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Commons Chamber
Global Britain - Thu 30 Jan 2020
Department for International Trade

1: Barry Gardiner (LAB - Brent North) I will happily give way to her if she can. - Speech Link
2: Tobias Ellwood (CON - Bournemouth East) I believe we can win the argument for further investment if we take the nation and Parliament with us - Speech Link
3: Theo Clarke (CON - Stafford) With the Prime Minister’s leadership, 2020 has begun on the best possible note with the UK-Africa investment - Speech Link
4: Peter Bone (CON - Wellingborough) We have only eight in this country, so why not have an extra bank holiday? - Speech Link
5: Peter Bone (CON - Wellingborough) My private Member’s Bill will establish a bank holiday on the Friday nearest to 23 June each year. - Speech Link
6: Stewart Malcolm McDonald (SNP - Glasgow South) We will work that bank holiday if the hon. Gentleman is successful in getting it. - Speech Link
7: Paul Bristow (CON - Peterborough) The Minister talked about a lack of British firms exporting.I wonder if he would give a shout-out to - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Debate on the Address - Wed 21 Jun 2017
Cabinet Office

1: Jeremy Corbyn (IND - Islington North) of State was announced for July, but can the Prime Minister update the House on whether she can still - Speech Link
2: Theresa May (CON - Maidenhead) and starting the formal negotiations on Monday this week. - Speech Link
3: Ian Blackford (SNP - Ross, Skye and Lochaber) If the UK Government chose to increase health spending per head of population in England to the current - Speech Link
4: Lord Clarke of Nottingham (CON - Life peer) I regard the idea of having a second referendum, in case my side might win on this occasion, as a particularly - Speech Link
5: Dominic Grieve (IND - Beaconsfield) this country and the report is due to be published on 3 July. - Speech Link
6: Anne Main (CON - St Albans) it impossible to get affordable insurance on their cars without the bank of mum and dad. - Speech Link
7: Peter Bottomley (CON - Worthing West) a week ago on Monday, when the question first arose, and when 38 Degrees got everyone on its mailing - Speech Link
8: Seema Malhotra (LAB - Feltham and Heston) the 2017 social progress index, published in the past couple of days, which shows the UK ranking 12th - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
UK Industry: International Competitiveness - Thu 05 Jul 2012
Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

1: Lord Jenkin of Roding (CON - Retired on 6 January 2015) In its most recent inflation report, the Bank of England said that the deficit,“alongside other factors - Speech Link
2: Lord Liddle (LAB - Life peer) function: we need a British investment bank. - Speech Link
3: Lord Brooke of Sutton Mandeville (CON - Retired on 18 September 2015) He has, moreover, in the first week of July, given us a whiff of the sense of holiday—even of romance—that - Speech Link
4: Lord Haskel (LAB - Life peer) This year we rank 10th, and two years ago we were 12th. - Speech Link
5: Lord Campbell of Alloway (CON - Deceased - 30 June 2013) Indeed, on Monday the Leader of this House repeated a Statement on the EU Council but there was not a - Speech Link
6: Lord Selsdon (CON - Excepted Hereditary) I can give you one for every year; there is a wonderful book on the history of the Board of Trade. - Speech Link
7: Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint (CB - Life peer) According to the World Bank, the UK ranks seventh in the world for the ease of doing business and second - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
EU: Recent Developments - Thu 16 Feb 2012
Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

1: Lord Radice (LAB - Life peer) if the circumstances were right, there was a strong case for the UK joining the euro. - Speech Link
2: Lord Hamilton of Epsom (CON - Life peer) bills with the new currency that they were issuing on Monday. - Speech Link
3: Lord Newby (LDEM - Life peer) because, as Moody’s reiterated on Monday, the biggest single short-term threat to growth in the UK is - Speech Link
4: Baroness Wheatcroft (CB - Life peer) he has tried to give at this difficult stage for the euro. - Speech Link
5: Lord Judd (LAB - Life peer) The approach is arguably a win-win for donors and recipients. - Speech Link
6: Lord James of Blackheath (CON - Life peer) its audit review to the end of July 2010 on the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. - Speech Link
7: Lord Liddle (LAB - Life peer) Lord Radice, said that it was not time to give up on the euro. - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Amendment of the Law - Wed 23 Mar 2011
HM Treasury

1: Jesse Norman (CON - Hereford and South Herefordshire) When the Governor of the Bank of England was before the Treasury Committee two weeks ago, he and his - Speech Link
2: Stuart Bell (LAB - Middlesbrough) at one stage of attacking or criticising the Governor of the Bank of England. - Speech Link
3: Robert Syms (CON - Poole) The Financial Services Authority was not up to the job, and the Bank of England would have done a better - Speech Link
4: Anne Begg (LAB - Aberdeen South) to 66 for men and women by 2020. - Speech Link
5: Lord Johnson of Marylebone (CON - Life peer) We simply cannot afford to be complacent, as the Governor of the Bank of England made clear in a recent - Speech Link
6: Kevan Jones (LAB - North Durham) The Bank of England is stuck between a rock and hard place. - Speech Link
7: Marcus Jones (CON - Nuneaton) Back in 2008, the Labour Government introduced a stamp duty holiday, but if I recall rightly, they suggested - Speech Link
8: Alison McGovern (LAB - Wirral South) We are also seeing inflationary pressures on the cost of living, which the Governor of the Bank of England - Speech Link
9: Barry Gardiner (LAB - Brent North) in the Lobby on Monday night in the vote on military action in Libya. - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Capital Gains Tax (Rates) - Wed 23 Jun 2010
HM Treasury

1: Vince Cable (LDEM - Twickenham) There is a reason for believing that that is what will happen: the Governor of the Bank of England called - Speech Link
2: Jon Trickett (LAB - Hemsworth) I would be surprised if the Governor of the Bank of England had told the right hon. - Speech Link
3: Jon Trickett (LAB - Hemsworth) On the other hand, it is also clear—I would not claim otherwise—that Labour did not win the election - Speech Link
4: Tobias Ellwood (CON - Bournemouth East) for entering the euro. - Speech Link
5: Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (CON - The Cotswolds) top officials in the Treasury and the Bank of England, study the evidence and conclude that he had been - Speech Link
6: Angela Smith (LDEM - Penistone and Stocksbridge) If I may give the House an update on the score in the England match, it is still 1-0. - Speech Link
7: Caroline Lucas (GRN - Brighton, Pavilion) into clean energy by 2020? - Speech Link
8: Mary Macleod (CON - Brentford and Isleworth) Bank of England, the G20, and many in industry. - Speech Link