All Debators for the Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Act 2018 - Private Members' Bill (Ballot Bill)

Labour Justin Madders (View contribution) 1599 words Catherine West (View contribution) 578 words Sarah Jones (View contribution) 301 words Clive Lewis (View contribution) 249 words Helen Hayes (View contribution) 206 words Afzal Khan (View contribution) 132 words Paul Flynn 119 words Marie Rimmer (View contribution) 113 words Ruth George 97 words Nick Thomas-Symonds (View contribution) 81 words David Hanson 70 words Karen Lee 54 words Alan Campbell (View contribution) 48 words Mr Jim Cunningham 37 words Rosie Winterton (View contribution) 19 words
Labour (Co-op) Steve Reed (View contribution) 10291 words Dr David Drew 155 words Meg Hillier (View contribution) 141 words Gareth Snell 87 words Barry Sheerman (View contribution) 60 words
Liberal Democrat Norman Lamb 2542 words Luciana Berger 1208 words Wera Hobhouse (View contribution) 138 words
Speaker John Bercow 5081 words Lindsay Hoyle (View contribution) 144 words