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Westminster Hall
COP26 Conference Priorities - Thu 22 Jul 2021
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

1: environment, our quality of life, the economy and the wider world as we export good policy and technologies overseas - Link
2: ensure that it is delivered as grants, rather than loans, and does she recognise that by slashing our aid - Link
3: Yesterday, in the Select Committee on Science and Technology, we learned that the hydrogen strategy will - Link
4: The cut to the UK aid budget has already been mentioned, but many SIDS do not qualify for official development - Link
5: aid budget has caused to our standing with those on the frontline of the climate crisis. - Link

Commons Chamber
Nationality and Borders Bill - Tue 20 Jul 2021
Home Office

1: We should be proud of our record on overseas aid contributions and to have resettled more refugees than - Link
2: the opportunity in my engagement with the Minister to highlight a report—HC 158—that issued from the Select - Link
3: From the cuts to aid budgets to this two-tiered refugee system, this Tory Government are pushing their - Link
4: I declare an interest, as my partner is an overseas NHS worker. - Link
5: Do the maths: we need overseas labour. - Link
6: It is to slash the funding for international aid, with a devastating impact on the programmes that support - Link
7: the steps that are being taken against those who are most vulnerable, those who are most requiring aid - Link
8: The Bill is about creating a fairer asylum system, both for those who need aid and for the British public - Link

Commons Chamber
Armed Forces Bill - Tue 13 Jul 2021
Cabinet Office

1: [Relevant document: Select Committee on the Armed Forces Bill, Special Report of Session 2019-21: - Link
2: from such subscriptions;(c) with respect to the manner in which representations may be made by committees - Link
3: As Chair of the Select Committee on the Armed Forces Bill, I am probably more familiar with this - Link
4: I pay tribute to the people from Fighting With Pride for their evidence to the Select Committee on the - Link
5: Today, unfortunately, it is international aid. - Link
6: The last debate we had, which was on overseas aid, was about soft power: how we use it better to influence - Link

Commons Chamber
Business of the House - Thu 08 Jul 2021
Leader of the House

1: We are actually having a debate on a report produced by one of our most distinguished Select Committees - Link
2: The House simply must have the opportunity to vote on this Government’s overseas aid cuts before the - Link
3: Had the estimate been voted down, the Foreign Office and overseas aid would have run out of money after - Link
4: Friend’s argument to the House is that we should do away with all the aid in order to get more aid. - Link
5: Our overseas aid budget must be what we as a nation can afford. - Link

Lords Chamber
Environment Bill - Wed 07 Jul 2021
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

1: It would be helpful if regional flood and coastal committees were statutory consultees for DWMPs. - Link
2: of compensation risks undermining all of this and might cause more agricultural production to locate overseas—to - Link
3: I also note and pray in aid a number of specific water abstraction rights that our farm in Devon has - Link
4: I should like to say a little more about that because I was the chairman of the Select Committee - Link
5: Many countries across the globe have land-use strategies—even China, as we heard at our Select Committee - Link
6: Government might say that we have the environmental land management scheme, with £2.5 billion worth of state aid - Link
7: Earlier, my noble friend Lady Jones of Whitchurch, mentioned the work of the Environmental Audit Select - Link

Commons Chamber
Dissolution and Calling of Parliament Bill - Tue 06 Jul 2021
Cabinet Office

1: With both Front-Bench teams and three important Committees all in favour of this legislation, we can - Link
2: Indeed, the Committee’s own work and the work of other committees has been a service to that cause. - Link
3: I know that the situation is different with overseas and more postal voters, but surely there are technical - Link
4: Overseas voters may well be very important, but we need to consider how that trades off against the length - Link
5: possible rather than more difficult—putting in extra time for this, that and the other, for coming from overseas - Link
6: the Fixed-term Parliaments Act, had Jo Swinson and the Liberal Democrats not come graciously to the aid - Link
7: I thank the Chairman of the Select Committee, my hon. - Link
8: Vernon Bogdanor, in evidence to Committees along the journey of this Bill, made the point very well. - Link

Commons Chamber
Oral Answers to Questions - Mon 05 Jul 2021
Ministry of Defence

1: Will he work with potential overseas buyers of RAF aircraft to secure technically skilled jobs and provide - Link
2: He had toured overseas during his time in the British Army and was mentioned by his commanding officer - Link
3: I call the Chair of the Select Committee. - Link
4: He chairs the Select Committee, and if the Select Committee wishes to have an inquiry, I will be happy - Link
5: Is it time that the Government woke up to the injustice of our brave Commonwealth and overseas service - Link
6: elections, including provision designed to strengthen the integrity of the electoral process; about overseas - Link

