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Westminster Hall
Youth Crime and Antisocial Behaviour - Wed 12 Jan 2022
Home Office

1: Laurence Robertson (CON - Tewkesbury) Members that they are asked by the House to have a covid lateral flow test before coming on to the estate - Speech Link
2: Matt Vickers (CON - Stockton South) The causes of youth crime are diverse: education, family breakdown, poor parenting, a lack of creative - Speech Link
3: Matt Vickers (CON - Stockton South) to work in collaboration, which is probably what makes this issue such a difficult one—it is about education - Speech Link
4: Catherine McKinnell (LAB - Newcastle upon Tyne North) to tell us how tough they will be and how harshly they will punish the criminals that we manage to catch - Speech Link
5: Florence Eshalomi (LAB - Vauxhall) We have seen the devastating impact of covid-19 on mental health services for our young people. - Speech Link
6: Jim Shannon (DUP - Strangford) The rates have increased significantly because of the covid-19 pandemic, and some of the figures that - Speech Link
7: Ian Byrne (LAB - Liverpool, West Derby) According to a February 2021 survey by UK Youth on the impact of covid-19 on youth services, 66% of the - Speech Link

Westminster Hall
Access to Radiotherapy - Wed 12 Jan 2022
Department of Health and Social Care

1: Grahame Morris (LAB - Easington) That is a pretty poor report card.That was the state of radiotherapy even before the covid-19 pandemic - Speech Link
2: Chris Bryant (LAB - Rhondda) drugs, chemotherapy or radiotherapy is the right route.My anxieties are that, first, we have a massive catch-up - Speech Link
3: Jim Shannon (DUP - Strangford) It is essential that the budget for Health Education England is confirmed immediately, ensuring an increase - Speech Link
4: Feryal Clark (LAB - Enfield North) In order to justify investment to fund a new and updated machine, NHS trusts are required to conduct - Speech Link
5: Maria Caulfield (CON - Lewes) Health Education England is continuing to take forward the cancer priorities identified in the NHS’s - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill - Wed 12 Jan 2022
Ministry of Justice

1: Lord Marks of Henley-on-Thames (LDEM - Life peer) Lack of opportunities for education, work and recreation, attributable at least in part to the lack of - Speech Link
2: Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb (GRN - Life peer) Prisoners should have improved access to meaningful activities, particularly real work, education and - Speech Link
3: Lord Wolfson of Tredegar (CON - Life peer) and down the country—in a Covid-safe environment. - Speech Link
4: Lord Sharpe of Epsom (CON - Life peer) We also continue to fund the Missing People’s SafeCall service. - Speech Link
5: Earl Attlee (CON - Excepted Hereditary) Does the proposed offence catch a young, affluent male student who has a spare bed or room to offer a - Speech Link
6: Baroness Fox of Buckley (Non-affiliated - Life peer) protests were politically approved of or not.Specifically, this new amendment relates to attitudes to Covid - Speech Link
7: None I was inspired to look into this because of the guidance being issued by the police on Covid. - Speech Link
8: Lord Wolfson of Tredegar (CON - Life peer) The position of trust offences that we are discussing are set out in Sections 16 to 19 of the Sexual - Speech Link
9: Lord Wolfson of Tredegar (CON - Life peer) here is when the law should intervene to prohibit automatically, regardless of the particular 17 or 19 - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Oral Answers to Questions - Wed 12 Jan 2022
Cabinet Office

1: Guy Opperman (CON - Hexham) Lady will know that there is the household support fund, the winter fuel payments, the cold weather payments - Speech Link
2: Rupa Huq (LAB - Ealing Central and Acton) -19 vaccinations where uptake is lower among certain ethnic groups. - Speech Link
3: Kemi Badenoch (CON - Saffron Walden) and £30 million through the culture recovery fund. - Speech Link
4: Rachel Maclean (CON - Redditch) Lady will know that we are delivering a pilot £5 million safety of women at night fund, which focuses - Speech Link
5: Taiwo Owatemi (LAB - Coventry North West) Energy bills are going up, food prices are up and taxes are up. - Speech Link
6: Scott Benton (CON - Blackpool South) Outcomes for people in Blackpool in education, health and employment are among the worst in the whole - Speech Link
7: Keir Starmer (LAB - Holborn and St Pancras) Hannah Brady’s father Shaun was just 55 when he lost his life to covid. - Speech Link
8: Antony Higginbotham (CON - Burnley) Education is one of the biggest factors when it comes to levelling up. - Speech Link
9: Boris Johnson (CON - Uxbridge and South Ruislip) We are investing in education up and down the country. - Speech Link
10: Lindsay Hoyle (Speaker - Chorley) Some Members want to catch my eye, but the longer this question takes, the less time there will be for - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Farming Industry: Support - Tue 11 Jan 2022
No Department present

