Dr Sarah Wollaston

Liberal Democrat

Former Member for Totnes

sarah.wollaston.mp@parliament.uk / https://twitter.com/sarahwollaston
Dr Sarah Wollaston is not a member of any APPGs

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Most recent EDMs signed by Dr Sarah Wollaston

Date Tabled Title Signatures
28 Oct 2019
Dr Sarah Wollaston signed this EDM on Monday 28th October 2019

People's Vote

Tabled by: Jo Swinson (Liberal Democrat - East Dunbartonshire)
That this House calls on the Government to bring forward legislation to hold a People’s Vote on whether the United Kingdom should remain a member of the European Union or should leave the European Union on the final terms agreed between the Government and the European Union.
25 signatures
(Most recent: 5 Nov 2019)
Signatures by party:
Liberal Democrat: 19
Labour: 4
Plaid Cymru: 1
Independent: 1
23 Jul 2019
Dr Sarah Wollaston signed this EDM on Tuesday 3rd September 2019


Tabled by: Ian Blackford (Scottish National Party - Ross, Skye and Lochaber)
That an Humble Address be presented to Her Majesty, praying that this Parliament be not prorogued before Friday 8 November 2019.
87 signatures
(Most recent: 4 Sep 2019)
Signatures by party:
Scottish National Party: 34
Labour: 32
Liberal Democrat: 16
Independent: 3
The Independent Group for Change: 2
Plaid Cymru: 1
Green Party: 1
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Commons initiatives

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2 Bills introduced by Dr Sarah Wollaston

Title Bill Type Last Event Next Event Date Last Updated
Stalking Protection Act 2019 Private Members' Bill
Ballot Bill
Royal Assent (Minutes of Proceedings) 15 March, 2019 18 Mar 2019, 5:38 p.m.

A Bill to make provision for protecting persons from risks associated with stalking; and for connected purposes.

European Union (Requirements relating to Withdrawal) Bill 2017-19 Private Members' Bill
Ten Minute Bill
1st reading: House of Commons 30 January, 2019 31 Jan 2019, 10:48 a.m.

The Bill failed to complete its passage through Parliament before the end of the session. This means the Bill will make no further progress. A Bill to establish requirements in connection to the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union.

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