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Lords Chamber
Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill - Wed 24 Nov 2021
Home Office

1: Lord Falconer of Thoroton (LAB - Life peer) The driving force behind this amendment is Marie McCourt whose daughter Helen McCourt was murdered by - Speech Link
2: Lord Hogan-Howe (CB - Life peer) I cannot see how it is okay for you to be driving along the M25 at 70 miles per hour, at least, for people - Speech Link
3: Lord Paddick (LDEM - Life peer) As the noble Baroness, Lady Jones of Moulsecoomb, has said, we saw during the coronavirus pandemic, particularly - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
HGV Driving Licences - Mon 08 Nov 2021
Department for Transport

1: Trudy Harrison (CON - Copeland) This has been further exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic having suspended driver testing for much - Speech Link
2: Trudy Harrison (CON - Copeland) The purpose of the Motor Vehicles (Driving Licences) (Amendment) (No. 4) Regulations 2021 is to - Speech Link
3: Sam Tarry (LAB - Ilford South) The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency is currently conducting only 3,000 vocational driving tests a - Speech Link
4: Sarah Olney (LDEM - Richmond Park) That is a significant skill that takes time to acquire, and it requires proper instruction. - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Inequalities of Region and Place - Thu 14 Oct 2021
Home Office

1: Lord Shipley (LDEM - Life peer) Paragraph 235 of the coronavirus report published earlier this week, on the lessons learned, says - Speech Link
2: Lord Adonis (LAB - Life peer) my noble friend that it is no longer a requirement of the job—but there are ample opportunities for instruction - Speech Link
3: Lord Greenhalgh (CON - Life peer) Mayors are already playing an incredibly powerful role in driving economic growth, improving public services - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Covid-19 (Public Services Committee Report) - Thu 22 Jul 2021
Cabinet Office

1: Baroness Pinnock (LDEM - Life peer) Another example of topdown instruction not being as effective came from my own local authority - Speech Link
2: Lord Davies of Gower (CON - Life peer) Spending Review outlines Government’s ‘Focus on Outcomes’ … and as part of this HM Treasury has been driving - Speech Link
3: Baroness Tyler of Enfield (LDEM - Life peer) adult social care gets sufficient support to protect older and disabled people in any further waves of coronavirus - Speech Link
4: Lord Bilimoria (CB - Life peer) Therefore, it set up an inquiry to examine what the experience of the coronavirus outbreak can - Speech Link
5: Baroness Brinton (LDEM - Life peer) as a vice-president of the Local Government Association and a vice-chair of the All-Party Group on Coronavirus - Speech Link
6: Baroness Chapman of Darlington (LAB - Life peer) Although the app is driving people mad at the moment, the ability to access health information and share - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Coronavirus - Wed 16 Jun 2021
Department of Health and Social Care

1: Matt Hancock (CON - West Suffolk) In the space of just six months, we have now given first doses of coronavirus vaccines to almost four - Speech Link
2: Andrew Murrison (CON - South West Wiltshire) It is smoking that is driving up health inequalities, but I have not heard him comment on that yet. - Speech Link
3: Christian Matheson (LAB - City of Chester) What it does mean is that, because there is no instruction, there is no support for businesses, for the - Speech Link
4: Sarah Owen (LAB - Luton North) “We’ll turn the tide on coronavirus in three weeks”, he said, “it will all be over by Christmas…June - Speech Link
5: Sammy Wilson (DUP - East Antrim) If someone has been tested for coronavirus 28 days before they die in a car accident they still qualify - Speech Link
6: Neale Hanvey (Alba - Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath) There are continued huge gaps in support, driving poverty and disadvantage in the face of repeated warnings - Speech Link
7: Gareth Bacon (CON - Orpington) Coronavirus is not going anywhere. - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (Steps and Other Provisions) (England) (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 2021 - Wed 16 Jun 2021
Department of Health and Social Care