1: Lord Redesdale (LDEM - Life peer) Of course, this problem has been exacerbated for a number of reasons, such as Covid-related travel restrictions - Speech Link
2: Baroness Harris of Richmond (LDEM - Life peer) would we argue about giving grants to improve productivity, especially around animal welfare and that catch-all - Speech Link
3: Earl of Leicester (CON - Excepted Hereditary) Their principles of education are based on very traditional systems and practices; they have been more - Speech Link
4: Baroness Bloomfield of Hinton Waldrist (CON - Life peer) The unforeseen disruption caused by Covid-19 and EU exit mean that pressures have been felt widely across - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Household Energy Bills: VAT - Tue 11 Jan 2022
HM Treasury

1: Rachel Reeves (LAB - Leeds West) ) No private business may be considered at any sitting to which the provisions of this order apply.(19 - Speech Link
2: Rachel Reeves (LAB - Leeds West) In fact, the Education Secretary said on Sunday that he thinks that oil and gas companies are “struggling - Speech Link
3: Rachel Reeves (LAB - Leeds West) Our plan to make sure that 19 million homes are warm and well insulated will save households £400 not - Speech Link
4: Jonathan Gullis (CON - Stoke-on-Trent North) Government that have delivered £56 million from the levelling-up fund, £29 million from the transforming - Speech Link
5: Simon Clarke (CON - Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland) We have provided nearly £5 billion for schools catch-up and we are rewarding our valued NHS and care - Speech Link
6: Alan Brown (SNP - Kilmarnock and Loudoun) For all these years, the SNP has called for an oil and gas fund to be set up, which could have been utilised - Speech Link
7: Gill Furniss (LAB - Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough) -19 pandemic has exacerbated the stark inequalities in our society. - Speech Link
8: Edward Miliband (LAB - Doncaster North) The Education Secretary—I had to double and triple-check this quote—said:“A windfall tax on oil and gas - Speech Link

Public Bill Committees
Dormant Assets Bill [ Lords ] (First sitting) - Tue 11 Jan 2022
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

1: None I also remind Members that they have been asked by the House to have a covid lateral flow test twice - Speech Link
2: None Other Members are then free to catch my eye to speak on any or all of the amendments within the group - Speech Link
3: Alex Davies-Jones (LAB - Pontypridd) Robust financial modelling set up under Labour has protected the fund so far, but it must be kept under - Speech Link
4: Nigel Huddleston (CON - Mid Worcestershire) Clause 19 is an important clause. - Speech Link
5: Nigel Huddleston (CON - Mid Worcestershire) could be included in future versions of the dormant asset scheme.Question put and agreed to.Clause 19 - Speech Link
6: Jeff Smith (LAB - Manchester, Withington) In some cases, they are firming up in legislation what is already happening in practice. - Speech Link
7: Nigel Huddleston (CON - Mid Worcestershire) that transferred it becomes insolvent or winds up. - Speech Link
8: Nigel Huddleston (CON - Mid Worcestershire) being set up without Treasury consent and ensuring that the reclaim fund for the scheme is fit for purpose - Speech Link
9: Nigel Huddleston (CON - Mid Worcestershire) investments have been made to target support for vulnerable young people, those not in employment, education - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Business of the House - Thu 06 Jan 2022
Leader of the House

