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To promote swimming and other aquatic disciplines and to highlight the importance of swimming and water safety in schools.

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Recent Documents related to Swimming

1. Teacher misconduct panel outcome: Mr Nicholas Gascoine
06/07/2021 - Teaching Regulation Agency
- View source

Found: specifically by: a. Asking Pupil B to try on a swimming costume in a cupboard; i. Without a reasonable

10/06/2019 - Early Day Motions

Found: made to Scottish Swimming; understands that Peter joined the Clydebank Amateur Swimming Club at the age

3. To open more swimming bath's.
05/08/2021 - Petitions

Found: To open more swimming bath's as some people have to travel far to go to other swimming bath's E.g small

4. Children: Swimming and Life-saving Skills
01/03/2019 - Parliamentary Research

Found: Eren Waitzman | 1 March 2019 Children: Swimming and Life-saving Skills QSD on 6 March 2019 This

5. Keep all public swimming pools open during lockdown
02/11/2020 - Petitions

Found: population. Swimming is an exercise that many can enjoy, supporting wellness and wellbeing. Swimming pools

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Recent Speeches related to Swimming

1. Water Safety
12/07/2021 - Westminster Hall

1: and it is true that since 1994, water safety and swimming have been mandatory as part of the primary curriculum - Speech Link

2. Schools: Swimming and Life-saving Skills
06/03/2019 - Lords Chamber

1: Government what plans they have to improve the swimming and life-saving skills of children provided through - Speech Link
2: very young, although taking 30 infants to the swimming pool once a week was a nightmare in terms of getting - Speech Link
3: declare my interest as a board member of Scottish Swimming. The benefits of sport to physical and mental - Speech Link

3. Cultural Centres and Sporting Facilities: North West Durham
01/02/2021 - Commons Chamber

1: for the people of Crook, who in 2011 had their swimming pool closed and demolished within weeks. Their - Speech Link
2: indoor and outdoor sports facilities, including swimming pools and leisure centres, have unfortunately - Speech Link

4. Covid-19: Restrictions on Gyms and Sport
23/11/2020 - Westminster Hall

1: facilities.”Natalia says:“Leisure centres, gyms and swimming pools are an essential part of our community and - Speech Link
2: case for why it is particularly important for swimming facilities to remain open throughout the outbreak - Speech Link

5. Thames in Oxford: Bathing Water Status
02/11/2021 - Westminster Hall

1: wellbeing. There is a truly national movement for wild swimming, and it is wonderful.Last month, I had the opportunity - Speech Link
2: compares with France, which has 573 designated swimming areas. Germany has 38 and Italy 73 —we are way - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Swimming
1. Swimming
asked by: Layla Moran
... what estimate he has made of the average timeframe for receiving approval for an application for bathing water status.

2. Swimming
asked by: Jane Hunt
... published by Swim England.

3. Swimming: Coronavirus
asked by: Tulip Siddiq
... if he will publish the scientific evidence that informed the decision to close outdoor swimming facilities during the January 2021 covid-19 national lockdown.

4. Swimming: Coronavirus
asked by: Robert Halfon
... what the scientific basis is for the decision to prevent individuals who are over 18 years of age from participating in club swimming during the covid-19 outbreak.

5. Swimming: Coronavirus
asked by: Andrew Rosindell
... whether he has made an assessment of the potential merits of allowing youth swimming lessons and training to continue where social distancing and hygiene guidelines are followed.

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Registered Contact:

Catherine West MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Tel: 020 7219 6141.

Email: catherine.west.mp@parliament.uk

Public Enquiry Point:

Philip Brownlie, Swim England, Pavilion 3, SportPark, 3 Oakwood Drive, Loughborough University, Leicestershire LE11 3QF. Tel: 07583 092 013

Email: philip.brownlie@swimming.org


Swim England acts as the group's secretariat. http://www.swimming.org/

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28 Jan 2021
Swim England
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Swim England
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6 Sep 2018
Swim England
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6 Sep 2017
Swim England
Secretariat   From : 06/09/2017 To : 05/09/2018

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Owen Smith Portrait
Owen Smith
Labour - Former Member for Pontypridd
Joined: 28th September 2017
Departed: 5th November 2019
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Lord Collins of Highbury
Labour - Life peer
Joined: 28th September 2017
Departed: 5th November 2019
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Neil Parish
Vice Chair
Conservative - Tiverton and Honiton
Joined: 13th February 2019
Departed: 5th November 2019
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Wood Panel Industry
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John Cryer
Labour - Leyton and Wanstead
Joined: 28th September 2017
Departed: 5th November 2019
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Maria Caulfield
Conservative - Lewes
Joined: 28th September 2017
Departed: 2nd January 2019
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