1: Lord Bethell (CON - Excepted Hereditary) As with all our coronavirus measures, we keep the red list under constant review, and our priority remains - Speech Link
2: Baroness Masham of Ilton (CB - Life peer) We now have a variant that is more serious than the original coronavirus. - Speech Link
3: Lord Blencathra (CON - Life peer) there would be no needles or vaccinations to stick in arms if the PM had not given Kate Bingham the instruction - Speech Link
4: Baroness Gardner of Parkes (CON - Life peer) disappointed when the Prime Minister announced on Monday evening that he would not be lifting all the coronavirus - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Oral Answers to Questions - Thu 10 Jun 2021
Department for International Trade

1: Gareth Thomas (LAB - Harrow West) refuse to support at the World Trade Organisation yesterday—presumably on the Secretary of State’s instruction—allies - Speech Link
2: Ranil Jayawardena (CON - North East Hampshire) That is a clear lesson from our coronavirus situation, where we have seen that we should not be too reliant - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Safe Streets for All - Mon 17 May 2021
Home Office

1: Priti Patel (CON - Witham) Members will have seen the footage of the convoy of cars driving down the Finchley Road. - Speech Link
2: Priti Patel (CON - Witham) As we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, we are determined to build back safer. - Speech Link
3: Nick Thomas-Symonds (LAB - Torfaen) heard about the sacrifices they have made, delivering food parcels and personal protective equipment, driving - Speech Link
4: Nick Thomas-Symonds (LAB - Torfaen) Indeed, there are measures in the Bill on death by dangerous driving, for example, championed - Speech Link
5: Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (CON - The Cotswolds) means that we can reinstate some common sense and personal autonomy, without there being government instruction - Speech Link
6: Stephen Timms (LAB - East Ham) The Work and Pensions Committee report on the Department’s response to coronavirus recommended last June - Speech Link
7: Alex Davies-Jones (LAB - Pontypridd) The coronavirus pandemic has had an enormous impact on young people, who have not been able to go to - Speech Link
8: Colleen Fletcher (LAB - Coventry North East) The people who work in our public services have borne the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic. - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Queen’s Speech - Thu 13 May 2021
Scotland Office

1: Lord Stewart of Dirleton (CON - Life peer) While the impact of coronavirus has inevitably monopolised the nation’s attention for a little - Speech Link
2: Lord Bishop of London (Bishops - Bishops) The previous parliamentary Session will for ever be marked in our minds due to coronavirus. - Speech Link
3: Lord Tyler (LDEM - Life peer) trust, we should be insisting on more thorough registration of those who are entitled to vote, not driving - Speech Link
4: Lord Lisvane (CB - Life peer) shortness of notice, difficulty of scrutiny and, insidiously, the confusion of guidance or ministerial instruction - Speech Link
5: Baroness Taylor of Bolton (LAB - Life peer) We probably all know someone with no driving licence or passport; they will often be on a low income. - Speech Link
6: Baroness Humphreys (LDEM - Life peer) continues that process with its emphasis on the introduction of voter ID cards, such as a passport or driving - Speech Link
7: Baroness Wilcox of Newport (LAB - Life peer) The UK Government’s fixation with undermining democratic devolution is driving a cynical attempt - Speech Link
8: Lord Empey (UUP - Life peer) In addition, national insurance numbers are used on the application form, not only driving licences - Speech Link
9: Lord Kerr of Kinlochard (CB - Life peer) Then came the internal market Act, driving a coach and horses through the devolution settlement—taking - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Queen’s Speech - Wed 12 May 2021
Department for Education

1: Lord Griffiths of Burry Port (LAB - Life peer) I would like to use the occasion to give voice to an instruction John Wesley gave to all Methodists - Speech Link
2: Lord Astor of Hever (CON - Excepted Hereditary) p>My Lords, I congratulate the Government on navigating so bravely and doggedly through the hellish coronavirus - Speech Link
3: Baroness Bryan of Partick (LAB - Life peer) The case for temporarily suspending intellectual property rights for coronavirus vaccines has growing - Speech Link
4: Lord Parekh (LAB - Life peer) event that has occurred in Britain during the past two years must be seen through the prism of the coronavirus - Speech Link
5: Baroness Kramer (LDEM - Life peer) We are at risk from inflation driving up interest rates. - Speech Link
6: Lord Callanan (CON - Life peer) relevant symptoms and everyone in England, including those without symptoms, is able to take a free rapid coronavirus - Speech Link