1: Jacob Rees-Mogg (CON - North East Somerset) catch-up and mental health recovery programmes, followed by a general debate on the report of the Joint - Speech Link
2: Jacob Rees-Mogg (CON - North East Somerset) Levelling-up funding is allocated to help level up. - Speech Link
3: Jacob Rees-Mogg (CON - North East Somerset) Taxpayers have provided an extra £5.4 billion to the NHS to respond to covid-19 over the next six months - Speech Link
4: Jacob Rees-Mogg (CON - North East Somerset) the skills bootcamps and free level 3 courses for jobs, which are funding by the new national skills fund - Speech Link
5: Miriam Cates (CON - Penistone and Stocksbridge) Friend the Member for Dewsbury (Mark Eastwood) and I submitted a bid to the levelling-up fund to upgrade - Speech Link
6: Jacob Rees-Mogg (CON - North East Somerset) I must warn Members that not every levelling-up fund application is successful, but I should also say - Speech Link
7: Jacob Rees-Mogg (CON - North East Somerset) Friend the Education Secretary. - Speech Link
8: Jacob Rees-Mogg (CON - North East Somerset) But there is targeted support for those being hit most, such as the £500 million household support fund - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Covid-19 - Thu 06 Jan 2022
Leader of the House

1: Lord Newby (LDEM - Life peer) It is clear that there will be further disruption for many school pupils who have yet to catch up on - Speech Link
2: Baroness Evans of Bowes Park (CON - Life peer) sector on that.In relation to catch-up, the noble Lord is absolutely right. - Speech Link
3: Baroness Evans of Bowes Park (CON - Life peer) businesses, and provided an additional £30 million for the Culture Recovery Fund. - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Nationality and Borders Bill
2nd reading - Wed 05 Jan 2022
Home Office

1: Lord Wolfson of Tredegar (CON - Life peer) Because of Covid, efforts to move people through the system, and to remove them from the country, have - Speech Link
2: Lord Rosser (LAB - Life peer) The Government are continually playing catch-up, as organised criminal networks find new ways to exploit - Speech Link
3: Lord Paddick (LDEM - Life peer) prove they were coming to the UK for a legitimate reason, had somewhere to live and had enough money to fund - Speech Link
4: Lord Marlesford (CON - Life peer) costs and risks of the journey worth while.Three crucial components in quality of life are healthcare, education - Speech Link
5: Lord Alton of Liverpool (CB - Life peer) Theresa May told the Commons:“If we are to stop modern slavery, we must ensure that we catch the perpetrators - Speech Link
6: Lord Ponsonby of Shulbrede (LAB - Life peer) Option one is that the Home Office could issue the refugee with a priority removal notice under Clause 19 - Speech Link
7: Baroness Neville-Rolfe (CON - Life peer) This is not only reprehensible, it puts a huge and needless strain on our hard-pressed care and education - Speech Link
8: Baroness Warsi (CON - Life peer) noble friend Lord Moylan is absolutely right that Labour sowed the seeds of what we now reap—into a catch-all - Speech Link
9: Baroness Hamwee (LDEM - Life peer) practice—the funding structures and rates, and the refusal of the Legal Aid Agency, as I understand it, to fund - Speech Link

Public Bill Committees
Finance (No. 2) Bill (Third sitting) - Wed 05 Jan 2022
HM Treasury

1: None I remind Members that they are asked by the House to have a covid lateral flow test twice a week if coming - Speech Link
2: James Murray (LAB - Ealing North) clause states that the tax is to“ensure that the largest developers make a fair contribution to help fund - Speech Link
3: James Murray (LAB - Ealing North) Discussions with Clerks about whether new clause 19 was selectable drew out the fact that the residential - Speech Link
4: None accommodation would reasonably expect to inhabit the property for at least 165 days a year for the purposes of education - Speech Link
5: Lucy Frazer (CON - South East Cambridgeshire) He will know that, when coming up with this policy, we thought carefully about what should and should - Speech Link
6: Lucy Frazer (CON - South East Cambridgeshire) seem complicated at first glance, it will ensure that where a non-taxable investor, such as a pension fund - Speech Link
7: Helen Whately (CON - Faversham and Mid Kent) that revenue from motoring taxes keeps pace with this change, to make sure that we can continue to fund - Speech Link
8: Abena Oppong-Asare (LAB - Erith and Thamesmead) It is a truly significant amount of Government revenue, equivalent to nearly half the Education budget - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Covid-19 Update - Wed 05 Jan 2022
Cabinet Office

