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To ensure that Open Banking delivers maximum benefit and value to consumers, businesses and government; promotes effective competition and choice; reduces the cost of payments; supports innovation; and ensures that customers benefit from technological advances, and that new entrants and smaller providers can compete more fairly.

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Recent Documents related to Open Banking and Payments

1. Payments UK
27/11/2019 - Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)
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Found: 07 June 2016 From: Payments UK CMA Retail Banking Market Investigation Payments UK 2 Thomas More

2. Baringa
27/11/2019 - Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)
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Found: proposed to improve competition within the retail banking market. As a consultancy in the UK f inancial

3. Payments Landscape Review: Call for Evidence
28/07/2020 - HM Treasury
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Found: Payments Landscape Review : Call for Evidence July 2020 Payments Landscape

4. Open Banking: banking but not as we know it?
26/01/2018 - Parliamentary Research

Found: PAPER Number 08215, 26 January 2018 Open Banking: banking but not as we know it? By Timothy Edmonds

5. Electronic Money Association
27/11/2019 - Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)
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Found: Professor Alasdair Smith ChairmanRetail Banking Market Investigation Competition and Markets Authority

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Recent Speeches related to Open Banking and Payments

1. Financial Exclusion
04/07/2018 - Lords Chamber

1: face-to-face banking services and free access to cash. The Government recognise that banking and ways of - Speech Link
2: agree that the increasing lack of face-to-face banking services, particularly in rural areas, not only - Speech Link
3: go down to 20% by 2026. As I say, the way that banking is carried out is changing. However, we recognise - Speech Link

2. Financial Exclusion: Access to Cash
21/05/2019 - Westminster Hall

1: misalignment of incentives between individual banking institutions seeking to shed their costly physical - Speech Link
2: ensure more free cash machines supported by the banking system, which I hope the Treasury will take on - Speech Link
3: wholesale cash infrastructure, to make digital payments an option for everyone and to ensure joined-up - Speech Link

3. Banking Sector: Fraudulent Accounts
05/12/2017 - Westminster Hall

1: House has considered fraudulent accounts and the banking sector.It is an absolute pleasure to serve - Speech Link
2: fraud across payment cards, remote banking and cheques to banking customers and share- holders was more - Speech Link

4. Banking Services (Post Offices)
02/03/2021 - Commons Chamber

1: place a duty on major high street banks to provide banking services in post offices; to make associated provision - Speech Link

5. Bank Branch Closures
18/03/2020 - Westminster Hall

1: Many of my comments calling for banks to remain open are therefore very much inclined towards the time - Speech Link
2: to financial services and advice, alongside the banking services that he described, is particularly important - Speech Link
3: people. It is a lifeline. It is fair to say that banking habits have changed and the Loanhead branch, like - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Open Banking and Payments
1. Open Prisons
asked by: Philip Davies
... for which offences were prisoners in open prisons or open wings of closed prisons serving their sentence as at 1 January 2020.

2. Open Prisons
asked by: Sarah Champion
... which agency makes the decision to transfer an offender to an open prison; what consultation takes place with (a) other agencies and (b) victims prior to that decision; and what risk assessments are undertaken on the effect of that transfer.

3. Open Prisons
asked by: Sarah Champion
... whether he retains the right to overrule a determination that an offender be transferred to an open prison.

4. Open University
asked by: Lord Watson of Invergowrie
...To ask Her Majesty's Government what plans they have to permit the Open University to offer initial teacher training courses.

5. Payments
asked by: Ronnie Cowan
... what discussions his Department has had with relevant stakeholders on bringing forward legislative proposals to allow cashback without a purchase.

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