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To improve the lives of all people living with allergy across the UK; to improve National Health Service allergy services and allow greater access to existing services; to raise awareness of the condition, severity and prevalence and encourage greater understanding.

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Recent Documents related to Allergy

1. Government Chemist at food allergy event in Northern Ireland
23/10/2019 - Government Chemist
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Found: Government Chemist at food allergy event in Northern Ireland - GOV.UK

2. Gove to introduce 'Natasha's Law'
25/06/2019 - Food Standards Agency (FSA)
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Found: drive to protect the country’s two million food allergy sufferers. Following the tragic death of Natasha

3. Gove to introduce 'Natasha's Law'
25/06/2019 - Department of Health and Social Care
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Found: drive to protect the country’s two million food allergy sufferers. Following the tragic death of Natasha

4. Environment Secretary proposes tougher labelling laws for allergy sufferers
25/01/2019 - Food Standards Agency (FSA)
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Found: Secretary proposes tougher labelling laws for allergy sufferers - GOV.UK

5. Proposal to make Colourstart Test 65mcg Cutaneous Patch available from general sales outlets without prescription
01/08/2019 - Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
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Found: committee of the British Society of Cutaneous Allergy (BSCA) and endorsed by the Officers of the Executive

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Recent Speeches related to Allergy

1. Allergy Awareness in Schools
14/03/2018 - Westminster Hall

1: to move,That this House has considered allergy awareness in schools.It is a great pleasure - Speech Link
2: that relies on a wider awareness of allergy. Indeed, living with allergy as an adult is the same.That - Speech Link
3: because my 15-year-old son has a severe peanut allergy. We have gone through life having to manage it - Speech Link
4: important part of how we look at allergies, and food allergy and food intolerance are often conflated. Food - Speech Link

2. Education
18/04/2018 - Ministerial Corrections

1: my response to the Westminster Hall debate on allergy awareness in schools on 14 March 2018.The - Speech Link

3. Food Labelling and Allergy-Related Deaths
09/10/2018 - Commons Chamber

1: signposting is sufficient as notice of potential allergy risks?Have the Minister or the Secretary - Speech Link
2: points, as always. As the father of a daughter with allergy problems, I assure her that I take such things - Speech Link
3: as people check for allergies. Knowing about an allergy can be a matter of life or death. What are the - Speech Link
4: stakeholders included organisations involved with allergy work. There are some situations, especially those - Speech Link

4. Food Labelling
09/10/2018 - Lords Chamber

1: Food and Animal Welfare on UK food labelling and allergy-related deaths. The Statement is as follows:“First - Speech Link
2: have the protection of the welfare and lives of allergy sufferers at its heart.Finally, I should - Speech Link

5. European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 (Relevant Court) (Retained EU Case Law) Regulations 2020
25/11/2020 - Grand Committee

1: uncertainty. Why did the Government go on with this SI? Allergy—it is that nagging itch.The clue to the - Speech Link
2: Thomas of Gresford, spoke about there being an allergy on the part of the Government and the Conservative - Speech Link

6. Air Quality
27/06/2016 - Lords Chamber

1: the privilege of chairing a Select Committee on allergy. We reported that atmospheric pollution, particularly - Speech Link

7. Severe Anaphylactic Shock
26/05/2016 - Lords Chamber

1: allergens. In fact, the FSA along with the charity Allergy UK produced very good technical guidance and free - Speech Link

8. Peanut Allergies (Announcements on UK Flights)
09/02/2015 - Commons Chamber

1: while travelling. Emily has a very severe peanut allergy that requires her to be kept away from contact - Speech Link
2: such as those that may be associated with peanut allergy, can be frightening for those who experience them - Speech Link
3: a plane and well away from the person with the allergy problem will not pose a risk. There is also interesting - Speech Link
4: in subjects who have been diagnosed with a food allergy.The objective of the scientific review will - Speech Link

9. Cannabis (Legalisation and Regulation)
11/12/2018 - Commons Chamber

1: following an injury to his leg. He has a lifelong allergy to codeine. Other painkillers have caused serious - Speech Link

10. Consumer Rights Bill
05/11/2014 - Grand Committee

1: (2) If the consumer states that they do have an allergy, the airline must take reasonable appropriate steps - Speech Link
2: if you had an allergy caused by something as common as nuts and you knew that your allergy was so severe - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Allergy
1. Coronavirus: Vaccination
asked by: Karl Turner
... if he will clarify his Department's advice on people with a penicillin allergy receiving the covid-19 vaccine.

2. Allergies
asked by: Jon Cruddas
... for what reasons there is not a lead official for allergy in his Department.

3. Allergies
asked by: Jon Cruddas
... what guidance his Department provides to clinical commissioning groups on the allergy quality standard.

4. Food: Allergies
asked by: Mark Hendrick
... how many (a) adults and (b) children have died as a result of a food allergy in each of the last five years.

5. Allergies
asked by: Jon Cruddas
... how many trainees qualified in allergy in (a) 2016 and (b) 2017 and how many will qualify in 2018.

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