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To encourage good relations between Britain and Nepal.

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Recent Documents related to Nepal

1. Nepal: country policy and information notes
08/05/2019 - UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI)
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Found: Country Name: Feder al Democratic Republic of Nepal 1 Area: total: 147,181 sq km (56,827 sq miles

2. Trade and investment factsheets (partner names beginning with M to O)
12/02/2021 - Department for International Trade
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Found: Nepal This factsheet provides the latest statistics on trade and investment between the UK and Nepal

3. UK praises strong Nepal relationship following Prime Minister Oli’s visit
13/06/2019 - Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office
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Found: UK praises strong Nepal relationship following Prime Minister Oli’s visit

4. Scoping Study on Modern Slavery Nepal
27/02/2020 - Department for International Development
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Found: OFFICIAL Scoping Study on M odern S lavery Nepal Final Report AUGUST 2019 Researchers

5. Nepal Earthquake Reconstruction Research: Scoping Study
12/07/2019 - Department for International Development
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Recent Speeches related to Nepal

1. Mount Everest: Safety
18/07/2019 - Lords Chamber

1: representations they have made to the government of Nepal (1) to reduce the number of permits available for - Speech Link
2: Lords, official travel advice for travellers to Nepal, including for those intending to climb Everest - Speech Link
3: discusses mountain safety with the Government of Nepal, ensuring that their policies promote safety for - Speech Link
4: sure that the Minister is aware that, while the Nepal side has increased the number of permits, the number - Speech Link
5: Kingdom has a very good bilateral relationship with Nepal that includes support and financial help. We have - Speech Link
6: point about climate change. There is evidence that Nepal is being affected by climate change; there has been - Speech Link

2. Nepal
05/12/2017 - Lords Chamber

1: political stability and peaceful development in Nepal following the general election in that country. - Speech Link
2: elections this year will be a landmark moment for Nepal, and it represents an important step in effective - Speech Link
3: especially regarding the election. She will know that Nepal is at last emerging from many years of conflict - Speech Link
4: are helping is of course through DfID. The DfID Nepal office invested £96 million during 2016-17 and will - Speech Link
5: Kingdom Government have been very prominent in urging Nepal to respect the need for a properly managed regime - Speech Link
6: development and prosperity that we are all hoping for for Nepal, particularly bearing in mind that the UK Government - Speech Link

3. Nepal Earthquake: First Anniversary
25/04/2016 - Commons Chamber

1: Malnutrition rates in Nepal are among the highest in the world. More than 2 million people in Nepal do not have - Speech Link
2: delivered to Nepal a huge number of shelter boxes, which was the first western aid to reach Nepal. The Rotarians - Speech Link
3: not only has raised money but has gone out to Nepal and is actually spending the money on reconstruction - Speech Link
4: strong links with the Tibetan Buddhist community in Nepal, and over the past year they have taught me a great - Speech Link
5: happened last year. A few weeks ago, I visited Nepal with my constituent Bishnu Gurung, who raised a - Speech Link

4. Water: Developing Countries
24/01/2018 - Lords Chamber

1: the devastating situation in countries such as Nepal. The lack of adequate water and sanitation leads - Speech Link
2: projects?A country I visit regularly is Nepal, where over half the population still have no access - Speech Link
3: wonderful to hear the testimony of colleagues about Nepal and the inspiring story of the noble Lord, Lord - Speech Link
4: but also in getting involved in direct action in Nepal and actually demanding change on the streets. The - Speech Link

5. Freedom of Religion or Belief
01/03/2018 - Westminster Hall

1: criminalisation of blasphemy and religious conversion in Nepal; the continued state-sponsored persecution of the - Speech Link
2: situation with freedom of religion or belief in Nepal, which is also a member of the UNHRC. As the Minister - Speech Link

6. Armed Forces Personnel from Commonwealth Countries
20/10/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: including Commonwealth nationals and Gurkhas from Nepal. We recognise that settlement fees place a financial - Speech Link
2: service personnel from the Commonwealth and from Nepal is certainly never forgotten or overlooked. As I - Speech Link

7. International Freedom of Religion or Belief Day
25/10/2018 - Westminster Hall

1: Asia and the middle east, namely Pakistan, India, Nepal, Turkey, Egypt and Iran.My first recommendation - Speech Link
2: are concerned.I will speak quickly about Nepal. As the Minister knows, the Nepalese penal code - Speech Link
3: minority groups in countries such as Pakistan, India, Nepal, Turkey, Egypt and Iran who are being denied their - Speech Link
4: Development Committee.One of those countries is Nepal, where we met Christians who were greatly concerned—I - Speech Link

8. Nepal
27/10/2015 - Lords Chamber

1: discussions they have had with the government of Nepal following its adoption of a new constitution on - Speech Link
2: interference? Does she agree that the UK needs to help Nepal to reassert her independence and to restore the - Speech Link
3: the noble Earl refers, our acting ambassador in Nepal, along with EU and other like-minded countries’ - Speech Link
4: country. My noble friend is right to point out that Nepal relies heavily on aid from others, including from - Speech Link
5: sets in, of the current fuel and food shortages in Nepal, and the likelihood of a very serious humanitarian - Speech Link
6: constitution must be right for all the people of Nepal, not only the Dalits but the various groups along - Speech Link
7: the UK has always supported the peace process in Nepal. We fully support the idea of a truth and reconciliation - Speech Link

9. Gurkhas: Anniversary
10/06/2015 - Lords Chamber

1: recruited from Nepal and India, who, after they retire, settle in both India and Nepal. They are a vital - Speech Link
2: Gurkhas’ original home, Nepal. I am a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Britain-Nepal Group and in fact - Speech Link
3: of the dreadful earthquake from which people in Nepal are suffering so much at present.I speak - Speech Link

10. Draft International Development Association (Seventeenth Replenishment: Additional Payments) Order 2016
12/09/2016 - General Committees

1: have seen the Ebola crisis and the earthquake in Nepal, and of course most recently we have been dealing - Speech Link
2: highlighted IDA’s important work. When I visited Nepal earlier this year, I certainly saw the importance - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Nepal
1. Nepal: Overseas Trade
asked by: Earl of Sandwich
... to improving the UK’s trade relations with Nepal in the last two years; and what resources they have provided in the current finncial year.

2. Nepal: Leprosy
asked by: Jim Cunningham
... what steps the Government is taking to help tackle leprosy in Nepal.

3. Nepal: Christianity
asked by: Andrew Rosindell
... what recent assessment he has made of the treatment of Christians in Nepal.

4. Nepal: Diplomatic Relations
asked by: Dan Jarvis
... what recent steps he has taken to maintain the UK’s diplomatic relationship with Nepal.

5. No title given
asked by: Earl of Sandwich
...Her Majesty's Government what assessment they have made of the number and quality of homes rebuilt following the Nepal earthquake of 2015; which regions of Nepal have benefited from UK humanitarian assistance; and to what extent this assistance has been directed through non-governmental channels.

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