Allow teacher predicted grades for BTEC students

The government should allow BTEC students to achieve teacher predicted grades rather than being forced into a system that is unethically downgrading thousands of students grades.

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1. Allow teacher predicted grades for BTEC students
17/08/2020 - Petitions

Found: The government should allow BTEC students to achieve teacher predicted grades rather than being forced

17/03/2021 - Petitions

Found: give predicted grades for BTEC Pearson exams as lockdown did not allow students to revise and obstructed

3. Give all BTEC students their predicted grades due to COVID-19 and extra pressure
03/04/2020 - Petitions

Found: To change the rules for BTEC to allow predicted grades for this current year due to COVID-19. Also, A

4. To reissue GCSE and A level grades which are based solely on teacher judgement.
12/08/2020 - Petitions

Found: We want the government to reissue the students grades to be based only teacher estimates for their individual

5. Use only the teacher predicted grades for GCSE and A Level Exams
13/08/2020 - Petitions

Found: Thousands of students across the country have had A Level grades downgraded due to the unfair standardisation

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To allow fairness to all Students within the education system

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Exams for vocational and technical qualifications are only continuing currently where they signal occupational competency. We will announce arrangements for summer term exams by end of February.

Students have worked hard and prepared for their exams and assessments for vocational and technical qualifications, including many BTECs, so it is right that schools and colleges had the option to run them in January.

Unlike GCSE and A level exams that were due to take place this summer, students’ study and preparation for their January vocational and technical exams had not been disrupted by the new public health measures we announced on 5 January to help limit the transmission of coronavirus.

Some students need to complete an occupational or professional competency assessment to enter into the workplace – it is important they continue to have the opportunity to do so, so that they are not prevented from progressing onto the next stage of their lives.

The Department for Education has provided advice to schools and colleges on the extensive protective measures needed to make exam halls as safe as possible, which is why schools and colleges delivered the January assessments, if they judged it right to do so. The advice is part of guidance ( on implementing safely the phased return to face-to-face education.

The Department for Education is working with Ofqual on arrangements for those students who did not take their January assessments, as well as for vocational and technical exams and assessments scheduled for February onwards. Responses to the public consultation ( are currently being analysed. The arrangements will make sure qualifications are awarded fairly and consistently, so that no student is either advantaged or disadvantaged when compared to their peers. We aim to publish the response to the consultation by the end of February.

Department for Education

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