1: Angela Rayner (LAB - Ashton-under-Lyne) the covid-19 testing programme. - Speech Link
2: Boris Johnson (CON - Uxbridge and South Ruislip) made this possible, and let us be in no doubt that they would have kept this country in lockdown from 19 - Speech Link
3: Ed Davey (LDEM - Kingston and Surbiton) So will the Prime Minister do the right thing and properly fund a catch-up programme, starting by providing - Speech Link
4: Boris Johnson (CON - Uxbridge and South Ruislip) Gentleman is wrong in what he says about catch-up. We are investing massively in catch-up. - Speech Link
5: Boris Johnson (CON - Uxbridge and South Ruislip) that some families are finding it very tough at the moment—is increasing the £500 million hardship fund - Speech Link
6: Aaron Bell (CON - Newcastle-under-Lyme) On 19 December, he said that the Government need to “act now” and Labour called for actions before Boxing - Speech Link
7: Boris Johnson (CON - Uxbridge and South Ruislip) Yes, and that is why we have the NHS and social care fund. - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Education: Return in January - Wed 05 Jan 2022
Department for Education

1: Nadhim Zahawi (CON - Stratford-on-Avon) Lady has clearly not had much experience of operationalising.Some £5 billion is going into catch-up and - Speech Link
2: Meg Hillier (LAB - Hackney South and Shoreditch) With the catch-up teachers—the retired teachers—coming back, who is funding them and how long will that - Speech Link
3: Nadhim Zahawi (CON - Stratford-on-Avon) I mentioned in my statement the covid fund that we have made available, which we have extended further - Speech Link
4: Nadhim Zahawi (CON - Stratford-on-Avon) Those students who have the least time left in education—that is, 16 to 19-year-olds—are getting, in - Speech Link
5: Jim Shannon (DUP - Strangford) Furthermore, will additional funding be available for schools to run catch-up classes as and when they - Speech Link
6: Nadhim Zahawi (CON - Stratford-on-Avon) Of course, I also spoke about the £5 billion of catch-up funding. - Speech Link
7: Luke Evans (CON - Bosworth) Friend the Member for Rugby (Mark Pawsey) about the £4.9 billion for catch-up. - Speech Link
8: Nadhim Zahawi (CON - Stratford-on-Avon) That is what we are doing as part of catch-up for 16 to 19-year-olds, who have the least time left in - Speech Link

Westminster Hall
New Homes: Developers, Housebuilders and Management Companies - Wed 05 Jan 2022
Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities

1: Justin Madders (LAB - Ellesmere Port and Neston) austerity, simply do not have the powers and resources to keep up.By the time the council manages to catch - Speech Link
2: Jim Shannon (DUP - Strangford) financial commitment to infrastructure, including roads, and set land aside for leisure, shopping and education - Speech Link
3: Mark Francois (CON - Rayleigh and Wickford) That is done deliberately to keep prices up. - Speech Link
4: Holly Lynch (LAB - Halifax) In one of his emails, he said:“When the world is uniting to help front line NHS workers to deal with COVID - Speech Link
5: Eddie Hughes (CON - Walsall North) Section 106 agreements of around £1 billion towards infrastructure were agreed in 2018-19. - Speech Link

Westminster Hall
National Food Strategy and Public Health - Wed 15 Dec 2021
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

1: Jo Gideon (CON - Stoke-on-Trent Central) The report added:“The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the need, and provided the opportunity, for the - Speech Link
2: Robert Halfon (CON - Harlow) have to make certain that there is a laser beam of focus continually aimed at prioritising academic catch-up - Speech Link
3: Jim Shannon (DUP - Strangford) -19 pandemic, as the hon. - Speech Link
4: Andrew Selous (CON - South West Bedfordshire) In 2018, a scientist called Monteiro did a report across 19 European countries that showed that a 10% - Speech Link
5: Jo Churchill (CON - Bury St Edmunds) -19, which has driven greater problems into the system. - Speech Link
6: Robert Halfon (CON - Harlow) and food hunger, will she personally lobby the Treasury to ensure that we can use the sugar tax to fund - Speech Link
7: Jo Churchill (CON - Bury St Edmunds) There are some brilliant schools, but some really need to catch up with making sure our children have - Speech Link