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To facilitate an informed debate amongst parliamentarians regarding all aspects of the UK's railway industries.

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Recent Documents related to Rail

1. HS2 Ltd business expense, travel costs and hospitality: January to March 2019
17/07/2020 - High Speed Two (HS2) Limited (HS2 Ltd)
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Found: Chris Rayner Director of Infrastructure 02/01/2019 Rail Birmingham New Street London Euston Standard 178

2. HS2 Ltd business expense, travel costs and hospitality: July to September 2019
14/08/2020 - High Speed Two (HS2) Limited (HS2 Ltd)
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Found: Strategic Director of Stakeholder Engagement 19/08/2019 Rail Reading Birmingham New Street Standard 60.80 £

3. HS2 Ltd business expense, travel costs and hospitality: April to June 2019
31/07/2020 - High Speed Two (HS2) Limited (HS2 Ltd)
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Found: Chris Rayner Director of Infrastructure 05/04/2019 Rail London Euston Birmingham New Street Standard 58

4. HMRC senior officials travel report
11/10/2019 - HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)
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Found: Attend HMRC Respect at Work working group meeting Rail Standard £0.00 £0.00 £51.00 £0.00 David Bunting

5. HS2 Ltd business expense, travel costs and hospitality: October to December 2019
28/08/2020 - High Speed Two (HS2) Limited (HS2 Ltd)
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Found: of Stakeholder Engagement 03/10/2019 12/11/2019 Rail Reading Coventry Standard 10.00 £

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Recent Speeches related to Rail

1. Suggitt’s Lane Level Crossing
04/06/2019 - Westminster Hall

1: broader context of the accountability of Network Rail, a nationalised company that, on this issue, seems - Speech Link

2. Railways: Electrification
19/01/2021 - Lords Chamber

1: diesel use from rail connections to ports and quarries is not available. However, Network Rail analysis suggests - Speech Link
2: long-term plan. However, we are informed by the Network Rail-led traction decarbonisation network strategy, which - Speech Link
3: idling. We continue to work with the rail freight industry and the Rail Safety and Standards Board to look - Speech Link
4: electrification programme, which goes through the rail network enhancements pipeline to make sure that - Speech Link
5: long-term electrification plan. That is exactly what the rail network enhancements pipeline is: it looks at all - Speech Link
6: decarbonisation network strategy states that the UK rail freight sector will be largely diesel-free by 2050 - Speech Link
7: Government are in frequent discussions with the rail freight sector. This is an important element of - Speech Link

3. Hinckley National Rail Freight Interchange
11/02/2020 - Westminster Hall

1: considered the proposal for the Hinckley national rail freight interchange in South Leicestershire.It - Speech Link
2: because he has yet to make his maiden speech. The rail freight interchange will have as much of an impact - Speech Link
3: environmental benefit in getting freight off roads and on to rail, and should a study be done to try to demonstrate - Speech Link
4: freight off our principal road arteries and on to rail, but the concern about this specific proposal is - Speech Link
5: me for my constituency, however, is that if the rail freight hub went ahead, there would be more congestion - Speech Link
6: Member for Bosworth (Dr Evans), while the proposed rail hub would be only a few miles north. To give hon - Speech Link

4. Railway Connectivity: East to West Midlands
19/06/2019 - Westminster Hall

1: about the pressing need to invest properly in our rail network. I am glad that several hon. Members from - Speech Link
2: latest statistics show that £70 per head is spent on rail infrastructure in the east midlands and more than - Speech Link
3: securing the debate. HS2 is often seen as a north-south rail project, but does he agree that reducing the journey - Speech Link
4: benefits to the region—the debate is about east-west rail links—for my constituents, the east-west connection - Speech Link

5. Rail Infrastructure Investment
17/01/2019 - Westminster Hall

1: considered the Fourth Report of the Transport Committee, Rail infrastructure investment, HC 582, and the Government - Speech Link
2: considered the Fourth Report of the Transport Committee, Rail infrastructure investment, HC 582, and the Government - Speech Link

6. Colne to Skipton Railway Link
29/10/2019 - Westminster Hall

1: interesting that the Government have sent the heavy rail Minister to respond to the debate. I hope he will - Speech Link
2: is what we should subsidise. We should subsidise rail investment and the railways if we want to lift people - Speech Link
3: schemes that the Government are considering for rail line reinstatement. The campaign has more than 500 - Speech Link
4: manufacturing hub, why do we not have a freight rail link in? Why are we not investing in this line and - Speech Link

7. Oral Answers to Questions
30/01/2020 - Commons Chamber

1: infrastructure and lacklustre investment that cripple our rail network. Northerners are frequently promised investment - Speech Link
2: £48 billion on rail over the next five years, not including Northern Powerhouse Rail. We are spending - Speech Link
3: that level of ambition is needed to modernise the rail network? If the Government match that ambition, - Speech Link
4: Gentleman will join us in welcoming the Williams rail review which, among other things, will do so much - Speech Link
5: Burscough curves line would not only give Southport rail users greater access to the network, but contribute - Speech Link

8. Southern Heathrow Rail Link
22/07/2020 - Commons Chamber

1: benefits of a southern Heathrow rail link. My belief is that a southern rail link fits exactly with the spirit - Speech Link
2: Council put forward a proposed route for southern rail access to Heathrow from London and Surrey, including - Speech Link
3: speech about an incredibly important topic. A direct rail link from Guildford to Heathrow would make a massive - Speech Link
4: Europe.With such a blindingly obvious need for rail access to Heathrow from the south, there have been - Speech Link

9. Radlett Airfield Site
01/09/2020 - Commons Chamber

1: Government decided that a hugely damaging strategic rail freight interchange should be built on the site - Speech Link

10. Railways: Fares
29/10/2018 - Lords Chamber

1: plans to roll out the 26-30 railcard, while the rail review’s recommendations will support the delivery - Speech Link
2: in the Budget shortly but we are well aware that rail fares take a large part of people’s income. That - Speech Link
3: My Lords, the Government say that they have cheap rail tickets for young people and for old people. What - Speech Link
4: are looking at how we can make fares fairer. The Rail Delivery Group recently consulted on easier fares - Speech Link
5: sensible for Her Majesty’s Government to consider any rail increases based solely on CPI in the future? - Speech Link
6: but, to be sustainable, income and costs to the rail industry must change in parallel. We are seeing - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Rail
1. Railways: Emergency Recovery Measures Agreements
asked by: Marsha De Cordova
... whether the rail Emergency Recovery Measures Agreements allow rail operators to seek dispensations or exemptions from Rail Vehicle Accessibility Regulations 2010 compliance.

2. Railways: Wales
asked by: Jessica Morden
... whether (a) devolution of powers over rail infrastructure and (b) increased rail infrastructure funding for Wales will be considered in the Williams Rail Review.

3. Rail Delivery Group: Membership
asked by: Andy McDonald
... how much (a) Network Rail and (b) Direct Rail Services have spent on Rail Delivery Group membership fees since October 2016.

4. Railways: Kettering
asked by: Philip Hollobone
...If the Rail Minister will meet the Kettering Rail Users Group.

5. Railway Stations: Access
asked by: Gavin Newlands
... are introduced to improve access to information on accessibility across the rail network; and if he will make a statement.

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