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To build and foster relations between Britain and Tunisia and to develop a fundamental knowledge of the socio economic, social, and political problems facing the country.

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Recent Documents related to Tunisia

1. Continuing the UK's trade relationship with Tunisia: parliamentary report
25/10/2019 - Department for International Trade
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Found: Tunisia Trade Relationship with Tunisia Agreement establishing an association between

2. Tunisia: doctors and medical facilities
16/03/2021 - Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office
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Found: Guidance Tunisia: doctors and medical facilities List of English speaking

3. Summary of the UK-Tunisia association agreement
25/10/2019 - Department for International Trade
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Found: Summary of the UK-Tunisia association agreement - GOV.UK

4. Financial sanctions, Tunisia
30/01/2019 - HM Treasury
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Found: Financial sanctions, Tunisia - GOV.UK document

5. Conor Burns celebrates 2,000 year old Tunisian trade links
29/10/2019 - Department for International Trade
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Found: the Tunisia-UK Trade and Investment Forum on opportunities for trade between the UK and Tunisia.

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Recent Speeches related to Tunisia

1. Tunisia
30/11/2016 - Lords Chamber

1: what is their current political strategy towards Tunisia, and what plans they have to further develop economic - Speech Link
2: British Council’s annual Hammamet conference in Tunisia last weekend. The noble Baroness, my noble friend - Speech Link

2. Foreign Affairs Council
25/10/2016 - Written Statements

1: exploit the EU’s soft power.TunisiaThe Council discussed Tunisia and adopted conclusions on the - Speech Link

3. Support for Witnesses of Terror Attacks Overseas
14/09/2017 - Commons Chamber

1: number of such attacks has only continued to grow—Tunisia, Nice, Stockholm, Paris and Barcelona, to name - Speech Link
2: In the case of the terrible event in Sousse, in Tunisia, where the hon. Gentleman’s constituent witnessed - Speech Link

4. Foreign Affairs Council: 17 October
13/10/2016 - Written Statements

1: European global strategy, external migration, Tunisia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Ministers - Speech Link

5. UK Flight Ban: Sharm El Sheikh
13/12/2017 - Commons Chamber

1: surprise to my hon. Friend that the ban on flights to Tunisia, which is immediately opposite ISIL- infested beaches - Speech Link
2: that the UK was now encouraging tourism back to Tunisia, and they took it as a bit of an affront that we - Speech Link
3: the resumption of holiday flights from the UK to Tunisia; and calls on the Government to review the situation - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Tunisia
1. Tunisia: Coronavirus
asked by: Alan Brown
... for what reasons Tunisia has not been added to the travel corridor list.

2. Transport: Tunisia
asked by: Lord Patten
... in each of the last five years.

3. Tunisia: Elections
asked by: Jim Shannon
... what discussions he has had with his Tunisian counterpart on the outcome of the elections of 15 September 2019 in that country.

4. Tunisia: Pay
asked by: Damien Moore
... what support he has offered the Government of Tunisia following the announcement by the International Monetary Fund that public sector wage assets may be frozen in that country.

5. Tunisia: Tourism
asked by: Jim Shannon
... whether his Department has had recent discussions with the Government of Tunisia on encouraging increased UK tourism to that country.

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6 Nov 2018
Tunisian National Tourism Office UK and Ireland
Visit to Tunisia   From : 06/11/2018 To : 09/11/2018   Cost Met : Flights, accommodation, travel, food and drink.

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