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To build alliances, strengthen parliamentary work towards proportional representation and broader electoral reform in the UK, and develop the evidence base.

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Recent Documents related to Electoral Reform

1. Electoral Reform
21/04/2021 - APPGs


2. Electoral Reform
08/06/2020 - Commons Chamber

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08/06/2020 - Speeches


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08/06/2020 - Speeches


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08/06/2020 - Speeches


Latest Documents
Recent Speeches related to Electoral Reform

1. Automatic Electoral Registration
16/06/2020 - Commons Chamber

1: utility of electoral registers; to make provision for the sharing of data for the purposes of electoral registration; - Speech Link

2. Government of Wales Act 2006 (Amendment) Order 2019
09/09/2019 - Lords Chamber

1: the Government of Wales Act 2006 in respect of electoral registration officers. It also makes clear how - Speech Link
2: through Parliament to allow it to conform with the Electoral Commission’s timetable for completion of voter - Speech Link
3: but grew as I read an Electoral Commission report. I am grateful to the Electoral Commission for its recent - Speech Link

3. Representation of the People (Annual Canvass) (Amendment) Regulations 2019
31/10/2019 - Lords Chamber

1: canvass is an information-gathering exercise which electoral registration officers, appointed by local authorities - Speech Link

4. Voter ID Pilot Schemes
06/06/2018 - Westminster Hall

1: disproportionate and ill-thought-out changes to our electoral system in recent years. As the only Labour Member - Speech Link
2: precisely why the respected and independent Electoral Reform Society is opposed to the scheme? The Equality - Speech Link
3: right that the Electoral Reform Society has criticised the scheme, stating that electoral fraud at the - Speech Link

5. Election Law Reform
11/02/2019 - Commons Chamber

1: of the House for this Adjournment debate on the reform of election law. Many might ask, “What does it - Speech Link
2: Northern Ireland we have made many, many changes to electoral law, particularly for stricter controls on registration - Speech Link
3: contribution to descend into a personal rant against the Electoral Commission, the Crown Prosecution Service and - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Electoral Reform
1. Leasehold: Reform
asked by: Steve McCabe
... what the timeframe is for bringing forward legislation on leasehold reform.

2. Leasehold: Reform
asked by: Steve Reed
... HC 1468.

3. Leasehold: Reform
asked by: Daisy Cooper
... what plans he has to bring forward legislative proposals on leasehold and commonhold reforms.

4. Leasehold: Reform
asked by: Steve Reed
... what steps his Department has taken in response to the recommendation set out in paragraph 201 of that report.

5. Leasehold: Reform
asked by: Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi
... whether the Government plans to reform leasehold arrangements for existing leaseholders.

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9 Current APPG Officers
Wendy Chamberlain Portrait
Wendy Chamberlain
Vice Chair
Liberal Democrat - North East Fife
Joined: 21st April 2021
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Lord Northbrook
Vice Chair
Conservative - Excepted Hereditary
Joined: 21st April 2021
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Paul Blomfield
Labour - Sheffield Central
Joined: 21st April 2021
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Alex Sobel MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Tel: 0207 219 8295.

Email: alex.sobel.mp@parliament.uk

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Natasha Fox, Electoral Reform Society, 15 Blue Lion Place, London SE1 4PU . Tel: 0203 967 1884

Email: Natasha.fox@electoral-reform.org.uk


The Electoral Reform Society and Make Votes Matter jointly act as the group's secretariat. https://www.electoral-reform.org.uk and https://www.makevotesmatter.org.uk/

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11 Feb 2021
The Electoral Reform Society
Joint Secretariat   From : 11/02/2021 To : 10/02/2022
11 Feb 2021
Make Votes Matter
Joint Secretariat   From : 11/02/2021 To : 10/02/2022

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Owen Paterson Portrait
Owen Paterson
Vice Chair
Conservative - North Shropshire
Joined: 21st April 2021
Departed: 21st April 2021