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Raising the condition of the Kurdish people in Turkey and Syria; raising awareness of solidarity and engagement for building democratic, free relationships by encouraging dialogue and discussion; supporting efforts of developing and consolidating democracy, peaceful co-existence and harmony in the region; organising cultural and social events, workshops, and seminars to raise awareness of solidarity, development and the needs of the region.

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Recent Documents related to Kurdistan in Turkey and Syria

1. Effect of Turkish military action on the Kurdistan Region in Iraq
14/10/2019 - Early Day Motions

Found: on northern Syria is a humanitarian disaster and Turkey should withdraw immediately and negotiate before

2. Turkey: country policy and information notes
29/10/2019 - UK Visas and Immigration
- View source

Found: .......... 12 3.2 Koma Civakên Kurdistan (KCK) (Kurdistan Communities Union) ........... 14

3. Bilateral relations with the Kurdistan region in Iraq
01/03/2019 - Parliamentary Research

Found: | 1 March 2019 Bilateral relations with the Kurdistan region in Iraq Compiled by: Tim Robinson Nigel

4. Turkey: country policy and information notes
29/10/2019 - UK Visas and Immigration
- View source

Found: Country Policy and Information Note on Turkey: Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) . 1.2.2 For analysis

19/11/2018 - Early Day Motions

Found: between the federal Government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), as urged by the UK

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Recent Speeches related to Kurdistan in Turkey and Syria

1. Foreign Affairs Committee
22/02/2018 - Commons Chamber

1: groups were among those fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria. They played their part in the military victory - Speech Link

2. Arrest of Opposition Politicians: Turkey
16/03/2021 - Westminster Hall

1: considered arrest of opposition politicians in Turkey.It is a pleasure to serve under your chairship - Speech Link
2: Many of us here know that the Kurdish question in Turkey is not new. The treatment of more than 20 million - Speech Link

3. Kurdistan Region in Iraq
04/07/2017 - Westminster Hall

1: move,That this House has considered the Kurdistan region in Iraq.Mr Davies, it is indeed - Speech Link
2: the Turks formally ceding all earlier claims on Syria and Iraq and, along with the treaty of Ankara, settled - Speech Link

4. Syria: Refugees
16/01/2018 - Lords Chamber

1: internally displaced persons in the countries bordering Syria who have been displaced by fighting and the actions - Speech Link
2: the international humanitarian response to the Syria crisis. We are providing life-saving and life-changing - Speech Link
3: Minister for his Answer. Last September, I went to Kurdistan to observe its referendum and while in Irbil, - Speech Link

5. Counter-Daesh Update
22/07/2020 - Commons Chamber

1: 82-member coalition and partner forces in Iraq and Syria, that remains the case, but the hard fight against - Speech Link
2: Iraq and Syria?A special concern arises from reports that Daesh foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq - Speech Link
3: vulnerable in refugee camps—either surrounding Syria or where they were—and bringing them back and repatriating - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Kurdistan in Turkey and Syria
1. Syria: Turkey
asked by: Lord Hylton
... and (2) to re-open three closed crossings between Turkey and Syria.

2. Syria: Turkey
asked by: Catherine West
... what assessment he has made of Turkey's compliance with international law in relation to that country's recent actions in Kurdish occupied northern Syria.

3. Syria: Turkey
asked by: Lord Hylton
...To ask Her Majesty's Government what assessment they have made of reports that at least 13 civilians have recently been kidnapped by militants supported by Turkey in the Afrin province of Syria; and what plans they have to discuss such reports with the government of Turkey.

4. Syria: Turkey
asked by: Lord Hylton
... why not.

5. Syria: Turkey
asked by: Lord Hylton
...To ask Her Majesty's Government what representations they are making to the government of Turkey about that government reportedly removing olives and olive trees from Afrin Province in Syria to Turkey; and whether they will publish any responses received.

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