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General Committees
Draft Passport (Fees) Regulations 2022 - Thu 26 May 2022
Home Office

1: Kevin Foster (CON - Torbay) At the moment, they are working hard to process approximately 250,000 applications per week, and have - Speech Link
2: Sarah Jones (LAB - Croydon Central) How many applications are currently missing the seven-day deadline? - Speech Link
3: Stuart C McDonald (SNP - Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East) To our mind, that argument could be made in relation to visit visas, for example, but this is something - Speech Link
4: Kevin Foster (CON - Torbay) I have been asked about getting through 9.5 million applications this year. - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Evacuations from Afghanistan - Thu 26 May 2022
No Department present

1: Stephen Timms (LAB - East Ham) British citizens’ relatives who are trapped in Afghanistan cannot apply for visas to come to the UK because - Speech Link
2: Seema Malhotra (LAB - Feltham and Heston) Secondly, will he make life easier for those seeking to apply for visas for which they are eligible? - Speech Link

Westminster Hall
Agriculture Sector: Recruitment Support - Wed 25 May 2022
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

1: Wendy Chamberlain (LDEM - North East Fife) more visas, but as yet they have not been released. - Speech Link
2: Victoria Prentis (CON - Banbury) I remind Members that this is the only such route for visa applications, because the Government recognise - Speech Link
3: Victoria Prentis (CON - Banbury) Members around the country, the 10,000 visas will be forthcoming. - Speech Link

Grand Committee
AI in the UK (Liaison Committee Report) - Wed 25 May 2022
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

1: Lord Clement-Jones (LDEM - Life peer) consider the entire AI lifecycle.We need to consider particularly what regulation is appropriate for those applications - Speech Link
2: Lord Bilimoria (CB - Life peer) At that stage, it mentioned that the number of visas for people with valuable skills in AI-related areas - Speech Link
3: Lord St John of Bletso (CB - Excepted Hereditary) planning to deploy 500 drones to carry parcels to remote locations.Are we building AI to the right applications - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Ukraine - Wed 25 May 2022
Ministry of Defence

1: Janet Daby (LAB - Lewisham East) They are a family of five, but their children have been unsuccessful in obtaining visas. - Speech Link
2: Jeremy Quin (CON - Horsham) has visited in Sweden and Finland to agree increased co-operation on security, and to discuss their applications - Speech Link
3: James Cleverly (CON - Braintree) Members highlighted one of the by-products of Russia’s aggression: Finland and Sweden’s applications - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Foreign National Offender Removal Flights - Wed 18 May 2022
Home Office

1: Diana Johnson (LAB - Kingston upon Hull North) pressure on the Home Office—including 100,000 asylum claims outstanding, delays in processing Ukraine visas - Speech Link
2: Andrew Murrison (CON - South West Wiltshire) Will he consider perhaps denying visas to the nationals of those countries until they engage? - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Oral Answers to Questions - Mon 16 May 2022
Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities

1: Stuart Andrew (CON - Pudsey) Residents of Crawley are able to comment on that, as well as on any subsequent planning applications. - Speech Link
2: Stuart Andrew (CON - Pudsey) area, including the types of housing they need; and to strengthen enforcement issues around planning applications - Speech Link
3: Lisa Nandy (LAB - Wigan) He could not get visas from the Home Secretary. - Speech Link
4: Michael Gove (CON - Surrey Heath) As well as criminal record and police national computer checks before visas are granted, there are vetting - Speech Link
5: Bill Esterson (LAB - Sefton Central) One of my constituents wants to sponsor a family of Ukrainian children, but the pause in applications - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
HM Passport Office: Backlogs - Thu 12 May 2022
Home Office

1: Baroness Williams of Trafford (CON - Life peer) Some 9.5 million applications are expected in 2022, compared with approximately 7 million in a normal - Speech Link
2: Lord Ponsonby of Shulbrede (LAB - Life peer) We also believe that the surge in applications for passports was wholly predictable. - Speech Link
3: Baroness Williams of Trafford (CON - Life peer) As I said, HMPO processes 7 million passport applications in a normal year. - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
HM Passport Office Backlogs - Thu 12 May 2022
Home Office

1: Tom Pursglove (CON - Corby) Due to covid-19, more than 5 million people delayed their passport applications in 2020 and 2021. - Speech Link
2: Tom Pursglove (CON - Corby) of applications issued within six weeks between January and March 2022. - Speech Link
3: Stuart C McDonald (SNP - Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East) When will the Passport Office have enough staff to process sufficient applications? - Speech Link
4: Marsha De Cordova (LAB - Battersea) He needs to apply for visas. He has already spent thousands of pounds on his holiday. - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Preventing Crime and Delivering Justice - Wed 11 May 2022
Home Office

1: Priti Patel (CON - Witham) of work taking place operationally with Her Majesty’s Passport Office in dealing with passports and applications - Speech Link
2: Yvette Cooper (LAB - Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford) There have been 80,000 applications to Homes for Ukraine, but only 19,000 people have arrived. - Speech Link
3: Yvette Cooper (LAB - Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford) However, the facts are clear: there have been 80,000 applications, but there are only 19,000 people here - Speech Link
4: Lloyd Russell-Moyle (LAB - Brighton, Kemptown) cases I have dealt with, but some of these I heard of through the media—of the Home Office issuing visas - Speech Link
5: Yvette Cooper (LAB - Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford) That Home Office Ministers think it is somehow a triumph to take four weeks to issue basic visas to people - Speech Link