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To create a lasting and inspirational relationship between legislators and employee relocation practitioners to empower British industry in the UK and abroad.

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Recent Documents related to Relocation

1. Afghan relocation and assistance: funding instruction
06/01/2022 - UK Visas and Immigration
- View source

Found: Guidance Afghan relocation and assistance: funding instruction Funding instruction

2. C7: Business relocation
24/01/2022 - High Speed Two (HS2) Limited
- View source

Found: 2b Western Leg Information Paper C7: Business relocation This paper sets out HS2 Ltd™s approach to helping

3. Relocation of the electricity substation in Grenfell Tower: an update for the community
20/04/2021 - Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities
- View source

Found: Correspondence Relocation of the electricity substation in Grenfell Tower: an update

4. Afghan locally engaged staff
11/07/2019 - Cabinet Office
- View source

Found: ........................... .......... 9 Relocation offer ................................ .....

5. Community Infrastructure Levy appeal decision: application to allow relocation of bin store
03/09/2019 - Valuation Office Agency
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Found: Infrastructure Levy appeal decision: application to allow relocation of bin store - GOV.UK

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Recent Speeches related to Relocation

1. Afghan Interpreters: UK Relocation
06/07/2021 - Lords Chamber

1: plans they have for considering applications for relocation to the United Kingdom from the 15 Afghan interpreters - Speech Link
2: jigsaw in place and offer the same chance of relocation to the 15 who arguably need it most, having been - Speech Link
3: continuing interest in this issue. As she said, a relocation has already taken place. When I use the phrases - Speech Link

2. Afghanistan: Locally Employed Civilians
22/09/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: Immigration Rules stipulate that applications for relocation under the cross-government Afghan ex-gratia scheme - Speech Link
2: They too deserve our gratitude and the offer of relocation. May I also ask the Minister whether the Government - Speech Link
3: aware that the scheme is in two parts. It offers relocation to the United Kingdom, but it also offers in-country - Speech Link

3. House of Lords and Machinery of Government: Consultation on Changes
15/07/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: of the Government to table proposals for the relocation of the House of Lords, on a permanent basis, - Speech Link
2: have done and are continuing to do so—about the relocation of aspects of government outside London. This - Speech Link
3: that only Parliament could determine its own relocation. Will the Government desist from acting ultra - Speech Link

4. Sri Lanka: UNHCR Refugees
09/05/2019 - Lords Chamber

1: Lankan Government to identify safe and secure relocation options to ensure the protection of refugees - Speech Link
2: been no specific request as yet.On the issue of relocation, the UN and civil society organisations are working - Speech Link

5. Palace of Westminster: Restoration and Renewal
03/12/2018 - Lords Chamber

1: Property has discussed with Parliament as possible relocation sites as part of the Restoration and Renewal - Speech Link
2: government property unit discussed potential temporary relocation sites with the R&R programme team—namely - Speech Link

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