Westminster Hall
Support for Asylum Seekers - Tue 27 Apr 2021
Home Office

1: Neil Coyle (LAB - Bermondsey and Old Southwark) that there was little focus on helping residents to prepare for next steps and next to zero focus on driving - Speech Link
2: Steven Bonnar (SNP - Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill) Almost 200 people tested positive for coronavirus after an outbreak at a Kent barracks earlier - Speech Link
3: Andy Slaughter (LAB - Hammersmith) Yet they are subject to banging on the door and an instruction that they will be moved, sometimes the - Speech Link
4: Alex Sobel (LAB - Leeds North West) It appears that the regional contract handling of the coronavirus crisis added to the misery of those - Speech Link
5: Zarah Sultana (LAB - Coventry South) Penally and Napier and forced to share dormitories with dozens, predictably causing mass outbreaks of coronavirus - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh - Mon 12 Apr 2021
Leader of the House

1: Baroness Evans of Bowes Park (CON - Life peer) He was passionate about engineering and industry, a pioneer of the sport of carriage driving and a champion - Speech Link
2: Lord De Mauley (CON - Excepted Hereditary) By the time that he retired from active polo in 1971, he had developed a love for carriage driving - Speech Link
3: Lord Howard of Rising (CON - Life peer) significant contribution to wildlife conservation, how pleased to have written the rules for carriage driving - Speech Link
4: Lord Taylor of Holbeach (CON - Life peer) Here we are, post Brexit and soon, I hope, post coronavirus, reflecting on the attributes that Prince - Speech Link
5: Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb (GRN - Life peer) one death, however momentous, without speaking of the 127,087 other deaths over the past year due to coronavirus - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Covid-19: One Year Report - Thu 25 Mar 2021
Department of Health and Social Care

1: Lord Bethell (CON - Excepted Hereditary) 2020, this House takes note of the One year report on the status of the non-devolved provisions of the Coronavirus - Speech Link
2: Lord Bethell (CON - Excepted Hereditary) Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984, and at the same time rapidly developing new tools such as the Coronavirus - Speech Link
3: Baroness Brinton (LDEM - Life peer) One year on, the Coronavirus Act has an unprecedented 100% unlawful prosecution rate. - Speech Link
4: Lord Beith (LDEM - Life peer) Prime Ministers do not have a power of instruction. - Speech Link
5: Lord Farmer (CON - Life peer) Polling showing public support for restrictions cannot be the sole occupant of the driving seat in this - Speech Link

Westminster Hall
Scottish Independence Referendum - Mon 22 Mar 2021
HM Treasury

1: Chris Evans (LAB - Islwyn) Ultimately, the obsession with an independent Scotland is driving a wedge between families, friends - Speech Link
2: John Lamont (CON - Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk) Scots are worried about the coronavirus pandemic; people are worried about the economy and their - Speech Link
3: Dave Doogan (SNP - Angus) Thursday, I trust the people of Scotland to exercise their vote in such a way as to send a very clear instruction - Speech Link
4: Peter Gibson (CON - Darlington) UK, employers have been able to take advantage of the unprecedented levels of support, such as the coronavirus - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Domestic Abuse Bill - Wed 10 Mar 2021
Ministry of Justice

1: Baroness Finlay of Llandaff (CB - Life peer) It’s been getting worse since the coronavirus and I worry a lot. - Speech Link
2: Lord Wolfson of Tredegar (CON - Life peer) The Civil Procedure Rules will lay out how this is to work in practice, but the instruction in the Bill - Speech Link
3: Baroness Finlay of Llandaff (CB - Life peer) drain them of all their finances, create false assertions, produce false evidence and exploit them, driving - Speech Link
4: None ) section 32 (endangering safety of railway passengers);(n) section 35 (injuring persons by furious driving - Speech Link