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To provide a forum for politicians, scientists, health professionals, economists, business leaders and other experts; to facilitate broad, balanced and open discussion; to inform a more focussed and flexible approach to government policy; to reach for new solutions in pandemic management which prevent avoidable suffering and loss in the future.

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Recent Documents related to Pandemic Response and Recovery

1. Investigation into the Culture Recovery Fund
12/03/2021 - National Audit Office

Found: Investigation into the Culture Recovery Fund - National Audit Office (NAO) Report

2. Greening the post-Covid recovery
13/05/2020 - Select Committee Inquiry

Found: class="reading-width">

Greening the post-Covid recovery

In May the Committee held a session

3. Report - Reducing the backlog in criminal courts
22/10/2021 - National Audit Office

Found: courts 13Part Two Pandemic response and recovery 24Part Three Risks to long-term recovery 36Appendix One

4. updated global Action Plan
14/10/2020 - HM Treasury
- View source

Found: contraction in 2020 due to the impact of the COVID - 19 pandemic, t he outlook is less negative with global

5. COVID-19 Recovery Plans: guidance for youth offending teams
10/07/2020 - Youth Justice Board for England and Wales
- View source

Found: Guidance COVID-19 Recovery Plans: guidance for youth offending teams A framework

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Recent Speeches related to Pandemic Response and Recovery

1. Covid-19: Local Democracy
03/06/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: Government recognise the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic can have on the operation of local democracy. - Speech Link
2: is right in that there has been a difference in response. As a former council leader, I know that my own - Speech Link
3: locally. People are more likely to support plans for recovery when they can see that their local needs have - Speech Link

2. Covid-19: Economic Recovery
20/04/2021 - Grand Committee

1: livelihoods, as the economy recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic—as we are all determined it will.The Government’s - Speech Link

3. Covid-19: International Response
18/05/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: international response to Covid-19—the biggest threat that we have faced in decades. A global pandemic needs - Speech Link

4. Covid-19: Childcare Sector
21/07/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: sector organisations to monitor the impact of the pandemic and on any further support measures required. - Speech Link
2: in the recovery, we must pay the childcare sector fairly and properly, otherwise the recovery and the - Speech Link
3: the Government’s reaction to Covid“is a recovery designed by men, for men, and it’s not giving - Speech Link

5. Covid-19: Women
10/03/2021 - Lords Chamber

1: how different people have been affected by the pandemic. That includes meeting many women and the groups - Speech Link
2: found that“the Government’s priorities for recovery are heavily gendered in nature.”A report - Speech Link
3: assessment of the Women’s Budget Group’s care-led recovery proposals.”Surely the Government must take - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Pandemic Response and Recovery
1. Rapid Response Service
asked by: Jonathan Reynolds
... how many projects have been initiated by the Rapid Response Service in each month since January 2020; how many companies have been included in those projects; and how many redundancies have occurred in those projects.

2. Rapid Response Service
asked by: Jonathan Reynolds
... (b) skills and training analysis and (c) training.

3. Seafood Response Fund
asked by: Chris Loder
... to obtain support from the Seafood Response Fund.

4. Rapid Response Unit
asked by: Jon Trickett
... whether the Rapid Response Unit is involved in the Get ready for Brexit campaign.

5. Rapid Response Unit
asked by: Jo Platt
... what recent assessment he has made of the effectiveness of his Department's Rapid Response Unit.

Latest Questions
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