Nationalise Energy Companies

The Government needs to take back ownership of strategic energy assets. It needs to accept that the Free Market has failed the energy sector, that it is in the national interest to renationalise our energy assets. The Government must therefore renationalise all the UK energy assets.

This petition closed on 9 Aug 2022 with 109,317 signatures

Reticulating Splines

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People are already having to choose whether to heat or eat. Token gestures of mandatory loans & stripping local authorities of much needed monies to mitigate bulk cost increases, mismanagement of the energy sector & the whim of the market are not good enough. This country needs a 25 year strategic plan and needs to be guided away from unstable fossil fuel dependancy. The Government needs to own the energy assets in order to achieve this, tackle climate change & protect service users interests.

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Reticulating Splines