Lords Chamber
UK Foreign Aid Programme - Thu 01 Jul 2021
No Department present

1: As I told the House of Commons International Development Select Committee earlier this year, Ministers - Link
2: We are lucky in the aid business to have the advantage of several scrutiny committees. - Link
3: We have said many times that overseas aid is about soft power. - Link
4: What we should do instead of that money is to select some worthy, appropriate and feasible targets - Link
5: To reduce our overseas development aid budget is completely contrary to that. - Link
6: It would be much better if the overseas aid budget was retained at 0.7% of GNI. - Link
7: That overseas development funding to China is now being cut by 95%. - Link
8: As a nation’s economy grew, stagnated or slumped, the proportion it spent on overseas aid would remain - Link

Commons Chamber
Official Development Assistance and the British Council - Wed 30 Jun 2021
Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

1: It is customary for the Government to consult with relevant Select Committees prior to making - Link
2: I fear that it is reducing the UK’s clout on the world stage, and this cut in overseas aid is - Link
3: If we are going to continue to be respected as a country that leads on overseas aid, it is absolutely - Link
4: or the effect on UK-based overseas aid projects, particularly small-scale initiatives without the robust - Link
5: I regret any cuts to our overseas aid budget and cannot see how they deliver tangible benefits - Link
6: If the UK decides to cut overseas aid, we have to assume that global Britain has, in reality, become - Link
7: To try to suggest that this is somehow a vote on the overseas aid issue is simply disingenuous, and it - Link
8: That is why we have an overseas aid programme. - Link

Lords Chamber
Environment Bill - Mon 28 Jun 2021
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

1: Committees, as the noble Baroness, Lady Neville-Rolfe, mentioned—properly to scrutinise the effects - Link
2: Bills are accompanied by a range of documentation to aid Parliament in its scrutiny of legislation - Link
3: Was it carried out by one, the other or both of those committees? - Link
4: They both went to work for overseas bodies, one as an ambassador and the other as an ambassador within - Link
5: Act 2006, and the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission, set up under the Legal Profession and Legal Aid - Link
6: Committees—the Environmental Audit Committee and the EFRA Committee—to take evidence from the chairman - Link
7: That way, the Select Committees and the National Audit Office can check on performance. - Link

Commons Chamber
Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership - Thu 24 Jun 2021
Department for International Trade

1: We need to get a grip on that because whatever we talk about in the aid debate we are counterbalancing - Link
2: His point struck home about how hollow the international aid debate is when we do not help our partners - Link
3: the CPTPP, what trade partnerships can offer them, and the opportunities to build the British brand overseas - Link
4: There is the joint economic trade committees with Thailand and Indonesia, the agreement to have dialogue - Link

Commons Chamber
Armed Forces Bill - Wed 23 Jun 2021
Cabinet Office

1: from such subscriptions;(c) with respect to the manner in which representations may be made by committees - Link
2: possible care, and have provided funding to Combat Stress and Legion Scotland for mental health first aid - Link
3: I have also been fortunate to sit on the Armed Forces Bill Select Committee. - Link
4: Member for chairing the Select Committee. - Link
5: I visited Veterans Aid yesterday in London, which is a very impressive organisation focused very much - Link
6: Colin climbed Yr Wyddfa, the highest mountain in Wales, blindfolded, in aid of Blind Veterans UK—a feat - Link
7: I worked with aid workers in Bosnia during the war, and I have seen the difference it can make to a whole - Link

Commons Chamber
Coronavirus - Wed 16 Jun 2021
Department of Health and Social Care

1: amended on 25 March, shall have effect until 22 July;and(2) the Order of 24 March 2020 (Select - Link
2: It has been never clearer than with their vote-dodging reduction in overseas aid and that will not be - Link
3: of guidance and law, I hope that the Minister will look at last week’s report by the House of Lords Select - Link
4: Committees (Participation and Reporting) (Temporary Order)) be amended as follows: leave out paragraph - Link

Commons Chamber
Advanced Research and Invention Agency Bill - Mon 07 Jun 2021
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

1: development aid, as raised by my hon. - Link
2: The Osmotherly rules provide guidance on how Government bodies should interact with Select Committees - Link
3: I particularly thank the Chairs of those Committees: the hon. - Link
4: Today’s amendment on overseas development aid—new clause 4—may not have been selected, but the argument - Link
5: I hope that those people, when they are appointed, will come before our Select Committee, not because - Link

Lords Chamber
Environment Bill - Mon 07 Jun 2021
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

1: duty in the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act, following post-legislative scrutiny by a Select - Link
2: I very much welcome what Defra has done with the blue belts for our overseas territories, although enforcement - Link
3: It has already been scrutinised at length by the Commons and in various Select Committees, including - Link
4: I have heard lots of passionate outrage about aid cuts in this House, but surely attempts to curtail - Link
5: That has implications for the global vaccination programme and for overseas aid. - Link
6: Countries change their laws, as does the UK; the 0.7% on aid is a prime example. - Link
7: I forget which noble Lord mentioned the magnificent blue belt around our overseas territories, an area - Link