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To promote the historic county flags associated with the United Kingdom as well as the Crown Dependencies.

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Recent Documents related to Historic Counties

1. Communities secretary launches 'most ambitious heritage preservation campaign for 40 years'
23/10/2019 - Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities
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Found: and culture Arts and culture Conservation of historic buildings and monuments Press release

2. Hertfordshire County Council - written evidence
27/11/2018 - Inquiry: Special educational needs and disabilities - Education Committee
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Found: NFF allocate resource based on each authority’s historic level of spending on high needs. For example,

3. County Councils Network - written evidence
07/05/2019 - Inquiry: Local Government Finance and the 2019 Spending Review - Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee
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Found: created the most sustained financial issues for counties. The emerging results of our funding gap analysis

4. Historic counties day celebrated in the heart of government
23/07/2014 - Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities
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Found: Historic counties day celebrated in the heart of government -

5. Chartered Institute for Archaeologists - written evidence
07/05/2019 - Inquiry: Local Government Finance and the 2019 Spending Review - Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee
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Found: services are responsible for maintaining and managing historic environment records, providing advice to planners

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Recent Speeches related to Historic Counties

1. England: Historic Counties
16/09/2021 - Lords Chamber

1: are very important and the tapestry of our historic counties is one of the bonds that draws the nation - Speech Link
2: steps to ensure it is easier to recognise historic counties. In 2014, planning rules were changed to allow - Speech Link
3: under the Barnett formula still further. If the historic county of Yorkshire, which has a population slightly - Speech Link

2. Business of the House
17/09/2020 - Commons Chamber

1: country is made by Parliament. That has been our historic constitutional position. The Prime Minister himself - Speech Link
2: championship would be a struggle between those two great counties, but I did not think it would come down to a showdown - Speech Link
3: throughout all parts of the United Kingdom, historic counties have been divided, merged, replaced and abolished - Speech Link

3. Sport Sector: Financial Support
25/11/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: that AFC Wimbledon, which has just completed its historic return to a new stadium at Plough Lane, had over - Speech Link
2: pressurise the ECB to give more of the TV money to the counties rather than them getting it out of the £300 million - Speech Link
3: the ECB that it had the means to support all the counties over the winter. If the restrictions continue - Speech Link

4. Local Government Reorganisation: Somerset
02/12/2020 - Westminster Hall

1: reorganisation in 1974, when the demolition of our historic county began. That was the Minister who pushed - Speech Link
2: He often treats us to interesting snippets of historic fact.I understand his long-standing interest - Speech Link

5. North Staffordshire Potteries Towns: Levelling Up
01/12/2020 - Westminster Hall

1: Stoke-on-Trent is a city made up of six historic pottery towns, each of which has its own high - Speech Link
2: Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent, but working across those counties that share very similar economic challenges to - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Historic Counties
1. Historic Buildings
asked by: Steve Reed
... what assessment he has made of local authorities' ability to protect and conserve historic sites.

2. Historic Buildings
asked by: Daniel Kawczynski
... whether the Government holds 3D laser maps of historic buildings to provide an accurate record of their construction in the event of damage.

3. Historic Buildings: Coronavirus
asked by: Tracey Crouch
... (c) Historic Royal Palaces and (d) the Churches Conservation Trust on (i) support for and (ii) the preservation of built heritage during the covid-19 outbreak.

4. Tourism: Historic Buildings
asked by: David Evennett
... what steps his Department is taking to encourage an increase the number of annual visits to historic houses throughout the UK.

5. Historic Buildings: Conservation
asked by: Rebecca Pow
... what steps his Department is taking to protect heritage buildings.

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