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To champion the fight to improve public understanding of the vital importance and impact of literacy and to ensure parliamentary knowledge and support for the latest research, policy and best practice in the field of literacy.

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Recent Documents related to Literacy

1. Online Media Literacy Strategy
14/07/2021 - Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
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Found: excellent work they are doing to improve media literacy across the UK. By providing support and direction

2. Online Media Literacy Strategy
14/07/2021 - Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
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Found: Policy paper Online Media Literacy Strategy This strategy and accompanying

3. National Literacy Trust - written evidence
27/06/2018 - Inquiry: Life chances - Education Committee
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Found: evidence - National Literacy TrustLIF0041Written evidence submitted by the National Literacy Trust  Introduction:

4. Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium: 2019 to 2020
25/02/2020 - Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA)
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Found: Guidance Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium: 2019 to 2020 Conditions

5. Democracy and Digital Technologies
02/02/2020 - Inquiry: Democracy and Digital Technologies - Democracy and Digital Technologies Committee
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Found: (DAD0072) NewsWise is a cross-curricular news literacy project for 9-11 year olds in the UK, run by the

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Recent Speeches related to Literacy

1. Publication of the Online Media Literacy Strategy
14/07/2021 - Written Statements

1: Government are today publishing our “Online Media Literacy Strategy”. This strategy is a complementary measure - Speech Link

2. Sound Reading System and Literacy
14/06/2018 - Commons Chamber

1: system and describe its promise for improving literacy. The sound reading system was developed in my - Speech Link

3. Cairncross Review
06/02/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: commitment from the Government to support media literacy is hugely welcome. The ability to identify the - Speech Link
2: life and death. We urgently need a national media literacy campaign, like that in Finland, and credible government - Speech Link
3: welcome the initiative to develop an online media literacy strategy and that the Government accept that social - Speech Link

4. Literacy in the Workforce
25/04/2017 - Lords Chamber

1: prospects. That is why we have taken steps to improve literacy standards for people in the workforce by embedding - Speech Link
2: but 9 million adults in England suffer from poor literacy and would struggle to send a simple email or fill - Speech Link

5. Religious Literacy
09/02/2017 - Lords Chamber

1: the impact of policies and to improve religious literacy in government. The Home Secretary and the Communities - Speech Link
2: faiths. That suggests something about the religious literacy there. Does the Minister agree that democracy - Speech Link
3: included. As for the understanding of religious literacy within both government and wider society, both - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Literacy
1. Literacy
asked by: Baroness Rebuck
... and (3) what steps they are taking to ensure that adequate funding is available for that programme.

2. Literacy
asked by: Baroness Rebuck
... and (2) for one-to-one tutoring for those in greatest need returning to school after the COVID-19 lockdown.

3. Literacy
asked by: Scott Benton
... what steps he is taking to encourage people to take part in adult literacy programmes in (a) Blackpool and (b) England.

4. Literacy
asked by: Jeremy Hunt
... (b) at OECD literacy level 1 and (c) at OECD literacy level 2 in each of the last five years for which figures are available.

5. Literacy
asked by: Lord Bird
... to increase literacy levels in England

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Christian Wakeford MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Tel: 020 7219 6437.


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Tessa Tyler Todd, National Literacy Trust, 68 South Lambeth Road, London SW8 1RL. Tel: 020 7587 1842



National Literacy Trust acts as the group's secretariat.

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