 per year and now the Government wants to more than double it. Most people in the UK don’t make that per year. We believe this policy punishes those who fall in love with someone with a different nationality.

The Government responsed to this petition on 10th January 2024 (View Full Response)
The Government intends to raise the MIR in line with the general salary threshold for skilled workers, but will do so in stages to provide predictability for families, starting in spring 2024.
Open Petition since 15th November 2023

Fund continued access to modulators drugs for Cystic Fibrosis patients - 71,539 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 71,782 - 10 added in the past 24hrs)

Please help cystic fibrosis patients have continual access to life-changing modulator medication, after the news on the 3rd November from NICE that it believes these clinically proven medications are not cost effective for the NHS to use.

The Government responsed to this petition on 8th December 2023 (View Full Response)
Existing patients will be eligible for continued treatment during and following the NICE evaluation. NICE is working with all parties to address the issues raised in its draft guidance.
Open Petition since 14th February 2024

Don’t ban flavoured e-liquids for e-cigarettes - 51,953 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 65,427 - 123 added in the past 24hrs)

We would like the Government to not ban flavoured e-liquids for e-cigarettes. We believe the vaping industry has helped many people quit cigarettes which contain tobacco - a product which is single handily responsible for over 8 million deaths a year across the globe (estimated by WHO).

The Government responsed to this petition on 12th March 2024 (View Full Response)
To address the rise in youth vaping, vape flavours that appeal to children will be restricted. We will consult further, being mindful of the role flavours can play in supporting adult smokers quit.
Open Petition since 9th November 2023

Delay the ban on rehoming and owning XL Bully dogs for 18 months - 65,156 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 65,278 - 8 added in the past 24hrs)

XL Bully dogs cannot be rehomed after 31/12/23, and will be illegal to own without an exemption certificate from 1/2/24. As a result many Bully dogs are being abandoned or placed in rescue. We want more time for owners to rehome or get exemptions, to avoid dogs being euthanised unnecessarily.

The Government responsed to this petition on 6th February 2024 (View Full Response)
Following a concerning rise in attacks and fatalities caused by XL Bully type dogs, the Government has acted decisively to ban this breed under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.
Open Petition since 15th January 2024

Offer the State Pension to all at 60, increase to equal 48hrs at the Living Wage - 56,026 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 62,879 - 322 added in the past 24hrs)

We want the Government to make the State Pension available from the age of 60, and increase this to equal 48 hours at the National Living Wage. Hence from April 2024 a universal State Pension should be £549.12 per week or £28,554.24 per year as a right to all, age 60 and above.

The Government responsed to this petition on 30th January 2024 (View Full Response)
The Government has no plans to increase the State Pension to equal 48 hours at the National Living Wage or to be made available from age 60.
Open Petition since 14th March 2024

Introduce new legal requirements for vets prior to euthanasia of dogs & cats - 16,212 Signatures
(Estimated Final Signatures: 62,390 - 1,408 added in the past 24hrs)

Despite changes to the RCVS Code of Conduct dogs/cats can still legally be euthanised without being scanned. In non-emergencies, we want vets to be legally required to scan microchips prior to euthanasia for RBU and confirm the person presenting the animal is registered on the microchip.